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Wrongness in a sentence | wrongness example sentences

  1. I’d wish that all wrongness.
  2. There was a vast wrongness to them.
  3. Evil spirits were the cause of the wrongness; not you.
  4. The rightness and wrongness of those types of situations become.
  5. The degree of wrongness is the only thing that truly doesn't matter.

  6. You can hear those screams and become aware of the horrible wrongness of civilization.
  7. I heaved with every step he made, and he noticed, or else felt the wrongness, the profanity of it.
  8. Once a person is aware of the nature and moral wrongness of their crime, then they are held fully accountable under the law.
  9. He glared forward at nothing in particular as he began to accelerate again, feeling a thrill from the wrongness of the speeding.
  10. Those to come only need to be taught what you want them to know, how you want them to be, next—not wrongness done in the past.
  11. Something was wrong with the world, a somber, frightening wrongness that pervaded was fading into resigned acceptance of her loss.
  12. I didn’t know how I hadn’t felt it before, because I felt the wrongness of it so strongly now, as it polluted the space with its presence.
  13. From this conviction of wrongness, Frank gathered courage to forbid Scarlett to do Finally to quiet him, she said meekly she hadn’t really meant it.
  14. Decades after the war, men who had looked into those eyes would be unable to shake the memory of what they saw in them, a wrongness that elicited a twist in the gut, a prickle up the back of the neck.
  15. The wrongness of it got to me and I got out of that life style and I tried to bury it and put it behind me, but my boss dug it up and held it over my head in order to coerce me into doing illegal things.

  16. If it is the actions of the government and not the form of government that determines the rightness or wrongness of that government we should be able to determine a code of conduct against we can judge their actions.
  17. No, her as this feeling of wrongness was doing—this blighting fear that was oddly like that which she knew in her old nightmare, a thick, swimming mist through which she ran with bursting heart, a lost child seeking a haven that was hidden from her.
  18. People who do not acknowledge Christianity in its true meaning because it undermines all their social privileges, and who, therefore, invent all kinds of philosophic and æsthetic theories to hide from themselves the meaninglessness and wrongness of their lives, cannot think otherwise.
  19. Take from all these people the theaters, concerts, exhibitions, piano-playing, songs, and novels with which they now fill their time, in full confidence that occupation with these things is a very refined, æsthetical, and therefore good occupation; take from the patrons of art who buy pictures, assist musicians, and are acquainted with writers, their rôle of protectors of that important matter art, and they will not be able to continue such a life, but will all be eaten up by ennui and spleen, and will become conscious of the meaninglessness and wrongness of their present mode of life.

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