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    1. "Have you kept all my old paperwork together?" she asked

    2. "What do you think the cargo is that Herndon's paper's are about?" Jorma asked as they walked back toward the camp

    3. "Whatever papers there are in that lock box, I've looked at them a dozen times and never noticed

    4. In the preparation of this tome, I advertised its availability in the bi-weekly satirical paper Private Eye

    5. "If either one of them wanted to leave with those papers," Ava said, "they could have done so a year ago

    6. "Ava said those papers were of little importance

    7. With the insignia from his uniform he has the money to finance a family to raise and train a child to be my shadow, a child who has been trained to do nothing but zero in on those papers

    8. "It is likely the only reason she bought this house is to go after those papers," Herndon said, his lips tight

    9. "What about the rest of these papers in the lock-box," he asked

    10. He saw what she had now, another scrap of paper that Ava said was useless, the last in that folder

    11. Sam had just finished his masterclass in Nutritional awareness, and was preparing his papers to leave, when the auburn haired model approached his table

    12. Do you put ads in the paper?”

    13. He was hunched over his desk, shifting through piles of paperwork and tossing it around with abandon, creating a bigger mess than he had before

    14. The desk was filled to overflowing with paper, pens, clipboards, used coffee mugs, and a large, old computer

    15. Henry started sorting through the piles of paper with renewed energy, like he was digging for buried treasure

    16. “Hello, I found it,” Henry whispered again, clutching several pieces of paper in his hand as he knocked again

    17. “The sales report!” he cried in relief as he held up the papers which were in danger of being crumpled up in his hand

    18. Underling said again, holding out his hand for the papers

    19. Underling wanted Henry to give him the papers

    20. “Yes, here is the sales report,” Henry tried to say with an air of authority as he put the slightly crumpled papers in Mr

    21. Underling shoved the papers back in Henry’s hands

    22. “Aren’t all the papers here?” Henry asked weakly as he started going through them

    23. I had copies of the paperwork, they pulled it off right under our noses

    24. They had always kept their papers separate, it was very unlike him to do that

    25. But the worst problem was, "I had all my old papers sent north when I thought I was moving there

    26. He didn't answer, blew right by it urgently, "Did you say she is now living in the house with those papers?"

    27. Those papers could be the reason she is on your tail

    28. She shamelessly watched the creature trapped in a maze of metal wrinkled like crumpled paper

    29. Jokes of all shades in all languages get prominent place in newspapers and magazines

    30. "I know where I put those papers," Ava said,

    31. She told Jorma about the papers, as if it was something casual

    32. There was nothing else in Herndon's folder but a scrap of scratch paper and a blank copy of the storage contract

    33. She found she didn't remember most of the stuff in here, she probably should have thrown it all out decades ago, the papers that were hers were already obsolete and could now be learned by examining any common electronic device with a polarizing microscope, but twenty decades ago they had been some of the Kassikan's most closely guarded secrets

    34. Herndon was taking a second pass thru it, but they'd already made sure they'd examined every piece of paper in that box, a second time

    35. He was trying to project an aura of mild disappointment, like he was strong enough to take this, but Ava could see each piece of paper shaking as he put it back in its folder

    36. Ask for their favorite comic strip, a school paper that they are proud of, or a drawing from their trip to the park

    37. ‘Yes … I know, the papers have been full of it

    38. He looked up to see that his dad’s attention was back on the stack of papers

    39. Henry was holding up two different pieces of paper and trying to look at both of them at the same time

    40. “Not again,” Henry said as he lifted up the paper and got a napkin, trying in vain to wipe the jam off the paper and succeeding only in smearing it around even more

    41. She handed the paper back to him and dumbly walked toward the boat

    42. Over a long period of a few years some share show a consistent growth, some show ups and downs around a mean value, some show a persistent fall in value and quite a few just vanish out of market or are quoted at a value which is not worth the cost of paper on which the share certificate is printed

    43. Ackers slowly turned around to see a paper delivery boy standing on the porch with his mouth hanging open in surprise

    44. This enables cheaper average handling charges and getting better market rates than quoted

    45. The boy held out the paper in answer, his mouth still open as he looked at the weird gadget sticking out of the front door

    46. “Yes, thank you, I was looking for this,” Ackers said as he took the paper out of the paper boy’s hands and then dropped it to the ground

    47. “You’re a little late, aren’t you? Isn’t this supposed to be delivered first thing in the morning? While it is morning, it most certainly is not first thing,” Ackers rambled, trying to get some sort of information out of the paper boy while confusing him at the same time

    48. Don’t worry, the situation will resolve itself in a moment,” Ackers said, thinking quickly that he now had to appear as normal as possible so as not to arouse too much suspicion and have the paper boy call in any authorities

    49. The paper boy became slightly more alarmed the longer he stayed with Ackers

    50. Ackers turned away from the paper boy and peered into the house

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