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I am a prizewinning poet, novelist, and video artist who works in many mediums: print, audio (CD), video (DVD ; internet). Among the poetry prizes and honors I have received for my written poetry are: The 1997 State of Florida Individual Artist Fellowship, Finalist 1994 and 1997 Academy of American Poets Walt Whitman National Prize Contest. Among the prizes I have received for my Video Poetry (Dreamstories) are the 2005 John Ringling Individual Artist Fellowship and 2006 State of Florida Individual Artist fellowship. I recently received the 2010 Ringling Towers Literary Award for my novel ALICE HICKEY. The Ringling School of Art has also honored me in 2009 (along with 11 other Sarasota artists) with an Ageless Creativity Award, for my life long creativity in poetry. I am the author of seven collections of written poetry and seven CD collections of oral poetry. I have created over 100 DREAMSTORY videos, performance-poetry videos, art videos and video documentaries about poetry. Finally, I was educated at Columbia College and am the founder of SOULSPEAK (

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  • ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds
    Biography & Autobiographies

    ALICE HICKEY: Between Worlds is a fascinating, unpredictable, sometimes troubling story about the psychic world and the...

  • Collected Poems 1985-2014

    Perhaps the best description of my work is by Robert Bixby, publisher of March Street Press, who published one of my...

  • SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey...

    This book is about unlocking a source of beauty already within us. A source that has been with us since we first became human...


    SOULPRINTS started as a lark one day ago when I became bored waiting for my son Art to complete his business day and go out to...

  • Nursery Raps

    This homage to the Great Mother began to take shape when some very peculiar drawings of the nursery characters were given to me...

  • Mirrors: The Aborigne Poetry o...

    This book is a memoir of a very mysterious journey I took when I stumbled upon some translations from Melanisian pidgin (Tok...

  • Talkies

    RIVER MOTHER: The Face of the Sphinx: is the story of a young Nubian female shaman/leader whose face becomes the face of the...

  • Poems for Family and Friends

    Some fifteen years ago, my friend Cliff Huxford was married for the third time, at age 60 no less. I was astounded. If anything...

  • Other Dancers

    Robert Bixby, March Street Press says: I was impressed first of all by the humanity of Justin Spring's work, his common touch...


    These poems are attempts at a poetry somewhat equivalent to a Polaroid snapshot. In this sense, the poems have some of the...

  • Poems of Sarasota and Florida

    This small collection of poems allowed me the rare privilege of being poetically anchored in a particular time and place...

  • River Mother

    RIVER MOTHER: the Face of the Sphinx is a fictional autobiography of an extraordinary Nubian female shaman/leader whose face...

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