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    1. She quickly ascertained that Glenelle was on this side also, there would be someone young enough to converse with if she ever dared reveal herself

    2. The price of labour, it must be observed, cannot be ascertained very accurately anywhere, different prices being often paid at the same place and for the same sort of labour, not only according to the different abilities of the workman, but according to the easiness or hardness of the masters

    3. The evidence is more complete than could well have been expected in a matter which is naturally so very difficult to be ascertained

    4. She never really ascertained a career thief’s detachment

    5. While it remained in the coffers of the bank, its superiority was known and ascertained

    6. When it had come into those of a private person, its superiority could not well be ascertained without more trouble than perhaps the difference was worth

    7. The fineness of gold, it has been said, is more difficult to be ascertained than that of silver

    8. In general, however, something more is given upon coin of a known fineness, than upon gold and silver bars, of which the fineness cannot be ascertained but by a process of melting and assaying

    9. We have ascertained that that vessel and its wing ship are the latest to join this little federation of pirates

    10. But after they had been so regulated and ascertained, how to hinder a person who was all-powerful from extending them beyond those regulations, was still very difficult, not to say impossible

    11. Those presents, it seems to have been supposed, could more easily be abolished altogether, than effectually regulated and ascertained

    12. Where the fees of court are precisely regulated and ascertained where they are paid all at once, at a certain period of every process, into the hands of a cashier or receiver, to be by him distributed in certain known proportions among the different judges after the process is decided and not till it is decided ; there seems to be no more danger of corruption than when such fees are prohibited altogether

    13. The rent of houses might easily be ascertained with sufficient accuracy, by a policy of the same kind with that which would be necesary for ascertaining the ordinary rent of land

    14. First, the quantity and value of the land which any man possesses, can never be a secret, and can always be ascertained with great exactness

    15. But the whole amount of the capital stock which he possesses is almost always a secret, and can scarce ever be ascertained with tolerable exactness

    16. When the truth behind some proposition cannot be properly ascertained or supported by fact, opinion must serve as the final arbiter, provided it meets the (litmus) requirements of feasible plausibility

    17. Just when the Doctrine of Indulgences was first promulgated I have not ascertained beyond an entry cited as Code of Canon Law, Can

    18. I ascertained that the eastern extreme of the Re Che lands were only sparingly patrolled, because it was not thought that we could get through the mountains

    19. authorities ascertained that it had not been an accident, the president gave the order to shoot down the second

    20. I ascertained that Ben still worked for NNG/Marine (he had talked of retiring at the end of 2000) because American Shipbuilders’ Association sent him and Dale Banks, as well as other top shipyards’ contracts officials some policy paper on Other Transactions

    21. ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and

    22. She ascertained that there were two noontime step meetings at Faith Lutheran (known to AA’s as “Trails Corner”) on Tuesday and Friday that I would undoubtedly attend

    23. “Is that something you have gleaned from my thoughts, or something you ascertained for yourself?”

    24. they wanted to stall a bit, because, as I’d already ascertained, it

    25. At this time, Cosmo-Art is a myth to be created, and is not an ascertained scientific

    26. It is believed by some that the events recorded on the Akashic records can be ascertained or read in certain states of consciousness — which can be induced by certain stages of sleep, weakness, illness, drugs, and meditation — so not only mystics but ordinary people can and do perceive the Akashic records

    27. which it can be ascertained that both eastern and western philosophy confront the same

    28. Surrendering, I ascertained by all Our clothing, “when” We were: still homeward bound…but time had lapsed, and I was still outside Myself

    29. The Sesavah, recovering, reared up enraged, then ascertained exactly what My captors had and roared, “It’s mine! Tell me Its worth

    30. With the majority of your sensory receptors not functioning the dimensionality of this universe cannot be ascertained

    31. After many minutes of security guards muscling their way into authority and even longer trying to get Tiffany and Michael Garrett to stop crying and even still longer before Michael Garrett can speak coherently again, is it finally ascertained that there was no harm done

    32. The Prime Minister spoke to Seamus first and ascertained that Bridget was a newly elected member to the fold, successful on her first campaign

    33. Approaching cautiously Rory ascertained that the other speedboat had indeed stopped

    34. 6 Before they left Gennesaret, Jesus instructed them regarding the miraculous feeding of the five thousand, telling them just why he engaged in this extraordinary manifestation of creative power and also assuring them that he did not thus yield to his sympathy for the multitude until he had ascertained that it was "according to the Father's will

    35. While he fumed with nervous impatience, the high priest Gorulga announced that before any decision could be reached, the will of the gods must be ascertained concerning the proposed alliance with Zembabwei and the pledge of objects long held holy and inviolate

    36. Upon further analysis of the gallows, I ascertained the

    37. July this organisation has ascertained that there is a

    38. As he ascertained a safe spot to hitch his horse to some growth several yards down the beach from the quicksand, he wondered how many others this land had claimed during its occupation by man and how many of those had perished in such a manner that was sickening to consider—slowly sinking and futilely struggling in a last effort to save oneself from the inevitable suffocation by the earth itself

    39. feigning ignorance, even though he had already ascertained from the

    40. glance of disapproval, then ascertained that they had everything they

    41. al-Queda, Hezbollah, al-Sharia, LIFG, and, a dozen others – nothing could be ascertained as to

    42. geologist over the years had ascertained that there wasn’t any gold on

    43. We had ascertained, that the communications

    44. In all our recon, we had ascertained that there were only about fifty armed jihadis’ in the entire

    45. She quickly ascertained the situation

    46. Her orders were to avoid official contact with the planet until she had ascertained the status of what had happened to Minnesota and determined that the Iotians were not

    47. He had now recovered enough that he had ascertained his situation and was

    48. Her tactical program quickly ascertained all threats, identifying the weapons and the guards and the office security cameras, while at the same time the Brittany personality matrix was amazed by how detailed the Iotians were in recreating the White House from nothing but pictures that they had gleaned from the Horizon’s books, and perhaps from some of the movies they had somehow come across

    49. ascertained and planned for

    50. When we had ascertained there was gold in the stream, we moved on

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