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Cherry Tigris was born on the West Coast and adopted into the East Coast elite during a time when fluorescent leggings were the norm and Tower Records was the only place you could buy music, Cherry Tigris is not one to mince words. She has taken it upon herself to be an advocate for child abuse survivors and a sounding board for social change as it relates to the statute of limitations surrounding child abuse cases. Currently invited to co-author, “I Trusted Him: The True Story of Anna Lynn Hurd,” Cherry Tigris has expanded her advocacy efforts to the warning signs of Teen Dating Violence. Readers will find themselves caught in the perfect storm of circumstances brought on by young teenage love gone wrong and a society that refuses to hold anyone accountable for anything anymore. You don’t want to miss this thought-provoking book about character and the potential for true crime that resides in any toxic relationship, no matter how common they are becoming these days. She is also the author of the snarky memoir, "Toilet Paper People." Her edgy and thought-provoking autobiographical account of triumph in the face of child abuse is capturing the hearts and spines of humans everywhere because of her unwavering attitude and true grit. Cherry Tigris builds armies of dolls out of toilet paper in order to distract herself from beatings and neglect at the hands of her mentally ill adoptive mother. What could have been a sad story about child abuse becomes a miraculous story about survival that is wowing every life it touches.

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