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    1. You don’t have a specific arrival point

    2. "Wonderful," he said, "but will they be alerted to our arrival?"

    3. the arrival of Christmas

    4. since his arrival had worn her out

    5. Neither Glenelle nor Ava had the remotest vision at the time of the Lula's departure that they would be here for its arrival

    6. Another late arrival for the training session

    7. In true Tonya style, they bring a basket of food and, within ten minutes of their arrival, Tonya is cajoling me into eating something

    8. They will all be safely stowed below and returned upon arrival

    9. early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of

    10. After the arrival of the second flare, the nations of

    11. They knew of the Lula's arrival and greeted it

    12. So what are the facts? An operation arranging illegal immigration of undesirables (according to Renald Forhamm) ostensibly organised from Earth with well-placed contacts across on Errd, a suspicious Errdian in a position of some power in London, Earth, who is upset by the arrival of an agent of the Secret Guild on his patch … and come to think of it, he’d not liked the fact you were coming to this part of the country

    13. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    14. The station café was virtually empty, enjoying a hiatus before the arrival of the next intercity express

    15. were pretty excited and waited eagerly for the arrival of

    16. The arrival of Pishima and her troop…

    17. One for Renald, suggesting a meeting … another for Pippa and Liesse also suggesting a meeting and one for Berndt at his home, confirming her safe arrival

    18. announced in fixed adulations the arrival of the clowns

    19. couplefolk who all wanted a new arrival could not partake in the

    20. He stood back, picked up the new arrival and

    21. And my Queen will soon be among us; with her arrival will come the future for us all

    22. She soon calmed down and relayed the wondrous news of Daowyn’s arrival

    23. I believe she’s a new arrival, found an egg and was living in a cave by herself near the town we just recently freed

    24. A knock at the door, heralds the arrival of our hostess and her acolyte, bearing trays of steaming broth

    25. The only dark cloud on their horizon was a note from their benefactor that had been pinned to a bottle of champagne that awaited them on the day of their arrival in their new home, offering his sincerest condolences on the sad news about the fisherman’s health and saying that he would consider it an honour if they would invite him to the funeral, long may that day be postponed

    26. They were stopped by the arrival of their drinks

    27. Twelve hundred miles away, in a dark Hold built into the side of a rocky mountain Lord Boras was seething about the stranger’s arrival

    28. It would appear that my imminent arrival has knocked him off balance

    29. Look!' I spun round expecting the worst but at that moment the Delfini cut the air with its now familiar horn announcing the arrival of the Princess of Stephanos

    30. But I have noticed a change in him since your arrival

    31. "The clock is still running," he said after placing a virtual probe, "it is granting cycle requests but it happened suspiciously close to the time of the beam's arrival

    32. Mama's arrival broke up our chat

    33. The cold winter winds began to announce their arrival down the mountain ranges towards the plains below

    34. But all that changed with her arrival; this strange woman/child stirred a passion in him that Serena had not

    35. work, but with the arrival of a son and then a daughter, they gave

    36. Naria then turned her attention to Mistress Tara and congratulated her on the events that transpired before their arrival

    37. After lunch, I manage to get started on Bunty again but am interrupted just after three by the arrival of a woman in reception who wants to talk to someone about an article in the last edition

    38. awaited them on the day of their arrival in their new home, offering

    39. My arrival at the stables caused a bit of a stir

    40. Lord Tarak and Lady Rayne filled the new Lord and Lady's Hold with gifts for the new arrival

    41. This new arrival was unlike the

    42. travellers arrival, she smiled in a friendly way which emphasised her

    43. and greeted him, her face lighting up at his arrival

    44. the arrival of their errant son in the company of his presumably

    45. On their arrival, they were greeted by a cheerful little man in a

    46. The next indicator of the rising tide of ill will toward the Livingsons, which if it had been at all anticipated they did not need to wait long to encounter, occurred on the first evening after the arrival of the Lodges' inaugural guests

    47. expect upon arrival, at court, with wild stories of

    48. Kimberly’s arrival two years after Amber had put the final seal on what was a solid marriage

    49. It takes a couple of seconds before the shower spits and coughs, signalling the arrival of hot water, time enough for Ted to undress and roll his soiled clothing into a ball

    50. The doctor has been advised of their imminent arrival and is waiting in the doorway that leads up to the laboratory

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    arrival reaching arriver comer accomplishment fulfilment achievement feat appearance coming entrance landing alighting ingress accession passenger newcomer visitor caller tourist traveller