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Well, I started writing young. I wanna say I realized my love for it when I was still in 3rd grade. I didn't think I was the best though so I stopped. But, the ideas kept coming. In 7th grade, I came up with an idea for an actual book, not a fanfiction. At that time, I was roleplaying online. Around 9th grade, I met my best friend and we roleplayed. I began to get comfortable with him and his friends and talked about my ideas. Everyone encouraged me to go through with them and I began once more. It's been on and off for a while now, but I do have many different book ideas. While there is some inspiration from my childhood shows, these books take a much darker turn. I actually enjoyed drawing my own covers to my books or comics, but I never really finished it. I'm hoping to finish a book for the first time ever.

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