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    1. By itself the mind can actualize any number of

    2. then move past it and, therefore, actualize ourselves as Persons

    3. helping others to go through the same process and therefore actualize

    4. 1) Men cannot fully actualize themselves without the help of women and

    5. Love is the ability to empower the other to actualize themselves according

    6. any universe does not actualize or materialize in any universe This also

    7. In Phase 2, we emphasize the modeling of core processes as the HOW of enterprise work aligned with the WHAT, and subsequent naming and identifica-tion of the jobs (current or future) to actualize (align and operationalize) the core procedure steps

    8. So, in my pursuits to actualize my characters a form of vampirism evolved that was biological

    9. and to make real or to actualize something

    10. correctly aware and do really actualize union in this life

    11. The Everett-Wheeler-Graham theory says that they all actualize, but in different worlds that coexist with ours! …

    12. Now act it out, and write down the ways in which you would need to change your thoughts, emotions, and body in order to actualize the ideal situation in real life

    13. But the wedding night, if it has any meaning other than contractual, then isn't it supposed to symbolize and actualize the intimacy that is interdependent feeling into the other?”

    14. There was no more test of wills on nonsensical things---but a profound appreciation of how one can actualize potentials

    15. When interviewed, the child wanted to actualize in her level but the pains and difficulties she had to undergo was more than enough to pull her down

    16. about this most precious of gifts, take the self-healing route and actualize

    17. Therefore, it is impotent to create more than a spiritual need, a need it can never fill, and a spiritualism it can never actualize, but only be a grotesque shadow of

    18. By then, he will try hard and use different means to fulfill the wishes imposed upon him by his depraved society paying no attention and showing no deterring conscience to the crooked methods he may follow to quench his burning thirst, so long as this way or that one may help him to actualize his wishes

    19. A mental trap is a habitude mode of thinking that does not actualize values, prevents the enjoyment of life, is an unproductive structure of thought, a force of habit

    20. extreme as we carry the opposite, with the result that they do not actualize

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    actualise actualize realise realize substantiate