Oraciones con la palabra "aslant"

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Aslant en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Meantime everything in the Pequod was aslant.
  2. The mare glanced aslant at him, drew up her lip, and twitched her ear.
  3. He withdrew it from his hatband, where he always wore it aslant like a feather.
  4. Then he sat down in the stern sheets, passive, with his knees close together and legs aslant.
  5. Hilda Thomas was mealy-mouthed, all her silver frames aslant; egg-cups in the drawing-room; and the windows shrouded.

  6. He nodded, then appeared ashamed as he looked back at his dusty, dented wares sitting on wooden frames that leaned aslant.
  7. And far, far away a scarcely perceptible line of the railway, running aslant, and on it the smoke of a train, but no sound was heard.
  8. A wall with three windows looking out on to the canal ran aslant so that one corner formed a very acute angle, and it was difficult to see in it without very strong light.
  9. The cold moon looked aslant upon Tess's fagged face between the twigs of the garden-hedge as she paused outside the cottage which was her temporary home, d'Urberville pausing beside her.
  10. Whenever I watched the vessels standing out to sea with their white sails spread, I somehow thought of Miss Havisham and Estella; and whenever the light struck aslant, afar off, upon a cloud or sail or green hillside or water-line, it was just the same.
  11. I, too, in the grey, small, antique structure, with its low roof, its latticed casements, its mouldering walls, its avenue of aged firs—all grown aslant under the stress of mountain winds; its garden, dark with yew and holly—and where no flowers but of the hardiest species would bloom—found a charm both potent and permanent.
  12. There is a willow grows aslant a brook,.

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