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Arc en una oración (en ingles)

1. They notice the arc of.
2. Finish the story arc with.
3. I’m doing a story arc.
4. It made a slow, graceful arc.
5. I see it arc through the air.
6. The bird's southern arc carried.
7. I expected the weak rainbow arc.

8. Noah’s wife was called Joan of Arc.
9. Arc of Atlantic County, The, 318.
10. The arc has a radius of 1/2 and your.
11. Why? For Joan of Arc! That's the answer.
12. I don’t think I could get an arc with it.
13. Finally, I alighted atop the Arc de Triomphe.
14. The asphalt was slagged in an arc around us.
15. His nose ‘grew so long’, it started to arc.
16. These arc the bright waters which you have seen.
17. The ten Sojourners hesitated just outside the arc.
18. Joan of Arc? Wow! She said a bit too loudly.
19. At the end of the Arc, we have a different person.
20. As he swept the light in an arc around the large.
21. The first arrow had just reached the top of its arc.
22. I chanted a spell and traced an arc through the air.
23. As the spherical ends neared the curtain an arc of.
24. Had not old Ocling’s secreted bean stopped the arc.
25. First off, consider the current arc of history where.
26. Have you ever heard of Character Arc in a book? Me too.
27. The light from the arc lamp drenched him from head to toe.
28. The man cocks his arm, hurls Bolt’s camera in a mighty arc.
29. Stubbornly he pointed the arc of his bow, drawing its string.
30. Suddenly an arc of energy leaped forward and slammed into us.
31. Joan of Arc up high on Icarus wings, carrying the seed of a.
32. At the same moment, the stiletto flashed in an arc behind him.
33. He lifted the hammer over his head and swung it in a long arc.
34. Most men would have simply sent a yellow arc against the wall.
35. Finish the arc with Rites of Blood, Cora’s Choice 4-6 Bundle.
36. Character Arc is what the Action does to the Hero/Heroine; how.
37. If both hands are pointing down, the response is a downward arc.
38. Inside the sharp spark and hiss of an arc welder could be heard.
39. I made an almost comically wide arc around it, and continued on.
40. Behind her the Champs Elysées stretched to the apex at the Arc.
41. The demons scattered as his great sword sweeps an arc around him.
42. For me, Joan of Arc and Nancy Laplante will always be synonymous.
43. He has a good arc in his throws and can shoot from far distance.
44. In a strong book character arc the influences and changes will be.
45. ARC FURNACE :For long time ARC Furnace was the mainstay of a Steel.
46. He drew many lines coming through the arc converging on the circle.
47. Though this hallway was the same as the other, the arc of it was a.
48. I spluttered, imagining how Guy Fawkes and Joan of Arc must of felt.
49. Bjorn struck first, swinging his axe in a tight arc at Thane’s head.
50. He slashed his sword in an arc and disappeared in a ripple of darkness.
51. The tray clattered to the floor and the soup splattered in a wide arc.
52. They extended about one hundred yards from the tower in a perfect arc.
53. A jagged arc of lightning lit up the sky in front of her and she jumped.
54. Glory to God in the Highest, my soprano completed the arc of song.
55. Everything around him stood out as if illuminated by a harsh arc light.
56. Tristan swung the axe in an arc; it hit the log with a resounding thunk.
57. I opened my eyes and saw Robbie begin to arc his boot towards my chest.
58. But who was in the Arc? Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives! That.
59. He knows how frustrating can be the vicissitudes of a storytelling arc.
60. Suddenly loosed arrows rose up in a slow graceful arc toward the hilltop.
61. The Arc represented the covenant of God for salvation and eternal life in.
62. With lights beneath their guns they scoured around them in a sweeping arc.
63. The blood of the bug sprayed upwards in a long arc, greenish-white and hot.
64. Khan’s leg shot out in a perfect arc, flying towards Raven’s shoulder.
65. The Champs Elysees would cut across there, through the Arc de Triomphe.
66. Others were steady arc spotlights, and he felt teeming, seething movement.
67. Colin saw a flicker of light, a match, and watched it arc toward the ground.
68. Hence, the subtitle, The Pirate Arc, reflecting that it is a separate story.
69. A blinding blue arc of energy then shot out of the muzzle of the Xanta weapon.
70. The arc of his social rise intersected the arc of his friend's decline, but Mr.
71. This was why Joan of Arc signaled the slow demise of the French Catholic church.
72. The shovel missed Sterling, but continued its arc, connecting with Nicky's skull.
73. He dropped down and quickly drew an arc in the dirt with a circle in front of it.
74. The high arc light on the edge of the ravine cast his shadow directly beneath him.
75. Through the cracked windshield, Davis watched the helicopter arc toward the grass.
76. But who was in the Arc? Noah, his wife, his sons and their wives! That is all the.
77. That way, whether I jump left or right, he will slice me at some point on the arc.
78. Gradually the swing arc widened until Fallon swung it around in a clockwise motion.
79. He looked at Lyle, shouted "Catch!", and threw the fireball to him in a gentle arc.
80. The crystal arc they were standing in was suddenly filled with a blazing white light.
81. The Zero reached the top of its arc, leveled off, and sped directly toward Super Man.
82. At the top of the arc were ten circles, each about the size of a large dinner plate.
83. With every passing arc of M’jllner a dozen fell, their bodies exploding on contact.
84. A thin arc of blood sprayed out from either side, some of it finding Theia’s cheek.
85. Within the small arc permitted by his restraints, Sam rolled his head from side to side.
86. But as soon as his axe finished its arc a pair of fleshless hands grabbed hold of him.
87. The child of d’Artagnan and of Joan of Arc: that should get the French medias excited.
88. I had heard of the visions of Joan of Arc who lived around 1412 to 1431, but the young.
89. A great arc of green patterns shifting and changing with every heartbeat surrounded him.
90. Moths ticked off the high tin-shaded arc light which swung abandoned above the crossroads.
91. The huge transparent nose cone truly gave a perfect view on the frontal arc of the plane.
92. He spun around to face her, at the same time swinging his sword to the right in a flat arc.
93. He brought it down in a clear arc to sever the Apollo’s head from his body, but Apollo.
94. The far end of the ditch was so much showed as a patch of sky -- an arc of very dark blue.
95. The man circled inside the protective arc of the guards as he tried to get closer to Rachel.
96. Draw a clean arc at exactly this distance from the stick, using the stick as a centre point.
97. He leapt silently at the Lammas Lord, rock in his hand flailing in a determined arc downwards.
98. Wedge shaped apart from where the two walls converged to an arc of a circle, curving inwards.
99. And then the power burst out into the hall before her, a wave of blue in an almost perfect arc.
100. In the afternoon, as the shadow lengthens again, mark the EXACT spot where it touches the arc.
1. The steps rose symmetrically in an arcing motion.
2. Unending rows of windows lined the arcing face of the.
3. Arcing wires at the end of the cables soon shorted out the local.
4. There was an eerie bluish glow inside, almost like electrical arcing.
5. Hadaen inserted a finger inside her, her body arcing off the bed as he did so.
6. They have a special purpose keeping the orbiting nightlights from arcing off at will.
7. Then came the tracers, streams of bullets arcing across the narrow rectangle of black.
8. I came arcing in low, coming at the finger of land from the side, instead of head-on.
9. Yet again Marwan Tayeh, this briefly arcing flare, fell back to earth, spent and blackened.
10. Exhale as you press the weight back up to the starting position in a smooth, arcing motion.
11. He took out his notepad and drew a drinking straw, with a piece of arcing cardboard attached.
12. The manticore was on its feet in a flash, and up came its scorpion tail, arcing over its head.
13. His sword left its sheath and sliced through the air in one fluid movement, arcing towards the.
14. Up it flew arcing gently over, rapidly losing energy because of the steepness of the trajectory.
15. Out of the launcher, a mass of flares shot forward, arcing down toward the burning Kierdan ships.
16. His words sent a surge of excitement arcing through her, leaving her breasts tingling for his touch.
17. Then came the tracers, streams of bullets arcing across the narrow rectangle of black.
18. With the flare arcing over them, Louie, Phil, and Mac watched the bomber, willing the men aboard to see them.
19. The noise, the muzzle flashes, the shell cases arcing through the bright morning sunlight, the guys going down.
20. The fountains of fluid arcing out and over the pass ignited instantly to reveal itself as a light flammable oil.
21. In a matter of a few minutes, a torrent of debris was arcing its way spiraling downward to the planet’s surface.
22. It soared slowly upward, its arcing flight centered between Joshua and the path, where it had first come into view.
23. He threw his head forward, his back arcing as he pressed against her, his face against the cold of the stone pillar behind her.
24. We should check under the cloud of balloon-type things, I said, and Dylan nodded as he started a wide, smooth, arcing turn.
25. A tiny, arcing, charge came off the command chair and wormed and noodled its way into the back of Tig’s hand, making him let go.
26. She pulled her sabre free, arcing back her cloak and the nearest man fell instantly and silently with his windpipe cleanly severed.
27. Behind the bones of its buildings, a red line is rising out there, the leading edge of a curve that might keep arcing outward forever.
28. Arcing across the sky and bouncing off the clouds, the resounding, echoing light continued on for a brief moment until fading away entirely.
29. Summer lightning assaulted the sky with luciferous, arcing tendrils of blue-white light as Stan and Ambrosius made their way home through the night.
30. A backhand blow hammered into the dragonlord's wrist, sending the dagger arcing away towards the ground, and another caught the man full on the chin.
31. Pierre cowered at the end of the bar, and the double edge of the blade glistened brightly as Ravan moved into him, arcing swift and brutal as he carved.
32. By the looks of it, with its main lodge built of stacked giant redwoods and arcing windows of tempered glass, the guests here were not exactly into self-denial.
33. And it came over the City in all its evil and good, seeking out the nooks and crannies first in long, arcing shadows and then boldly striding across street and square.
34. Grumbling thunder swelled to a deafening clamour and darkness was banished by continuous billion-volt energy blasts arcing across the firmament, tearing the ether to shreds.
35. The noise rattled out across the landscape and then the whole front opened up with flares arcing into the sky and firing coming from all directions at once or so it seemed to me.
36. The only practical sociological institutions for achieving social justice and global peace are those arcing towards love, which is created by the manifestations of generating equality for all.
37. We had been pouring support fire into the trench but now the whole front seemed to be coming to life and very flares were arcing up into the sky casting a bright artificial light over everything.
38. Now came another fork of lightning, only this time not from above: the mist below, churned by the maelstrom, had built up such a charge that electricity was arcing and snaking about in its funnel.
39. After some minutes they began gesturing, pointing things out to one another, their faces beaming and arcing from one side to the other as something new and exciting was spotted, identified and commented on.
40. As he closed his fist, the metallic points flared with electricity, until he was holding what looked more like the classic thunderbolt, a twenty-foot javelin of arcing, hissing energy that made the hairs on my scalp rise.
41. But then I was passing through the cloud of arcing, swooping Glaive Fighters, evading their laser and plasma fire, which I did reflexively, almost without thinking—and I smiled because everything had become clear once again, now that I was finally facing off against my true enemy.
42. Never in my considerable experience had a sky been so crazed with storm light, great bolts beyond counting, crackling across the heavens in curious patterns, one bolt arcing to the next, revealing the clouds in such a way as to make it appear that they were in fact the crumbled and tumbling remains of some great and ancient stone city sliding down a mountainside to bury Pico Mundo in ruins.
43. Torrents of text conversations, tides of cell conversations, of television programs, of e-mail, vast networks of fiber and wire interlaced above and beneath the city, passing through buildings, arcing between transmitters in Metro tunnels, between antennas atop buildings, from lampposts with cellular transmitters in them, commercials for Carrefour and Evian and prebaked toaster pastries flashing into space and back to earth again, I’m going to be late and Maybe we should get reservations? and Pick up avocados and What did he say? and ten thousand I miss yous, fifty thousand I love yous, hate mail and appointment reminders and market updates, jewelry ads, coffee ads, furniture ads flying invisibly over the warrens of Paris, over the battlefields and tombs, over the Ardennes, over the Rhine, over Belgium and Denmark, over the scarred and ever-shifting landscapes we call nations.
1. The machete arced into the air.
2. The beast arced toward Amaranthe.
3. Tendrils of red lightning arced.
4. It arced through the air and landed.
5. The beam arced down anticipating his roll.
6. Then the strong arms holding them arced down.
7. Black shadows arced and jiggered over the walls.
8. Angry-looking light arced and hissed along its surface.
9. It arced high though the air eventually taking the man in the thigh.
10. It arced up, then fell into the center of the piled-up Zen I crystals.
11. The MP5 opened up, stitching holes in the floor as it arced toward him.
12. Meagan’s back arced off the bed and he gripped her tightly and firmly.
13. It arced over and crashed into the underbrush on the far side of the trail.
14. Court felt his pulse race as SAMs arced up to them, then seemed to push over.
15. It arced through the air, and simultaneously fell towards Annie and Henrietta.
16. No sooner had Alec noticed the shifting forest than an arrow arced into the sky.
17. She placed her finger on the 'door open switch' and the four doors arced out and up.
18. Two lines of huge dirty white curves arced over from out of the ground towards each.
19. A spear arced out of the sky and trembled to a halt in the woodwork by the wizard's ear.
20. Then a spout of water arced from his mouth, smooth and clear as if from a watering can.
21. Rob flinched and blinked violently as a half-eaten abdomen arced in to hit him in the eye.
22. Holnami's right hand rose high in the air and then arced down towards the man's bowed head.
23. The bag arced across the room, turning slowly in the air, and burst on the edge of a table.
24. They arced through the water, and when she pointed them out, Colin broke into a boyish grin.
25. He paused, sick at heart, watching the bright streaks as the heretics’ shells arced upward.
26. Looking up, the walls rose on either side, in a gorge that arced over and almost met at the top.
27. He sobbed forcefully as his back arced in agony and choked out, I have to do it a little at a time.
28. Sadness filled the girl's wide eyes, yet when she met the gaze of Alec her puffy lips arced into a smile.
29. The MiG gracefully arced over as a great tongue of flame belched from the tailpipe and then the wing root.
30. The flaming bottle arced through the air and exploded on the ground, flaring up in a burst of yellow flame.
31. The flaming bottles arced high into the sky and then came crashing down into the brush on the sides of the road.
32. They arced upwards, spreading out slightly as they went, howling through the heavens, climbing higher and higher.
33. It was built on an uprising of stone where the ridge of rocky breakers that guarded the harbor arced back into the land.
34. His flight arced up and over the edge of the pit, and he disappeared screaming into the gaping hole of the open pit mine.
35. Another wire arced as she earthed it to the steering column, the starter motor turned over the engine, and it came to life.
36. At some point far into the journey the bands of lava arced off elsewhere and the water alone continued to rise to the surface.
37. The green ball arced upwards and began to fall, but, impossibly, fell back to the same place it had left, smacking Hal on the snout.
38. Galeron flew back into space, arced into the center of the pit, and with arms and legs flailing, he began descending into the darkness.
39. I’m afraid I don’t understand, he said, dodging as an eyeball arced over the ring of spectators and narrowly missed his left ear.
40. There was something bold and expansive about the way the feathers arced upwards and the brush of the talons across the tallest of the branches.
41. The sun had arced its way over the horizon, filling the valley with soft light as he blinked through binoculars at 2 dozen men walking up the driveway.
42. The grenades arced toward the stable with a considerably higher velocity than a human arm could have imparted, but they were still far slower than a bullet.
43. The fire in the north burns no more! The one that we see now is small by comparison! The sign that arced over all of Egypt disappeared into the southern sky.
44. At the moment however a flash of light arced through the structure and revealed in stark relief the patterns that were words, part of the furniture of his mind.
45. The ray of light split into four smaller tendrils, which arced out to each surround a pillar which formed a square of space in the center of the main temple hall.
46. Seeing the others of his crew looking in his direction, he arced his arm as he veered off toward where Youssaf and Mahli could be seen hurrying toward another storehouse.
47. A potato masher grenade arced through the open spot between the men in the door and lodged in the rear bulkhead seat webbing in front of Haskell's eyes as he lay on the floor.
48. We walked along other communications trenches and then we heard firing very close by and a flare arced up into the sky bursting and bathing everything in its bright white light.
49. He arced an overarm blow around his shield at the man’s head, but instead of the accustomed thud, it wrenched his arm as it met with no resistance, hitting nothing but cold air.
50. Thin streams of blessed liquid arced toward the evil hounds that were snarling, jinking out of way of the arcs of holy water, and falling back only to turn round and begin another charge.
51. Each will, no matter its choice, has its own gravity arced by its attractors and traced by its actions, and therefore becomes not simply a path walked, but a trail led or a groove rutted.
52. The red-furred monster stood before Hal and Abigail with its scorpion tail arced high over its head, pointing down at them and swaying from side to side like a cobra choosing its moment to strike.
53. The screen showed the 3D action, while the explosions and the ship’s fire, as well as the enemies could be seen for real, as it arced across the glass front of the ship in a horrifying spectacle of abject onslaught.
54. Shreds of clothes and wisps of straw flew out of the Threshing Machine’s chimney, followed by something else: something that glinted as it arced through the air, and clanged when it landed on the ground in front of Bryony.
55. In this case, the sound Lieutenant Kuhlhani couldn’t identify was the clatter of a pair of grappling hooks as they arced into the air from astern of the galleon and hooked their prongs over the taffrail on the poop deck above him.
1. These volcanic island arcs.
2. In slow motion it arcs towards him in a long stream.
3. Blood sprayed in arcs the color of the killer’s body.
4. Faceting shows the g-code used lines where arcs might have been better.
5. Sines and cosines of the sum and difference of two arcs, formulæ for, T.
6. The winged creature flapped its great leathery wings in graceful arcs as.
7. Then, with a snap, His scepter glowed from which great arcs of lightning.
8. In its place, rising from below, came dark blue shapes, gliding in lithe arcs.
9. Blinding arcs of sparks were produced as the swords clashed in a deafening series.
10. Deeply satisfied, his eyes followed the arcs of the stars that swam across his vision.
11. The small rocking chair moved quietly back and forth, in little arcs, and then stood still.
12. The arm of the Milky Way arcs up from the southern horizon and fades near the top of the sky.
13. To his left, a cigarette wove fiery arcs in the air as someone’s lips talked swiftly around it.
14. Glacia grabs my hand and we walk back through those boulders and arcs of water and hanging vines.
15. The cautious Earthman paced forward, pistol up in both hands, scanning right and left in small arcs.
16. A few of the dwarves were struck by the missiles and fell to the floor, shuddering with electric arcs.
17. From what has been said it appears, that if A and B be any two arcs, of which A is the greatest, then.
18. A whirling ball of light now shined as brightly as a silver sun, ceased throwing arcs of singing lights.
19. This total includes 239 story arcs and a full-length TV movie but does not include spoofs, spin-offs or webisodes.
20. Piles of books still stood across the floor, with most of the stacks knocked down and kicked and spread in arcs now.
21. Red embers spouted up from the white heat, settling in graceful arcs, and pale gray smoke drifted up against a black sky.
22. This would be Will, roaming the apartment in long, urgent arcs, having intuited that she did in fact have something to hide.
23. Grey hooked the fish out onto the bank where it landed with a wet thwack, flipping its body in urgent arcs as it tried to re-enter the water.
24. Great shafts and arcs of sparkling beams continued pouring out the core, and as they did, some passed through Us which I experienced as peace.
25. Just as they had practiced in training over and over again, the precision of their arcs, and their flawless dives took out many dragons on that first pass.
26. Meanwhile, Brice appeared worried and puzzled all at once, his eyebrows appearing unable to decide whether they should rise up in arcs, or scrunch together.
27. Soon a humanoid shape started to appear in the middle of the rain, with arcs of electricity dancing around it until it finally took shape in the form of a man.
28. As soon as you will be landed and will get detailed instructions about your arcs of fire, I want you to start digging slit trenches or, for the machine guns, small bunkers.
29. The MRRs deflect the asteroids in gradual arcs above and below the Ember, and the pilots fire thrusters in the opposite direction to compensate for the slight change in course.
30. Then they reached the top of their arcs, plummeted back towards earth, and landed in a terrible, re-echoing roll of thunder even worse than the fiendish clamor of their passage.
31. A growing dust cloud covers the city twenty-five miles away, kicked up by a giant cable at least a small city block in diameter thrashing around, releasing exploding arcs of electricity.
32. The propriety of this is manifest; for as a and b denote two indefinite arcs, the same reasoning will apply to A and B, as to a and b, the first being supposed in each case the greatest.
33. Thin streams of blessed liquid arced toward the evil hounds that were snarling, jinking out of way of the arcs of holy water, and falling back only to turn round and begin another charge.
34. Reflected in this self at sea, we step outside ourselves catching the photographs flowing by in sacred stills and spiritual scenes whitewater splintering into arcs prisming time to a tear.
35. When he disappeared they had time to shoot to the surface and leap clear of the water in matching graceful arcs, and their simulacrums ended just before they would have entered the water again.
36. The two remaining enemy tanks, their arcs of fire blocked by the destroyed tank, then advanced and went around it, one tank on each side, with their turrets pivoting while searching for targets.
37. From your environment, personal and social, how love is defined and demonstrated arcs and molds your endeavors, roles, responsibilities and possibilities for evolving into one's self-definition.
38. Few had provisions or water, there was lack of covering from the icy air, and the only lights were the still undimmed arcs and incandescents of the settling ship, save for one of the first boats.
39. Again and again, Kate raised the wand and brought it down, sending out greater and greater arcs of blue, until the hallway before her was empty but for the smoldering bodies scattered along the floor.
40. This reciprocating expansiveness – in and out of me into you waving you into me, resonating up and down the crisscrossing arcs of Earth's developing brain – is a manifestation of Earth's evolving spirit.
41. The tactical positioning and the choice of the arcs of fire of the trenches of this regiment denote either a lack of tactical judgment on the part of the officers of this unit, or general neglect about defensive works.
42. The direct fall of gravity down the pass sides, and a reduction in sluice size, aided the higher pressure of the fluid as it shot out into the pass forming interlacing arcs of fluid across it over thirty feet into the air.
43. He allowed himself to imagine one of those elaborate shorting-out scenes like in ancient movies where the robot becomes encased in blue plasma with arcs of lighting all around them until their parts clatter to the floor, smoking.
44. Through the lens of your amateur telescope the snake looming on the horizon rears back and poises for another strike as hot gases and electric arcs pour out its head, making it fly about like an unattended garden hose at full blast.
45. During past recent visits to a number of American infantry units in Korea, the standard of defensive works she had seen often was limited to the digging of simple individual foxholes, often made without enthusiasm and poorly positioned, with a lack of supporting arcs of fire.

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