Oraciones con la palabra "bitterly"

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Bitterly en una oración (en ingles)

1. It was a bitterly cold.
2. The air was bitterly cold.
3. He began to weep bitterly.
4. It was that they bitterly.
5. And again she cried bitterly.
6. It was a bitterly cold night.
7. The other man laughed bitterly.

8. It was windy and bitterly cold.
9. As usual,’ he added bitterly.
10. Owen laughed bitterly to himself.
11. Ethan smiled bitterly and said:.
12. Bitterly, he chewed upon the fact.
13. Damn the irony, he thought bitterly.
14. She turned away and cried bitterly.
15. A bitterly cold wind stung my skin.
16. And then he fell to weeping bitterly.
17. I wept bitterly and whole heartedly.
18. He sniggered bitterly despite himself.
19. He escaped, he replied bitterly.
20. From now on… He bitterly smiled.
21. Out of hand, he murmurs bitterly.
22. She was crying bitterly on my shoulder.
23. Take your pick, she said bitterly.
24. I looked bitterly down the small river.
25. For some reason, bitterly cold regions.
26. Evidently not, he replied bitterly.
27. But he thought bitterly about one thing.
28. He was not all right, she said, bitterly.
29. Unlike the Marxists, whom they bitterly.
30. It was bitterly cold in London and beyond.
31. February of 1855 started out bitterly cold.
32. I scaled tears bitterly while leaving you.
33. He confessed it to me, and cried bitterly.
34. He felt now bitterly the truth of the old.
35. Bitterly he watched the sea floor approach.
36. You son of a bitch, he said bitterly.
37. Casaubon remained proudly, bitterly silent.
38. Well, worse than that, he thought bitterly.
39. He doesn't care, said Grushenka bitterly.
40. It was a grey, leaden sky and bitterly cold.

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