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I am always grappling with good and evil, and my writing reflects that. Stephen King, Robert Bloch, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, Ray Bradbury, George RR Martin, , John Skipp & Craig Spector (geez, with a name like 'SPECTOR" , you gotta' write horror and be good at it, right?) are some of my favorite authors and biggest influences. I am a father of 5. I have a beautiful wife of 17 years. She gives me the drive and the inspiration to write! She reads everything that I write, and she gives me the encouragement to keep reaching higher, trying harder. Although I "lean" towards the horror fiction genre, I appreciate, even attempt to write, all different types of stories and poetry. I simply have always gravitated towards everything "horror". I lead a normal childhood. I have no apirations to dismember people or go on a nationwide killing spree. The genre simply has always excited me, captivated me, grabbed me by the cojones and never let go! So, why am I here fellow contributors? I am here to swap stories, almost as if we were all sitting around a huge campfire trying our collective best to scare the bejeezus out of each other. I hope some of my writing terrifies you, makes it hard for you to sleep or be alone in the darkness. It is also my wish that your writing does the same to me... Oh, and by the way, just ignore that rustle in the bushes over there, right outside your window?? It's probably nothin'...

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  • Dusty
    Short Stories

    Dusty was not only my dog. He was much more than that, he was my best friend; a friend whose love and dedication overreached all...

  • The DugOut
    Short Stories

    Do you remember those places of your childhood which held fond memories? What would you do if those memories became nightmares...

  • The Rhino Never Knocks
    Short Stories

    My dad once told me, "Son, it doesn't do a frat boys fart of good to get mad at anything or anybody. What you gotta' do is get...

  • Cold Dead Hands
    Short Stories

    A family in rural suburbia is forced to confront an unknown and unseen enemy. One that threatens to erase their entire existence.

  • Sorry I Missed You
    Short Stories

    A man plans a surprise for his wife on her birthday she'll never forget. Or will she?

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