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You do not have to be William Shakespeare or about to write the next Great American Novel, but the popularity of Blogging and Social Networking shows that today, just about everybody has a story to tell. Anybody who has ever tried to have a book published can tell you it's a daunting task. In fact there are three major obstacles to becoming a successful book author.

The Creative Process

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This is already, where most people fail. Not everyone can put his or her thoughts on paper in an engaging style.


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author today.

Then getting a publisher's attention, is only part of the battle.


Share your books with friends
Inside or outside Foboko.

In fact, it is that third obstacle that is too often overlooked. Because, if you cannot get people to actually read your piece, then being published really doesn't amount to very much.

Breaking the barriers addresses all three obstacles. In a nutshell, Foboko is an online tool that allows anyone to write, design, and publish - digital books. Foboko takes writing to a new level, and it is as far removed from the stodgy "old world" of publishing as your computer is from Guttenberg's printing press! But is more than just a technology upgrade; it actually represents a fundamental paradigm shift that shatters all of the obstacles to traditional book publishing.

Why We Are Different

We take the pain out of publishing. First, by using our proprietary Publishing software we break every aspect of the creative process down into manageable steps. For example:

  • Brainstorming for Ideas
  • Creating a Detailed Outline
  • Creating Your Titles and Chapter Headings
  • Creating and Formatting Supporting Images
  • Style and Copy Editing

With the user-friendly publishing Wizard (software), Foboko authors can work in any order they want and save drafts at any stage along the way. Plus each step provides helpful tools to finish that step. Once you have completed all of the steps, the Wizard combines everything into a cohesive ebook - it's that simple.

Social Publishing

But what truly distinguishes from other "self publishing" websites is that you gain access to a social community of fellow writers, published professionals, and readers who are available to help you be the best author you can be. We have taken book writing from an arduous individual task, and put it in an exciting 21st Century social networking environment.

You can access this network at any stage of the creative process, and receive advice on everything from coming up with a title, to editing, and graphics. If you want comments or help only from specific "friends" in your own personal network you can do that too.

We Make Writing Fun And Profitable For Authors

If you have had any experience with self-publishing on the web, then you know that basically their business model is "Yes, of course we will publish your book - for a price." This is also where Foboko is different from other so-called "online publishers" - at everything is FREE.

We do not charge you to use our Publishing Wizard (software), access the community, or publish your book.

In fact not only do we not charge you - you actually get paid to have your digital books published on We not only save you the costs of publishing, marketing, and distribution - but also as a Foboko author, you share in the profits from ad revenues displayed in your book! That's right. The more popular a book becomes the greater the ad revenues you can potentially earn. Learn more.

Getting your book read

What's the best way to get people to read your book? - Give it to them for free of course! Yes, this flies in the face of everything you think you know about publishing and "getting a book deal." But that's what Foboko is all about - doing things a little differently.

Beyond revenue sharing for our authors, there are other crucial benefits to free distribution:

  • Rapidly builds your base of readers.
  • Establishes you as experts in a given field.
  • Allows you to self promote and market to your fans.

The Circle

It is a continuous cycle: We make the creative process easier. That attracts more authors. More authors means more books published on Foboko, more books to promote means a greater variety of interesting content for readers.

As we attract more readers, we bring enhanced value to the entire enterprise - the more value Foboko has, the more high quality writers we attract, which in turn attracts more readers and so on and so on...

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