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    1. Its allure comes from it being so unsophisticated and the last thing it needs is careless tourism

    2. there is an allure to self-hate

    3. He wished he had more resistance to the allure of their flesh

    4. would have its allure for him

    5. longer offered the allure of her relics, it was said that its

    6. It ought neither to force nor to allure into either of those two channels a greater share of the capital of the country, than what would naturally flow into them of its own accord

    7. He tried to avoid touching the Power, though its allure was so strong he found that he had to allow a trickling of teron to flow through his veins at least once a day

    8. There was the slightest hint of light from up ahead, a wavering of less-than-pitch-black which drew her heart with the strong allure of the wafting smell of fresh baked bread

    9. A sense of fulfilled mission and the allure of new challenge perturbed his orbit and caused his escape, but not before his reputation was firmly in place

    10. Bruce informed Nick it was the allure of the sizzling burgers and franks that pulled them from the woods

    11. Bruce included a comment about the allure of the beauties in Belem’s market, referring to them as “Amazettes

    12. 14 Therefore, see, I will allure her, and bring her into the

    13. bracelets, and her chains, and her rings, and her earrings, and all her ornaments, and decked herself bravely, to allure the eyes of all

    14. Blinded by the false pretences of those rich in money, but poor in soul, dumbfounded by how stupid mortals can be when faced with the allure of a vampire, in the way I was once

    15. allure of their dividends--had to--on more than a single occasion

    16. “Whatever you want, Allure,” he grinned

    17. “This, Allure, was only the beginning

    18. “Yes, Allure, first things first, though,” he said, as he ran his

    19. “Of course you are, Allure,” he whispered heavily

    20. “I want it inside you, Allure,” he said, as he struggled

    21. “I love you, Allure

    22. “Just watching you, Allure,” he smiled

    23. “It is, Allure, it is,” he said, as he started the car

    24. “I am sorry, Allure,” he pulled her close and laid her on the bed

    25. “I knew you would, Allure,” he said, as she sat on his lap

    26. You have my heart, Allure

    27. “Yes, Allure,” he said as he picked her up and carried her out the

    28. “And I love you, Allure,” he said, as he laid her down on the

    29. More than many other tourist sites, San Juan and its surroundings allure visitors as an unspeakable summer paradise

    30. Accumulated years of youth’s growing allure

    31. It also has an allure for intellectuals, because it is clearly elitist

    32. “Look, Nemia, I dearly love Talia, but I am not blind to the fact that every single elven female is beautiful! Now a man expects that he will have to exert a certain measure of willpower to resist the allure of other attractive girls after he gets married

    33. “So you are saying that it’s not fair for you to have to exert so much willpower to resist the allure of your mother-in-law? Oh, Mark, that is so cute!”

    34. “I expressed my desire for him, and he said that it wasn’t fair that he should have to exert willpower to resist the allure of his mother-in-law

    35. 4 And she took sandals on her feet and put about her her bracelets and her chains and her rings and her earrings and all her ornaments and decked herself bravely to allure the eyes of all men that should see her

    36. Kim Il-sung’s organized political machine had “the formidable knack for creating associations with the allure of democracy and openness to the general public

    37. Furniture presented an allure outside and together, against the blackboard of leaving

    38. Professional actors could work in TV or film, but that has none of the allure of the stage

    39. „Maturity adds allure, and think how grateful he"d be to escape that wife!"

    40. The allure of assassination still follows me

    41. The allure of assassination

    42. But their euphoric resolve of love invariably lost out to the materialistic allure of the world

    43. Bêlit had been of the sea; she had lent it splendor and allure

    44. The tendency to escape oneś responsibilities to give in to the allure of playing and having fun (first the Great Puppet Theatre, then Toyland) constitutes a distinctive attribute of the character together with the tendency to conceive projects that cannot be realized

    45. their own world, thus the allure to these teen readers

    46. yet with much allure

    47. My allure which had been potent was flung back in my face

    48. Called her to me with that foreign allure and felt her sway towards me as she came under my control

    49. In time we developed brain pacemakers not unlike the same products used for hearts but in the back of our own minds the illusion and the allure of popular science fiction drew us closer and closer to implants that could perform what William Gibson imagined thirty years ago

    50. None could have resisted the allure of such weal but somehow he pressed on to reach my room

    1. Juliet’s voice allured him and her laughter engulfed him

    2. 46 He then wept and said, "O God, destroy me not with this race, concerning which my fathers have warned me; for now, O my Lord God, I was thinking that those who appeared to me were my fathers; but I have found them out to be demons, who allured me by this beautiful apparition, until I believed them

    3. 46 He then wept and said "O God destroy me not with this race concerning which my fathers have warned me; for now O my Lord God I was thinking that those who appeared to me were my fathers; but I have found them out to be demons who allured me by this beautiful apparition until I believed them

    4. And not only now let us seem to believe and give heed when we are admonished by the elders; but also when we take our departure home let us remember the commandments of the Lord and not be allured back by worldly lusts but let us often and often draw near and try to make progress in the Lord's commands that we all having the same mind may be gathered together for life

    5. “I am still allured by these haphazard blooms,” declared Sharon

    6. (“Le Nostre Buone Intenzioni”, Otto Ohm) The two attitudes are closely connected: just because they think that they can obtain everything easily and it is enough to dream about things to conquer them, the puppet very easily postpones his first commitment and does not hesitate to sell the precious spelling-book to enter the Great Theatre – allured, or rather attracted by the acute intelligence of temptation

    7. At that time you both were very happy to get together very soon; Gopal had allured your tender heart by his love

    8. The eyes should not feel allured to see things, the tongue should not

    9. fee allured to taste delicious things

    10. Cass’ attention changes, as they are allured toward the captivating sensation entering his nostrils

    11. The Eternal Severity and Righteousness, limited in all its actions by consideration for the frailty of the creature,—and the Eternal Love bringing ultimate good out of earlier forms of evil and imperfection, and commending itself as a reality to every man’s conscience,—may win God-ward many of the explorers of the material world; as when that self-sustaining Flame, the symbol of the Self-existent Being, allured in a voice of soft thunder the shepherd of Midian, who found in the investigation of a natural phenomenon the revelation of an Essence Divine

    12. Their undulating flight, the grace of their aerial curves, and the play of their colors allured and delighted the eye

    13. And yet, when after some resistance he had consented to take the Casaubons to his friend's studio, he had been allured by the gratification of his pride in being the person who could grant Naumann such an opportunity of studying herloveliness—or rather her divineness, for the ordinary phrases which might apply to mere bodily prettiness were not applicable to her

    14. That neither will for better be allured

    15. Brooke: his impression that waverers were likely to be allured by wavering statements, and also the liability of his mind to stick afresh at opposing arguments as they turned up in his memory, gave Will Ladislaw much trouble

    16. that Boromir, the proud and fearless, often rash, ever anxious for the victory of Minas Tirith (and his own glory therein), might desire such a thing and be allured by it

    17. allured here by a mastering desire, stronger than his caution

    18. The autumn in Otradnoe with the hunting, and the winter with the Christmas holidays and Sonya’s love, had opened out to him a vista of tranquil rural joys and peace such as he had never known before, and which now allured him

    19. Her relatives encouraged me; competitors piqued me; she allured me: a marriage was achieved almost before I knew where I

    20. Cape of Good Hope, do they call ye? Rather Cape Tormentoto, as called of yore; for long allured by the perfidious silences that before had attended us, we found ourselves launched into this tormented sea, where guilty beings transformed into those fowls and these fish, seemed condemned to swim on everlastingly without any haven in store, or beat that black air without any horizon

    21. Unappalled by the massacre made upon them during the night, the sharks now freshly and more keenly allured by the before pent blood which began to flow from the carcass—the rabid creatures swarmed round it like bees in a beehive

    22. No wonder there had been some among the hunters who namelessly transported and allured by all this serenity, had ventured to assail it; but had fatally found that quietude but the vesture of tornadoes

    23. For years this day had beckoned and allured to her; but when it came the one single, keen, abiding memory it left with her was not that of the breathless moment when the stately president of Redmond gave her cap and diploma and hailed her B

    24. The poor lady (I feel very sorry for her) might have attained all that attracted and allured her (renown and so on) without any such violent and eccentric actions as she resolved upon at the very first step

    25. But it made no difference; even with the clearest recognition of all the horrors awaiting him he would have gone out to the high road and walked along it! There was something proud in the undertaking which allured him in spite of everything

    26. What could have allured me about it then and have drawn me at night into the street? No, I had a lofty way of getting out of it all

    27. The autumn in Otrádnoe with the hunting, and the winter with the Christmas holidays and Sónya’s love, had opened out to him a vista of tranquil rural joys and peace such as he had never known before, and which now allured him

    28. They have not, it is true, taken into their own hands the hatchet and the knife, devoted to indiscriminate massacre; but they have let loose the savages, armed with these cruel instruments; have allured them into their service, and carried them to battle by their sides, eager to glut their savage thirst with the blood of the vanquished, and to finish the work of torture and death on maimed and defenceless captives: and, what was never before seen, British commanders have extorted victory over the unconquerable valor of our troops, by presenting to the sympathy of their chief awaiting massacre from their savage associates

    29. Should this principle be established, which in all cases would afford a secure asylum in our merchant ships, it is dreaded by British statesmen and the British people, that their seamen, allured by higher wages and easier employment, would abandon their service, and thus render their country accessible to their enemy

    30. They, of all others, are the ones that are tried, tempted, allured

    1. What is best let alone, that accursed thing is not always what least allures

    1. Concerning their reward, what could be more alluring than the promise of a blissful “life after death” – even if it is intended only for “a few, chosen ones”?

    2. This afternoon I saw Diana at the gym, we had an aerobics lesson and then, as we were leaving together, she revealed to me some more interesting details about her job; in fact, she didn't hesitate at all to describe -always with an air of importance- a fixed fraud committed by the company she works for: It all starts with an advertisement they place in the newspaper every week, looking for new commercial travellers; they offer an alluring basic salary, as well as commission on the sales, plus social security

    3. She lets out another alluring laugh,

    4. The cool air flowing through the open casement carried an alluring tang of salt

    5. considered to be a sensual color that is very alluring

    6. There is an alluring attraction to doing so

    7. The humble items of furniture were likewise adorned and though of un-dimensioned fir and cedar were none-the-less alluring for the expert craftsmanship of their construction and polished finish

    8. The sound of clanging dishes, and the alluring smell of bacon, alerted her to their where a bouts

    9. alluring way of swinging her hips that drove the young

    10. Was there that much to tell or did you find Desa as alluring as Luray?"

    11. She draped the Oneness around her body like a second skin, an even more sensual and alluring flesh than what the Maker had blessed her with

    12. Passing by the market, he could not ignore the alluring aroma of freshly baked bread for sale and made a short detour to purchase a few loaves

    13. Her stare: not intense, though direct, more alluring, trying to draw him in further

    14. sexy, alluring, and trashy

    15. Among the film‘s more striking (alluring) scenes displays Ms

    16. It was so alluring, so seductive

    17. Far on the western hill gleamed a paler but more alluring star

    18. Jasmin had no plans for the day and as he seemed so alluring she was more then happy to spend the early hours of the morning in his company

    19. His face apperared dangerously alluring in the light, portrayed now in exterior beauty

    20. that you might wish could be changed may be just elements of alluring distinc-

    21. It was clear to Derek that his tales of bathtubs, alluring scents

    22. The alluring call of ebon forests

    23. Only this time, the feeling wasn’t as sensual and alluring as it was with Levi, it was downright painful

    24. The present Civil War induces Americans toward the same glowing image, a fresh icon of perfection ornamented in a more chic and alluring design

    25. I breathed in her alluring scent; she always had her own distinctive smell that was just delicious to me

    26. ” I whispered and he chuckled, the sound was primitive and very alluring

    27. How alluring it was for man to profit by exploiting that which is innnocent

    28. Believe me I tried to run in the beginning, he was alluring, intense, dangerous and horribly additive

    29. The scenery became more alluring with the white foam that, at intervals, interrupted the ensemble, which ended in a shore bathed in a placid and peaceful emerald green

    30. While Sean leans in to give me a peck and a hug, Zachary roars the engine, and my heart warms to its alluring sound

    31. As she stretched up, the hem rose higher at the back to expose alluring glimpses of underwear

    32. She was thirteen, and just getting to the point where she was alluring, when… When… Sweet mother of all, Talia, she died right in my arms!” Mark broke down, sobbing and gasping

    33. And, I’m lucky to be able to truly say that I find Talia to be the most attractive among you by far, not only for her alluring prettiness, but for her intelligent and adorable manner as well

    34. When the animal speaks again, his words are whispered through the mind-link, alluring, almost seductive

    35. mussed to exhibit a tousled appearance that was both alluring and

    36. She was an attractive woman and her Renault Capri sports car was alluring, but

    37. The going on holidays with parents was now becoming less alluring for the majority

    38. Foreigners are unusually alluring these days, and foreign trips (which are happening this year) can lead to love

    39. Children or children figures in your life are attractive and alluring, but the love life is stable this year

    40. 15 As the days pass, every true believer becomes more skillful in alluring his fellows into the love of eternal truth

    41. running through his veins, confusing and alluring him second by

    42. The door opened and a tall redheaded woman, with an alluring smile walked in

    43. This was not the tunnel toward alluring light

    44. She turned and looked at me before getting in and gave me her most alluring smile

    45. Examine the role of the consumer, and the alluring sparkle of diamonds

    46. The alluring colors of pyromorphite make it

    47. These Siddhis are, no doubt, very tempting and alluring

    48. She had bright red and dark purple splotches, more alluring and deeper tones than even an artificial tattoo could reproduce

    49. God is alluring us now, bringing us into the wilderness, spiritually

    50. A young lady comes toward me; she's alluring, tempting, and I'm afraid you're going to throw me out if I continue on with this

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