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    1. The newly graduated class of '85, the second brass plate, was thus installed on the plaque with great pomp and ceremony at the conclusion of the awarding of diplomas

    2. Before the rehearsal was over, each Player was sure he or she was the first one to conceive of the new Village Theatrical Society Educational Fund, for the awarding of College scholarships to deserving and merited graduates of the Tahoe City School

    3. health, food labeling, restrictions on guns, barred the awarding of government contracts to businesses

    4. The papa insisted on awarding him the Golden Rose, which was usually only given to kings who had performed significant service to the Church

    5. Fichte was against the awarding of the rights of citizenship to Jews as long as the Jews manifested a strong resistance to the general love of mankind, and as long as they (so he held) believed in two sets of moral laws, one for Jews and another for non-Jews

    6. The awarding of the rank of Chief Yeoman to SPAR Elizabeth S

    7. , she created protest behavior that was merit-based by awarding more free credits to the dissenters who would attend “to protest

    8. The awarding of those farming properties to his family members and political cronies was coincidental to the destruction of the production of the food capabilities of the farmers displaced

    9. or agencies awarding money

    10. The privately held company lost the competitive bidding process by a substantial margin, but the MoD says other factors such as the ability to meet contract deadlines as well as quality workmanship were taken into consideration before awarding the contract

    11. The one who got a nasty Christmas gift on Monday, December 25, was in fact no less than the city’s Public Works Commissioner, who turned out to have favored relatives and friends of Durante when awarding juicy public works contracts

    12. As my first act as President, I will be awarding the Congressional Medal of Honor to Agent Johnston, and the Medal of Freedom to the heroes of the Alamo

    13. corporate boards, like professional and high-profile college sports teams are regularly awarding obscene contracts for the latest and greatest best hope CEO or coach, just to turn around and drop more money buying the contract out in a few years because reality didn’t live up to their dreams

    14. There are even jurors so dumb as to think that they’re evening scores with doctors and big companies by awarding huge rewards to plaintiffs

    15. principled, and insist on awarding the prize to the story about the same-sex couple, but at my age the

    16. In addition to criticising the Chinese by implication, awarding the

    17. awarding him the Peace Prize the Nobel Committee has helped him

    18. While awarding him six years in prison, he said that he deemed

    19. The RSM blew on his whistle, awarding the try to Ryan

    20. ' Janet alluded to Tim’s habit of awarding chocolate frogs to dive students who did well in their tests

    21. they could touch, awarding points according to where contact was made

    22. have lost a child, our court system compensates the beneficiaries of a decedent by awarding money

    23. Courts are awarding large amounts of money to the victims of past crimes and mistakes

    24. Discontent from within his own party over the awarding of lucrative defence

    25. the media and involving the services of a former vice President, as well as awarding his efforts

    26. When the awarding ended, the guys went back to the girls and handed them their awards

    27. Those were the important factors in awarding the new ranks

    28. Those were the important factors in awarding the new ranks

    29. Trumbull rose from his couch with a disposition to speak of an illness in which he had manifested the strength of his mind as well as constitution; and he was not backward in awarding credit to the medical man who had discerned the quality of patient he had to deal with

    30. “They say Aerion is in a rage at Lord Ashford for awarding his charger to Ser Humfrey,” he commented as he poured, “but I’ll wager it was his uncle who counseled it

    31. There is no difficulty about awarding sufficient compensation to the trustee and its counsel for their labors and accomplishment on behalf of the bondholders

    32. This was among the principal arguments the cities of New York and Los Angeles advanced against the use of the 1990 and 2000 census to determine the basis for awarding monies to cities

    33. He had been in a somber mood ever since the awarding of the prizes, for he had not seen Fermina Daza in a long time, and that night he had the impression that she had undergone a profound change: for the first time one could tell just by looking at her that she was a mother

    34. Finally, we continue to conduct tests using multiple versions of price momentum, giving the highest points to six-month price momentum but also awarding points to stocks with poor five-year momentum

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