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Wronged in a sentence

1. I have really wronged him.
2. I know I have wronged you.
3. Perhaps, she had wronged him.
4. And they will not be wronged.
5. We think we have been wronged.
6. I have wronged you, little man.
7. He is wronged: (1) In his person.

8. I have wronged her! He thought.
9. If I have wronged you Father, I ….
10. That he wronged me, that he was inexcusable.
11. You don’t know how many others were wronged.
12. One of our number claims to have been wronged.
13. And those who, when wronged, defend themselves.
14. I was expecting another man who had wronged me.
15. To tell you the truth, I wronged the elderly couple.
16. He’s just helping the people who have been wronged.
18. Her cells sung; all of them conscience of being wronged.
19. He said, My Lord, I have wronged myself, so forgive me.
20. God did not wrong them, but they wronged their own selves.
21. That you had wronged an orphan—Marína, I mean, wronged her!.
22. God never wronged them, but they used to wrong their own selves.
23. These will enter Paradise, and will not be wronged in the least.
24. But you,--you above all, above my mother, had been wronged by me.
25. I am glad to speak for these men who have been, so cruelly wronged.
26. But you,—you above all, above my mother, had been wronged by me.
27. He had understood nothing of this, and had thought himself wronged.
28. Alyosha felt at once that he had gravely wronged her in his thoughts.
29. It just that he was thinking of too many things (jealousy) and wronged.
30. I know you will remember the wronged nuns of Kingsbridge, she said.
31. I have twice wronged you in my thoughts and again I ask your forgiveness.
32. As for those who retaliate after being wronged, there is no blame on them.
33. And with Us is a record that tells the truth, and they will not be wronged.
34. Never has an elf ever been so wronged by another, as you have been wronged.
35. I feel like we wronged you that day he replied nodded his head slightly.
36. But poor Hareton, the most wronged, was the only one who really suffered much.
37. It was not God who wronged them, but it was they who wronged their own selves.
38. What he had said was not merely the outburst of a wronged man, it was the truth.
39. I have really wronged him, for he has no use for the picture; it has no use value.
40. Part of her would enjoy it: the tremulous, teary, righteous feeling of being wronged.
41. Chantal often commented on my ability to forgive those who’d wronged me in the past.
42. And whosoever transgresses the set limits of Allah, then indeed he has wronged himself.
43. Hillary Clinton was a good role model – tough, intelligent, and a wronged wife to boot.
44. Then every soul will be paid in full for what it has earned, and they will not be wronged.
45. To dream about justice refers to feelings that you have been wronged or treated unfairly.
46. At the end, he shook hands with me and empathized, I feel sorry that you have been wronged.
47. Verse 17, the natural inclination is to try to pay someone back if they have wronged you; Paul.
48. I am convinced that someone has wronged you, and that you are more sinned against than sinning.
49. I am convinced that some one has wronged you, and that you are more sinned against than sinning.
50. We will follow you, Jemelda, he said, until the man who has wronged us is most truly dead.
51. They were wronged parties, both of them, and whatever this thing was, they were in it together now.
52. Casaubon had a debt to the Ladislaws—that he had to pay back what the Ladislaws had been wronged of.
53. It has spread chaos wherever it has gone, and not in retaliation for being wronged; it had no parents.
54. She knew he was right in being suspicious now, but he had not wronged her, not even once in their lives.
55. This I know, that if ever there was a woman who was all perfection, that one is my poor wronged darling.
56. As the wronged girl relaxed from her constant tension of watching, it seemed as if she fell into a stupor.
57. Yes, I took leave of my senses and I wronged him! It was his doing, under the lamp in the corridor that day.
58. Perhaps because she feels how she's wronged him she hates him at moments, Alyosha thought to himself.
59. Elena: I want the souls of all those that have plotted against me and those that have wronged Mikael and Elijah.
60. Multitudes of people say, "Oh, yes, the Indian has been wronged," but it makes very little impression upon them.
61. When their messenger has come, judgment will be passed between them with fairness, and they will not be wronged.
62. Nick’s nightmares have always been about being wronged, about being trapped, a victim of forces beyond his control.
63. When a woman has been seriously wronged by a man she no longer oscillates, and the usual symptom is a broken bell wire.
64. Thom suspected Alan was the other man in Ava's life, and if so, more power to him, it was Ava who wronged him, not Alan.
65. And I am on good terms with Sofya Semyonovna to this day, which is a proof that she never regarded me as having wronged her.
66. But she soon answered her own question when the sound of the lash was followed by that terrible scream of the (wronged!) wife.
67. They have forgotten all God’s boons, though if they miss one of them they will say: We are deprived, and even wronged.
68. Anything anyone did always came back to them directly… immediately, because they could not run away from those who they wronged.
69. Two disputants; one of us has wronged the other; so judge between us fairly, and do not be biased, and guide us to the straight way.
70. I will tell her, Katiousha, that I am a knave, that I have wronged her, and will do everything in my power to alleviate her condition.
71. They will hide the remorse when they witness the suffering, and it will be judged between them equitably, and they will not be wronged.
72. It is not by protestations that I shall endeavour to convince you I am wronged; it is not by telling you that my affections are steady.
73. Have you not considered those who claim purity for themselves? Rather, God purifies whom He wills, and they will not be wronged a whit.
74. That of going to Siberia with the gang of prisoners, among whom is the woman I consider myself to have wronged, uttered Nekhludoff.
75. They have indeed wronged you, but something has happened to you, you have changed, you have turned into this person I can’t recognize.
76. Good heavens, what I thought! Yes, I took leave of my senses and I wronged him! It was his doing, under the lamp in the corridor that day.
77. My interest in shooting Red Indians arises because I have been wronged by one, namely Grunts When Squatting, who told me that my mother had.
78. That is so! Whoever retaliates similarly to the affliction he was made to suffer, and then he is wronged again, God will definitely assist him.
79. But it was one thing to forgive in principle and quite another to retain the same generosity when the man who had wronged him was actually here.
80. On the Day when every soul will come pleading for itself, and every soul will be paid in full for what it has done, and they will not be wronged.
81. A couple of other things I have been wondering are whether or not this was a case of self defence or maybe these guys had seriously wronged him?
82. And you inhabited the homes of those who wronged themselves, and it became clear to you how We dealt with them, and We cited for you the examples.
83. But when she looked at him with that harassed gaze he suddenly understood that this woman he loved so dearly was suffering, perhaps had been wronged.
84. You see what a spiteful cur I am, and you called me your sister! And now that man who wronged me has come; I sit here waiting for a message from him.
85. I didn’t want to hurt for him anymore, to wonder whether in leaving him I’d made a mistake, to torment myself with all the ways I’d wronged him.
86. Charge in among the tailcoats and furs on behalf of every wronged woman since the beginning of time, make a spectacle of herself, as a kind of warning.
87. Ye that have wronged me are not sinful, save in a kind of typical illusion; neither am I fiend-like, who have snatched a fiend's office from his hands.
88. Sonia, timid by nature, had felt before that day that she could be ill‐ treated more easily than anyone, and that she could be wronged with impunity.
89. I do not wish to cause you any remorse; believe me, then, when I swear to you that you have wronged no man, but on the contrary have benefited mankind.
90. And when he saw himself as he was, he realised how he had wronged her, how guilty he had been in his pride, in his coldness, even in his anger towards her.
91. In the meantime, it didn’t matter whether you smote your oppressors or went around writing checks to everyone you’d ever wronged or anything in between.
92. Be that as it may, the Muslim mind finds itself doubly squeezed by a wronged feeling on one side and the change of value system on the other in the modern era.
93. The parable of what they spend in this worldly life is that of a frosty wind that strikes the harvest of a people who have wronged their souls, and destroys it.
94. That when one is wronged: it does not justify them to wrong somebody else… unless it is done directly and honestly, and done to the ones who are actually guilty.
95. When we escaped from the walls of the arena three years ago, my one thought and purpose was to remain free and to make those who wronged me pay for what they had done.
96. In modern law there is no such thing as a just war, which is a League of Nations term, but black folks had been wronged and were highly motivated to take up arms.
97. They were met at the door by Peg Green who had spent the week with the dirty end of the stick as she called it, tracking down one hundred and eighty nine wronged investors.
98. While the angels are removing the souls of those who have wronged themselves, they will say, "What was the matter with you?" They will say, "We were oppressed in the land.
99. He hid his deeds because he thought the Council might turn against him, after all, he wronged one of the members of the Council by acting the way he did, he wronged Viktor.
100. Mind, Nikíta, the tears of one that's been wronged never, what d'you call it—never fall beside the mark but always on, what's name—the head of the man as did the wrong.
1. And he entered his garden, wronging himself.
2. I never had a single thought of wronging him" (which was true), "till I.
3. And, take note, he won't be wronging Mitya, but doing him the greatest service.
4. I bring money, and that's the main thing, got by my own industry without wronging anybody.
5. In the first place, there is one improvement which these gentlemen of the police ought to make, and that is, to prevent prison contractors from wronging poor people.
6. Even Izz hoped she would win, and, though without any particular respect for her own virtue, felt glad that she had been prevented wronging her friend when momentarily tempted by Clare.
7. Before the baby was born, and afterwards, when she was nursing him, I used to stay away for days and days, and come back drunk, drunk, and love her less and less each time, because I was wronging her so terribly.
8. So, anyone talks about the prophets wronging or mistrusting them, he indeed, denies the statement "Al'lah is All-hearing, Omniscient", or in other words, he thinks that Al'lah, the Almighty, chose Adam haphazardly, or knowing nothing about him, and this is of course, untrue.
9. And you know, I said, that the old servants also, who are supposed to be attached to the family, from time to time talk privately in the same strain to the son; and if they see any one who owes money to his father, or is wronging him in any way, and he fails to prosecute them, they tell the youth that when he grows up he must retaliate upon people of this sort, and be more of a man than his father.
10. Without adding to the guilt of my infidelity, that of an audacious defence of it, in the old style of a common kept miss, my answer was modest, and often interrupted by my tears, in substance as follows: "That I never had a single thought of wronging him" (which was true), "till I had seen him taking the last liberties with my servant wench" (here he coloured prodigiously), "and that my resentment at that, which I was over-awed from giving vent to by complaints, or explanations with him, had driven me to a course that I did not pretend to justify; but that as to the young man, he was entirely faultless; for that, in the view of making him the instrument of my revenge, I had down right seduced him to what he had done; and therefore hoped, whatever he determined about me, he would distinguish between the guilty and the innocent; and that;for the rest, I was entirely at his mercy.
1. I do it to right wrongs.
2. Honour is not ignoring wrongs.
3. I throw out of the question other wrongs.
4. And all the wrongs that destroy the land.
5. Being sensitive to wrongs was a good thing.
6. This implies that whenever someone wrongs.
7. These series of wrongs had to have meaning.
8. Wrongs are weakness but also teach us a lot.
9. The greater wrongs that rankle sometimes yet;.
10. Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs.
11. It allows us to see the wrongs that others teach.
12. But not to worry, we shall put to right all wrongs.
13. It brings justice and clears the past of its wrongs.
14. Chatting with Mark in the shack about the wrongs of.
15. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right.
16. Do the wrongs of this nation end with this outrage? No.
17. You know the old saying, Two wrongs do not make a right.
18. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs.
19. They want to draw the sword and avenge the nation's wrongs.
20. Someone replaced the Bill of Rights with the Bill of Wrongs.
21. Justice was served; wrongs long ignored were righted at last.
22. But, seldom would you see wrongs being committed for the cause.
23. There may be wrongs to die for, but not a single one to kill for.
24. If you wrong the others, He will drive to you that who wrongs you.
25. It’s never over with Marcus; the wrongs he committed are too great.
26. He’s a real bad-ass who rights wrongs, delivering vigilante justice.
27. Knowledge removes doubt and wrongs to ends up in certainty and in print.
28. He’s a real bad-ass who rights wrongs, delivering vigilante justice.
29. Laws had been invoked, wrongs had been weighed, a compromise had been sought.
30. We will now proceed to other wrongs, which have been still more severely felt.
31. By this means redress of wrongs has been repeatedly sought, and sought in vain.
32. And I beg you to notice, that the wrongs are not of the past, but of the present.
33. Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them.
34. Many of the wrongs have been corrected but many situations still require improvement.
35. This is the work of nature—a generous nature, that disdains tame submission to wrongs.
36. The wrongs of the last war had not been forgotten at the commencement of the present one.
37. This was the woman who sought revenge for all the wrongs done to women for all of history.
38. Most of life had seemed like that to him—pranks, stunts, getting revenge for past wrongs.
39. I should leave you here to die for all the wrongs you did to me, but I will save you anyway.
40. Without the institutions of civil discourse there is no procedure for the redress of wrongs.
41. Emotions keep record of wrongs, giving wings to love while love is a large pool for pleasure.
42. Redeemer: One charged with the duty of restoring the rights of another and avenging his wrongs.
43. A brutal but natural longing for revenge for past wrongs, rather than a re-echo from Seneca:.
44. It was curious to see in that list of wrongs, so many that had since been self-inflicted by us.
45. But it was her enthusiasm for uncovering the truth and exposing wrongs that made me think of her now.
46. They augment the grievances in such cases, although, in reality, the wrongs are not increased by them.
47. It is proper that she be blind to those who approach her seeking redress for human frailty’s wrongs.
48. Were we to redress those wrongs, those commercial injuries, on the land? Not altogether, he conceived.
49. Let it not be thought by this that I have any apology to make for Great Britain, or her manifold wrongs.
50. For they will be instructed with righteous instruction if you remember not the wrongs they have done you.
51. Now… if Carlin had given his shows as a serious lecture on the insanities and wrongs of human civilization.
52. We must always be the soldiers that throughout history have corrected the wrongs and kept our ship on course.
53. The history of Indian wrongs by the whites in the inevitable advances of civilization, need not be recited here.
54. Ralph has that to add to the wrongs he has caused to happen, and the problem of the emeralds still to consider.
55. How can we remain blind, and deaf without pity to the cruel wrongs suffered by our brothers? There is a remedy.
56. They have suffered no wrongs, they have received no insults, however great, for which they cannot obtain redress.
57. The disgust with the Japanese internment had added local import to the continuing wrongs imposed on Native people.
58. That’s why we were hoping that, with your skills and our knowledge, we might just be able to right a few wrongs.
59. I’m old, and I don’t understand the rights and wrongs of it, but it’s come as a providential blessing to him.
60. The present German government knows that simple excuses will not be enough to repair the wrongs done in this war.
61. Nor can a repetition of the wrongs by another power repair the violated rights or wounded honor of the injured party.
62. That was the end of those, and so is it for each oppressor who wrongs himself and breaks the commands of his Provider.
63. An alliance with her is the object nearest their hearts—not a resistance of the wrongs and insults practised by her.
64. When human race falls behind God’s spirit in wrongs which is the substance the mind shrinks into the line of animals.
65. Marriage is about more than sex and whatever the rights and wrongs, Alastair married Karen and promised to be faithful to her.
66. When great wrongs are to be righted, when the public heart isflaming with passion, that is the occasion for memorable speaking.
67. It was hardly enough to protect her but the gesture felt like something far older, a protection from wrongs they could not see.
68. Their ancient stories, those told near the well at evening when the work was done, spoke of a sacrifice that would heal all wrongs.
69. The young especially kept asking about Palestine and how to right the wrongs wrought upon their brethren by Israel and its sponsors.
70. Nelthilta's rejoinder to Chervil in the run had been full of hatred, but this doe's gaze spoke of wrongs beyond her power to express.
71. As always, I conclude that, whatever the rights and wrongs of it, I love that man and as long as he wants me I shall be there for him.
72. Feltus found the remark curious but merely attributed it to the reverend’s faith in the Almighty correcting all wrongs in his own way.
73. And that it was altogether impossible that such wrongs should be done to them, that had committed it to the holiness of the place, and.
74. Also, lawyers representing minority interests would be very ready and able to seek redress for what they believed were wrongs to stockholders.
75. Arm'd knights go forth to redress wrongs, some in quest of the holy Graal; I see the tournament, I see the contestants incased in heavy armor.
76. People were safe and alive, far be it for him to blunder in righting wrongs that were not even considered wrongs by many of the people involved.
77. He said his letters were written solely as a matter of conscience and that his intention was to correct whatever wrongs might have been committed.
78. But debt, and a prospect of Government insolvency at home, are of much less account than the wrongs this navy has wrought on the society of nations.
79. Well, you could hardly expect me to believe that I was wanted, he retorted, in a slightly aggrieved tone, remembering his wrongs of last night.
80. But as for you Hermas remember not the wrongs done to you by your children nor neglect your sister that they may be cleansed from their former sins.
81. When something needs to be done in the world to rectify the wrongs, if one is really concerned with benefitting others, one needs to be engaged, involved.
82. But the Gods have arranged a sterner Punishment for me; the Wrongs I have done have already begot their own Progeny, and I am curst fore’er-more, I fear.
83. He reluctantly departs, but his wrongs weigh upon his spirit, and by-and-by when an opportunity comes to redress them, he outwits Mamma by a shrewd bargain.
84. At such moments it would not have been difficult to have fancied the dusky savage the Prince of Darkness brooding on his own fancied wrongs, and plotting evil.
85. When they prayed for all traveling by land and sea, she remembered Prince Andrew, prayed for him, and asked God to forgive her all the wrongs she had done him.
86. As history unerringly demonstrated, as a grown-up, man tends to grouse about the perceived wrongs of the past instead of learning from the wrongs of the history.
87. They had nothing to do but prefer their complaints before the proper authority, and, if they were there substantiated, they would obtain redress of their wrongs.
88. Everything was in its place, however, and after a hasty glance into her various closets, bags, and boxes, Jo decided that Amy had forgiven and forgotten her wrongs.
89. She suffered all the woes and wrongs and brutalities that man has inflicted on woman throughout the eons; and she endured all the spite and malice of women for woman.
90. I will not dwell on the long catalogue of our wrongs and disgrace, which has been repeated until the sensibility of the nation is benumbed by the dishonorable detail.
91. He now spoke of the wives and children of the slain; their destitution; their misery, both physical and moral; their distance; and, at last, of their unavenged wrongs.
92. However, I got the feeling that although I had the Creator’s blessing to leave there was more to be gained by staying here and helping to right the wrongs of this place.
93. Well, and for whom are you going to look for her? For the famous knight Don Quixote of La Mancha, who rights wrongs, gives food to those who thirst and drink to the hungry.
94. Make not the mistake of only condemning the wrongs in the lives of your pupils; remember also to accord generous recognition for the most praiseworthy things in their lives.
95. I mean not either to be the panegyrist of England; but these truths may be declared for our instruction, without suppressing the feelings excited by the wrongs she has done us.
96. Members: Here, here) At the moment, however, we await detailed proposals, and, I have to tell the House, a legal opinion about the rights and wrongs of using confiscated funds.
97. The wrongs she has long been and still is committing towards these States, have assumed a character that imperiously calls for a resistance, made by all for the benefit of all.
98. The objector and the rebel who raises his voice against what he believes to be the injustice of the present and the wrongs of the past is the one who hunches the world along.
99. You do not go to war for the benefit of your enemy, but your own advantage; not to give proofs of a vain and heedless courage, but to assert your rights and redress your wrongs.
100. Dorothea could have liked nothing better, since wrongs existed, than that her husband should be in the thick of a struggle against them, and that she should give him wifely help.

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1. Do not take me wrong.
2. I guess I was wrong.
3. And I was not wrong.
4. I know it was wrong.
5. What is wrong is to.
6. She had done no wrong.
7. He was so very wrong.
8. It was wrong to let.
9. Now is the wrong time.
10. They had done no wrong.
11. I was in the wrong one.
12. I did the wrong thing.
13. He went the wrong way.
14. It came out all wrong.
15. But was I ever wrong!.
16. Well, I was dead wrong.
17. Now I know it is wrong.
18. Where did I go wrong?
20. What did he do wrong?
21. What you did was wrong.
22. It is wrong for drag-.
23. M: Not wrong, of course.
24. I really did him wrong.
25. And they would be wrong.
26. We were wrong about him.
28. She asked what was wrong.
29. It is wrong to kill men.
30. Neither of you is wrong.
31. But they are very wrong.
32. But he was wrong if he.
34. It seemed she was wrong.
35. And, yes, you are wrong.
36. He said the wrong thing.
37. Not to say this is wrong.
38. My drugstore is Wrong Aid.
39. What was wrong with him?
40. She can’t get it wrong.
41. With the wrong hand, too.
42. It all felt wrong to him.
43. Don’t get it all wrong.
44. Oh, don’t get me wrong.
45. There is no wrong answer.
46. This was going all wrong.
47. But don’t get me wrong.
48. It wasn't the wrong time.
49. Do not get me wrong here.
50. What is wrong is in the.
51. Don't get the wrong idea.

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