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Thank you for taking the time to read this book, even if you don't enjoy it all of your feedback is welcome and I learn from every one of my readers. Let me know what you think, please. Often called salacious, sexy, and never shy, Morgan Rush takes his passion for adventure, travel, and La Dolce Vita and brings it to life through vibrant, heart-pounding stories that will have you wanting what we all want in the end - more of everything! A thrill-seeker by nature, Morgan unwinds with running, mountain biking, pursuing adventure sports and indulging his voracious appetite for three-day weekends in favorite hot spots like Miami, Vegas, NYC and Key West. "Always a believer in nurturing the whole self, Morgan dives headfirst into the steamy pool of erotic romance with the simple, heartfelt goal of telling an interesting story that turns people on." T.Gallardo, Carmel, CA "He writes what keeps me up at night - hot romance and a story that is full of life and fun to read! C. Bobbit, New York, NY It's my hope that I convey powerful, visceral experiences to my readers and my tales stir your emotions, your mind, and most important of all—your libido. Morgan Rush, 2013

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  • The Gypsy King

    Rated R: Not suitable for readers under 17!! An impetuous young woman falls in love with her fiance’s brother, with tragic...

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