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Agony en una oración (en ingles)

Tom was in an agony.
I think of his agony.
It was a cry of agony.
He doubled up in agony.
Over? Bill was in agony.
The cause of her agony.
She cried out in agony.

The agony in the closet.
The agony came in waves.
Agony all over the stage.
Such agony it was to him.
A cry that bore an agony.
There is ecstasy in agony.
Each step forward is agony.
Who in the agony of grief.
The trolls groaned in agony.
She grabbed at it in agony.
I lay on the floor in agony.
The spider howled in agony.
Bits of her wriggle in agony.
To ease the agony of defeat.
The bull-man roared in agony.
She could not kiss his agony.
Pain and agony is what I feel.
That increased my agony and.
I knelt there in all my agony.
Their agony will be unquenched.
Until then, I will be in agony.
He barked and twisted in agony.
There was freedom in his agony.
Sergeant Boxer, I was in agony.
He fell with a scream of agony.
And he shouted in bright agony:.
Then came an agony of new shame.
Scarlett stared at him in agony.
The face was contorted in agony.
Let us get over this agony today.
The slightest movement was agony.
A wave of tingling agony washed.

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