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In 2012, Alex with his team has established the African Development Organisation, a non-profit organisation, based on the principle that charity is not about simply donating funds, but building a platform for Business partnerships establishing economical and social stability within a region. By using his business experience he is initiating the tools for Poverty Alleviation and Social Cohesion. The Global leaders from tomorrow will need to address not only the banishing of poverty but also a lot of other matters such as climate change, diseases, conflicts, and many more challenges to come. Alex is now seeking like minded leaders interested in making a difference. Areas of professional interest: * Peace Building through Economical Development Projects; * Peace Building through Social developing projects through non profit organizations; * Setting up new business ventures, with investment partners whom share the same ethical values; * Investment Management & Creative Business Solutions; * "Energy for Africa" project;

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  • Is Water the New Oil?

    Global demand for fresh water is growing steadily. Not only is the human population growing, it also consumes more water per...

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