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    authorisation oraciones de ejemplo


    1. Do not send till you receive final authorisation from me personally

    2. The large drive-in entrance had metal barriers, designed to only retract upon authorisation

    3. ‘No one can enter without authorisation, and that was given only to those responsible for maintenance

    4. They found the whole thing hilarious but I was, in fact, annoyed at having my brand new blue canvas boots dyed red without authorisation

    5. A few hours later, she had authorisation for a RAF Reaper to take off from RAF Waddington in Leicester

    6. The third member of our team has sent a letter of authorisation for us to draw funds from our account

    7. He looked at the letter of authorisation and frowned

    8. Coolidge forced a smile and said, “The signature on the letter of authorisation is not the same as the signature of the third signatory on the original account application

    9. authorisation on something that I think may be very big

    10. is included in the documentary without our authorisation, so

    11. Any attempt to move it without proper authorisation would cause the Tungan to initiate a chain reaction

    12. this office, (this office) has to obtain authorisation from the

    13. The Adelaide development account had looked good - except how could he get in and plant an extra payment authorisation? He had to be there to change the batch totals, too, so the computer would go ahead and process the payment

    14. He'd been able to lift a payment authorisation form in one office yesterday

    15. “Of course,” Friedman said, “I have full authorisation

    16. Varvara Petrovna took it all on herself, and paid all that was owing, taking over the land, of course, and only informed Stepan Trofimovitch that it was all settled and her butler, Alexey Yegorytch, was, by her authorisation, bringing him something to sign

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    authorisation authorization empowerment authority sanction dominance potency say-so mandate