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    1. With his helmet off and his head all bandaged up, the way he gestured over his console as he worked out the math made him look like some old-time parody of a mental patient

    2. When they returned to the temple, Song bandaged Sons’ new wounds,

    3. He bandaged his wounds, picked up his sword, and took

    4. They washed him off and bandaged his shoulder up and got him settled in the bed

    5. The Blue Dragons started keening, and she joined in as she bandaged him up

    6. ” He bandaged up the boys shoulder and stood and faced Lady Emily

    7. Mistress Sera’s arm was stitched up and bandaged

    8. Kassim had bandaged his wounded

    9. He delicately bandaged the devastated digit

    10. the bandaged hand of John Smith was grasping the doorjamb

    11. John wiped his swollen eyes with his bandaged hand, trying not to listen

    12. Roman grabbed the bandaged hand of Heather’s attacker at the same

    13. His tiny hands ran along his bandaged ribcage

    14. Gem brought her hand to her bandaged head, her own aching reminder of what comes from underestimating the man

    15. She worked as fast as she could and by the time the light had failed she had removed the pellets, stitched and glued the tattered flesh, given him a shot of broad-spectrum antibiotics and bandaged the wound

    16. people – a boy with a bandaged foot, supported by his two loyal

    17. Finally, he saw a boy with a bandaged foot, ably

    18. His father’s chest, neck and right arm were bandaged

    19. His broken left arm was bandaged up as well as they could manage, but as he was left-handed he still felt annoyingly disabled

    20. My head felt like it had been bandaged in cotton wool I looked down the trench and saw other lads who must have felt the same as me

    21. ” Looking at him I noticed that his chest was heavily bandaged and blood had seeped through the dressings and to me his wounds looked quite serious but then again I was no medic

    22. I could not sit up so I glanced over to my right and looked at the figure that was lying in the bed there with its head and eyes bandaged I concentrated on the figure because it somehow seemed familiar

    23. He noticed that both her wrists were bandaged and a tube extended from one arm to a plastic container attached to a stand at the head of the bed

    24. I asked him how badly he was wounded he said he had been hit in the leg and arm then I asked if he could walk if I bandaged his wounds He told me that he would give it a try

    25. I bandaged him as best I could with field dressings and gave him the last of the morphine tablets I had taken from the dead Lieutenant

    26. ” I moved over to them Lt Pearson was propped up against the craters side and I could see the field dressing that had been bandaged round his chest where he was wounded

    27. His face was a picture of pain as he clutched his bandaged hand to his chest

    28. "Got it in one," he retorted, holding up his bandaged hand for my inspection

    29. “Let’s get that foot bandaged,” he muttered, carrying her towards the stairs as though she weighed no more than a rag doll

    30. Looking over at Frank, she saw that he was still laying in the same position as she’d last seen him - shoulder and hand bandaged, a line snaking from his forearm to a drip stand

    31. His shoulder was bandaged and he gave them a big smile as they reached him

    32. I looked for help from our family doctor as he bandaged my bleeding face and repaired my torn hand

    33. One wrist was still bandaged, though the bandages were torn and shabby; her face was scratched and her clothes were blackened from heat and smoke

    34. Nyla bandaged Selma’s wrists with strips of cotton torn

    35. The doctor gave her a shot for pain, put some salve on the burns, and bandaged her back

    36. His right hand was tightly bandaged and in a sling

    37. His head was bandaged and his eyes were swollen

    38. The man with the slashed arm had it sanitized and sewn up, then bandaged and tied across his chest

    39. He performed a tracheotomy which gave a lot of relief—removed the arrow and bandaged him up

    40. A spirit with his ears bandaged and an X carved in his forehead, shook his head

    41. My burned hands were bandaged, and I was gripping a hairy baboon

    42. While this was going on, Sam quickly bandaged up Samantha's wounds with a piece of his shirt and ordered everyone to move out quickly and stay low to the ground

    43. The bandaged hands were clumsy, so Robert held the cup for Bart to drink and broke the chicken into small portions

    44. he returned, his arm was bandaged

    45. around with bandaged faces would really draw attention to us

    46. without bruising which is why she remains bandaged for so long

    47. Earlier, he had roughly bandaged it with bits of shirt

    48. The Scientist crawled, scraping his belly across the cold mud and grass, slowly approaching his prey, wincing every so often from the pain radiating from his bandaged thigh

    49. His head was heavily bandaged and his face was bruised and badly cut up

    50. had suffered several head lacerations and was bandaged up with what

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