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Attentiveness en una oración (en ingles)

  1. And Rosemary responded to Shelagh's attentiveness.
  2. Haven and saw only respectful attentiveness in her eyes.
  3. Mitchell leaned forward with a new look of attentiveness.
  4. Your attentiveness and consideration makes me more sensible of my own neglect.
  5. Furthermore, long positions are more leisurely and require a lot less attentiveness.

  6. In the latter usage, attentiveness means to keep our heads up to the needs of others.
  7. Henry had listened to his sister’s outburst with surprised attentiveness, and as she.
  8. Attentiveness is integrating that awareness into our active consciousness in daily living.
  9. Lucifer listened to his sister with growing attentiveness, and by the time she was through.
  10. His ignorance to the central principles such as attentiveness to temporal conditions led to his defeat in Russia.
  11. And his interest in me, for whatever reason, was far more intense than scientific attentiveness could possibly account for.
  12. But he could never have been like L-Seven-Six who possessed something akin to omniscience, that awareness and attentiveness.
  13. He listened to the news on the wireless with extra attentiveness, particularly when there were reports of bombing near London.
  14. His attentiveness to their surroundings was especially critical because Rapp was focused on the silenced Glock 17 in Gould’s hand.
  15. This is a different situation to the 727 isn’t it? So what did you have in mind? Otto was locked on Babs with laser attentiveness.

  16. When my usual level of attentiveness settled back in, it was like a lens of clarity being removed from an optometrist’s refraction machine.
  17. With the attentiveness of the brothers, she had been seduced into thinking that this was something she could get used to, a life she could enjoy.
  18. I explained to my guests how easily I mightn't be back till the evening, I commended them to the special attentiveness of the Antoines, and off I went, accompanied by Mrs.
  19. Herr Dremmel raised his head but not his eyes from his book, expressing thereby both a civilised attentiveness to anything she might wish to say and a continued interest in the sentence he was at.
  20. Bulstrode had also a deferential bending attitude in listening, and an apparently fixed attentiveness in his eyes which made those persons who thought themselves worth hearing infer that he was seeking the utmost.
  21. But what had they had out? What could there possibly be for them to have out? And she began thinking of last night again, and the dead silence in the library when she came in, and of the unusual attentiveness to her comfort.
  22. Still, Sophia showed no signs of attentiveness, and so Nadine pulled off her earphones and said, Aren’t you supposed to feel excited? Duh, it’s Forest Green, with her eyes rolled up and her hands laid across her chest.
  23. If he had the words of Eternal Life, as she suspected from the rapt attentiveness of his hearers, why shouldn't he spill some of them over on her? Perhaps religion was, after all, what she really needed, though she must say she didn't think much of the idea of being beaten to one's knees.
  24. Eventually, however, both their eyes met and as soon as it began to dawn on him that the other was endeavouring to help himself to the thing he involuntarily determined to help him himself and so he accordingly took hold of the neck of the mediumsized glass recipient which contained the fluid sought after and made a capacious hole in it by pouring a lot of it out with, also at the same time, however, a considerable degree of attentiveness in order not to upset any of the beer that was in it about the place.

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