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Acres en una oración (en ingles)

  1. So, Herod built his 520 acres.
  2. We’re down to about twenty acres.
  3. So Green Acres Ski Area--they had a.
  4. Hampton Court Palace sits on 59 acres.
  5. The school’s original forty acres of.

  6. Your five acres are private property.
  7. Kal’s ranch was only about five acres.
  8. After two more years, we bought 3 acres.
  9. He was a childless widower with ten acres.
  10. It’s tens of thousands of acres, sir.
  11. Cairo, would have covered twenty-two acres.
  12. Secondly, about four acres of Pepsi Litre.
  13. One thousand acres are now planted in corn.
  14. Sisters on the few acres of land that they.
  15. Hunter loved having trees on all those acres.

  16. And about three-hundred acres straight out.
  17. And four acres of city land is very valuable.
  18. In all it was 250 acres of fertile grassland.
  19. Mac asked, Where’s the five acres, Al?
  20. And in acres of frames for what obviously had.
  21. Al says you’ve got five acres of plow land.
  22. Owns about two hundred and fifty thousand acres.
  23. You said no man could dig over twenty acres.
  24. My old man had a chicken ranch, 'bout ten acres.
  25. Not too big, maybe fifty acres, I explained.

  26. Green Acres Ski Area is in Utah, and it has two.
  27. They buy immaculate squares of land called acres.
  28. Wait a minute: but doesn't Green Acres have one.
  29. He had acquired hundreds of acres of mineral land.
  30. My old man had a chicken ranch, ’bout ten acres.
  31. We have more than a hundred acres of farmland up.
  32. There’s thirty thousan’ acres, out west of here.
  33. We have about twenty acres here that was untouched.
  34. Acres of land cultivated by Indians 54,207 292,550.
  35. Acres of barren land and trees surround the school.
  36. The anchor tenant for eighty acres of redevelopment.
  37. I didn’t have no ninety acres, neither, he.
  38. Only around 2 acres or so, about a mile out of town.
  39. What would a man like you do on a thousand acres?
  40. What's interesting about Green Acres Ski Area's new.
  41. There were about fifty acres of relatively flat land.
  42. They Will had done more than merely farm a few acres.
  43. This equated to two hundred and twenty two acres of.
  44. His estate encompassed nearly sixteen thousand acres.
  45. The compound itself comprised of three acres that was.
  46. Then there was the 135,000 acres fire close to Denver.
  47. The largest harbor in the world was 60 acres in Athens.
  48. With just three acres this land could be planted into.
  49. Tim had staked off 40 acres of land in Big Lake cavern.
  50. There’s still a seven acres and a half area to go.
  51. Albert was surrounded by on the Green Acres television.
  52. Acres to be plenty entertaining! And I had the training.
  53. We had a pleasant picnic on a rise overlooking acres of.
  54. It covered four-and-a-half acres on two entire downtown.
  55. I have a nice little pond at the back of my ten acres.
  56. It flowed into a small lake that covered about ten acres.
  57. It's just two thousand acres, a couple dozen hired hands.
  58. Today millions of acres of forests are destroyed annually.
  59. Godwyn said: But we hold thousands of acres of farmland.
  60. The Reichssportfeld would sprawl over more than 325 acres.
  61. This was the beginning of turning over thousands of acres.
  62. Byron and Austin had leased eighty acres from The Company.
  63. Ultimately he was left with 228 acres, two horses and a cow.
  64. I still own all the barns and several acres of farming land.
  65. Now if they could camp on that five acres, they’d be safe.
  66. Between the acres of the rye These pretty countryfolk would lie.
  67. When I went to stay at the Satchidananda Ashram, 1000 acres in.
  68. I think there will be 300 acres of new land cleared this spring.
  69. Hey, white boy, when you gonna give me my forty acres and a.
  70. He really did not care which peasant farmed Alfred’s ten acres.
  71. They would only gain thirty acres or so, hardly worth the effort.
  72. A day? What measure is that? How many acres would that be?
  73. Everyone knew that one man could not harvest ninety acres on his.
  74. My father held ninety acres of the lord of Wigleigh, he said.
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  76. I'd like to get hold of ten acres, and then I could take Simon back.
  77. A section covering at least three acres remained under construction.
  78. They bought fifty acres of land in the Catskill Mountains for fifty.
  79. Nearly three thousand acres of the estate was given over to forestry.
  80. Good man! There is also a four acres lot that comes with the house.
  81. Trying to legally own as many thousands of acres of land as possible.
  82. Shall I tell Nathan Reeve that you wish me to have the ten acres?
  83. It concerned a landholding of five hundred acres near Lynn, in Norfolk.
  84. The locality is twenty acres in extent, and appears to be inexhaustible.
  85. He has fifty acres and his house has more rooms than Buckingham Palace.
  86. Pa asked, What’s he disappointed about if he got a million acres?
  87. Eventually he was able to donate millions of acres of land to poor farmers.
  88. The standard was a virgate, which was thirty acres in this part of England.
  89. The family plot was eighty acres, far more than any of them would ever own.
  90. Perkin had a hundred acres, and Wulfric’s father, Samuel, had had ninety.
  91. Have you reckon'd a thousand acres much? have you reckon'd the earth much?
  92. Because of his work he was granted thousands of acres including this parcel.
  93. With one spray of its mist, it would wipe out acres of trees and vegetation.
  94. In a flat tone of voice Olin said, About six thousand and four hundred acres.
  95. The main building was a long, low warehouse, surrounded by acres of statuary.
  96. Consider the businessman who buys a five-bedroom home on fifteen acres of land.
  97. It sat on a tranquil pond in the middle of acres of maples and elms and pines.
  98. Alfred Shorthouse died without a natural heir to his ten acres, and I offered.
  99. THE MUEHLERS’ HOME was on a decent chunk of land, four hundred acres at least.
  100. That man whose mind had been bound with acres lived with narrow concrete miles.

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