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    1. The manor house was beautifully appointed, inside and out, sporting a novelty coat of arms above the door and a beautiful wisteria that twisted and flowered around the porch and around the front bay windows

    2. It was actually two rooms, the outer one a bit smaller, the inner one with a bay window behind him overlooking a scene of Bantu laborers toiling in the fields

    3. The seat was her main room cushion in the bay window at the garden end of the house

    4. He catches a glimpse of someone peering in through the bay window

    5. She didn't need to search the house; she went from their room to the bay window and looked out

    6. The curtains in the bay window are closed but the tell-tale haze of passive entertainment sparks through the cracks

    7. It was dark and only the dimmest of light was being expelled from the large bay window, to their left

    8. For Scott the cabin’s extension, with its solar panelled roof and sliding bay windows, was the next best thing to being outside

    9. Raven’s room was bright and colourful as the morning sun shone through the bay windows

    10. I stood and stared out of the big bay window at the same view of the Golden Gate Bridge that could be seen from the patio

    11. shades of dusk cast by the three bay windows lining the hallway

    12. the big bay window without feeling the vulnerability of someone in

    13. mentally added a bay window here

    14. High ceilings still bore traces of the hand painted reliefs of a century before, and two enormous floor-to-ceiling bay windows gave an aura of antique opulence

    15. In the Saxon, Nick had bought a pint of bitter and a cheese sandwich, and had settled at a table in a bay window of the bar area

    16. The bay window was open and there was a slight breeze

    17. She turned her face away and looked out the bay window to a place he didn’t think he could reach with her

    18. An old Victorian home built of ornate clay bricks, white bay windows, an elaborate porch and a front door complete with stained glass windows, it sat amid manicured lawns and tall, lofty elms

    19. �As you can see we got a good view of the street with these bay windows, that fella can't make a move without us knowing about it, as that is the only way in and out

    20. �The one that's set back a bit from the rest; with the faded red paint door and those big square bay windows, on the other side of the road

    21. They drove through the city, past houses with bay windows then

    22. The large detached house had many bay windows; they picked the one near the back of the property to avoid being seen

    23. Jags chiseled the edge of the bay window and forced it open without much noise

    24. Her shout immediately made the rest of the class rush to the bay windows

    25. Looking out through the bay windows of Farah’s office, Boran saw something that sent a rush of blood to his brain: advancing in four perfectly lined up columns towards the transport ship were thousands of combat robots, emerging from the hangar where they had been stored

    26. Moving about twenty meters down the main hallway, they ended up facing a series of large bay windows that gave a view of a mid-sized room containing six incubators

    27. The wide bay windows each side, suggested the principal rooms had views to the sides, as well as front or rear

    28. It was purely by chance that Max glimpsed movement in a mirror over the fireplace, facing the bay window

    29. paneled bar with bay windows looking out over the

    30. The rear room had full length and height bay windows, offering an incredible panorama of the ocean and bay

    31. a deep bay window

    32. In spite of what Teri had just said, all David could think about was her standing by the bay window for the entire neighborhood to see

    33. The brick fireplace was situated between two large bay windows, with padded window seats

    34. A huge bay window opened to the forest climbing the mountain behind the house

    35. I peeked out the front bay window before leaving, hoping the pack was there, but not expecting it

    36. Looking pensive, she strolled over to the bay window in our kitchen and stared out

    37. It had big bay windows and when it was cold

    38. He was in luck; Mrs Sullivan was cleaning the front bay windows, and greeted Mark as soon as he approached

    39. It's white walls, white bedspread, and white computer by the large bay window, with the only color source being the red apple by the white chair in the corner

    40. She glanced at her friend, and then over to Kyrin, who was sitting in the bay window in the castle’s library

    41. in…and a quick glance through an open bay window told me that I was somewhere in a

    42. Gary stood next to her, blocking out the bay window

    43. There were no marble-topped tables, long mirrors, or lace curtains in the little parlor, but simple furniture, plenty of books, a fine picture or two, a stand of flowers in the bay window, and, scattered all about, the pretty gifts which came from friendly hands and were the fairer for the loving messages they brought

    44. It was old, grimy, with a big bay window, and it was semi-detached; but it looked gloomy

    45. When I rounded the corner and rode up over the hill, my old friend was standing in her front yard overlooking the flower beds that flowed beneath the bay windows

    46. The first door on the left led into the front sitting-room, an apartment about nine feet square, with a bay window

    47. To have looked into this Bible would have reminded her of Mrs Starvem; that was one of the reasons why the book reposed, unopened and unread, a mere ornament on the table in the bay window

    48. Sometimes, when they were very hard up, they sold something; the Bible that used to lie on the little table in the bay window was one of the first things to be parted with

    49. At one side of the fireplace was a heavy curtain, which covered the bay window we had seen from outside

    50. The only light in the place came from a bay window, which was dark with soot and had drapes only half pulled back

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