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Sarah Louise Yagi was born and raised in western Pennslvania, and currently resides in Japan. In recent years, she spends half the year in her home town and the other half in Osaka. She has a M.S. in Mathematics, but is rather a dilettante who searched many years before discovering her passion lay in writing poetry. She loves everything about poetry: reading it, listening to it, writing it, but her greatest joy is sharing it with others. She is blessed with a loving family and beautiful friends, for whose support she is ever grateful. She is the author of four books of poetry: Reflections from the Pool of Life, Romantic Moments, Poetic Potpourri and In the Stillness.

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  • Poetic Potpourri

    A collection of poems from every facet of the author's life experience, real and imagined, filled with humor and heartbreak...

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