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    1. Joris deserves every accolade going

    2. The twins answered easily to congratulations as either 'the talented gentlemen,' or as 'gifted actresses' whichever accolade might be offered by their peers

    3. ” Harry agreed and offered his own anecdotes in support of the accolade

    4. Now there were only two serious contenders on the block to vie for the accolade of premier news provider

    5. could do little more as he watched the boy rise up from his seat to receive his accolade

    6. Uybvahk eyes bulged more than normal, but he shot back,"I accept with gratitude the fawning accolade of this northern barbarian

    7. This was a rare accolade for a rookie adman

    8. Bright and gleaming, pure gold, the alchemy of insanity works its magic on this dubious accolade, almost giving it the appearance of nobility

    9. Jesus jumped on the ground as the duo approached his plane and shared a happy accolade with Ingrid

    10. And spread the word to all around that Kokopoulos was a dume, the highest accolade to manhood; a warrior, a true man

    11. He well understood the accolade bunyu, that quality of fearlessness so rated by men of all colours

    12. On her part, Tina Forster greeted personally Michel Koniev, who was still wearing his combat gear and had a sober look on his face, with an accolade

    13. typical French fashion, the ambassadors also gave her an accolade and kisses of the

    14. “Then good luck!” Said de Maisonneuve, giving an accolade to Le Moyne before the latter left the ramparts and exited the fort through the main gate

    15. Humphrey took that as the highest possible accolade he could expect from Janet

    16. Indeed, it had only recently won the coveted award as the filthiest town in Britain, an accolade it would have no trouble retaining for posterity

    17. And to give Uthyr one grudging accolade, he had never loved another woman after her

    18. As he had already told him, he said, there was no chapel in the castle, nor was it needed for what remained to be done, for, as he understood the ceremonial of the order, the whole point of being dubbed a knight lay in the accolade and in the slap on the shoulder, and that could be administered in the middle of a field; and that he had now done all that was needful as to watching the armour, for all requirements were satisfied by a watch of two hours only, while he had been more than four about it

    19. “Every success I had, every accolade, promotion, and medal… It was all a personal affront to him

    20. In sailing, Sir Ben Ainslie won an unparalleled fifth gold medal at the Olympics, collected another World Sailor of the Year accolade, and is all set to head up a British challenge for the America’s Cup

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    accolade award honor honour laurels renown glory repute distinction esteem praise