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Workhouse in a sentence

He’ll sure send me to the Workhouse.
The flirt sign workhouse can be located during conversations.
The other went on lecturing her, predicting they would end in the workhouse.
Anne steadily approached a workhouse one morning, smiling as several children.
His eyes narrowed, but he slowly turned to walk back to the workhouse, swinging.
I would as soon have been charged with a pauper brat out of a workhouse: but he was weak, naturally weak.
The four old men were paupers - inmates of the workhouse, who were paid sixpence each for acting as bearers.

She thinks about running away every time he lets her out of the workhouse, but it’s a fleeting consideration.
Before Summer’s End, most of ’em would languish in a Brothel or a Workhouse, Bridewell or e’en Newgate itself.
The poorest saint that ever died in a workhouse is nobler in His sight than the richest sinner that ever died in a palace.
What takes place among the labourers in a particular workhouse, takes place, for the same reason, among those of a great society.
The workhouse is the only place that produces it these days, but they throw it away; apparently the children make it only to stave off idleness.
He somehow persuaded Clover to uproot and decamp to Headley Grange, a crumbling, former eighteenth-century workhouse for poor and orphaned children.
The offer of forty pounds a year, and to quit a workhouse, was not to be despised, though the condition of shutting my eyes and hardening my heart was annexed to it.
When he carried them from his workhouse to his shop, he must have valued them at the price for which he could have sold them to a dealer or shopkeeper, who would have bought them by wholesale.
The week before old Linden went into the workhouse Owen earned nothing, and to make matters worse the grocer from whom they usually bought their things suddenly refused to let them have any more credit.
She died confined to her own bed in her own home, because her greatest fear had been having to enter the miserable local Victorian hospital building that had served as a workhouse for the destitute in living memory of her own parents.
The same lady pays for the education and clothing of an orphan from the workhouse, on condition that she shall aid the mistress in such menial offices connected with her own house and the school as her occupation of teaching will prevent her having time to discharge in person.
He grew up in a Workhouse, made his Way to London at Fourteen, fell in with the kind of Company that preys upon Country Boys with City Dreams, and found himself, like so many, drunk in a Publick House one Night, and signing his Life away in Exchange for a few Rounds of Ale on Credit.
Glendalough, the lovely lakes of Killarney, the ruins of Clonmacnois, Cong Abbey, Glen Inagh and the Twelve Pins, Ireland's Eye, the Green Hills of Tallaght, Croagh Patrick, the brewery of Messrs Arthur Guinness, Son and Company (Limited), Lough Neagh's banks, the vale of Ovoca, Isolde's tower, the Mapas obelisk, Sir Patrick Dun's hospital, Cape Clear, the glen of Aherlow, Lynch's castle, the Scotch house, Rathdown Union Workhouse at Loughlinstown, Tullamore jail, Castleconnel rapids, Kilballymacshonakill, the cross at Monasterboice, Jury's Hotel, S.

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