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    1. But it is early days yet and who can tell what may or may not happen?’ she replied, as I feel myself blushing

    2. ’ She replied, blushing

    3. She was standing there staring at him; her face was beet-red, she’s blushing!

    4. Steve looked at Ashley, and she at him, blushing, there was no doubt about the love that passed between them

    5. ” She held out her hand and he shook it smiling back at her, “Welcome to Dragons Hill stranger,” she said sweetly, staring at the handsome stranger and blushing

    6. “You guys could have warned me! Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” She was still blushing, and James found it rather fetching

    7. ‘Just thinking,’ I said, blushing slightly, and explain the thought which I’d had

    8. Lucy tried to bury her head in the neck of her school blouse, her cheeks and ears blushing crimson as she thought about the body under the gravel and how she had killed her step-brother

    9. You’re blushing, Sally

    10. “Of course not,” she said, but had no med panel to keep herself from blushing

    11. ’ I replied, blushing slightly ‘His concentration might be a little off though

    12. cheeks and ears blushing crimson as she thought about the body

    13. Titania was ecstatic and clearly blushing

    14. Damn! I’m blushing! I’d started digging in my bag for my sandwiches half hoping that she would leave it there

    15. ‘Hi, Anna, how did it go last Sunday afternoon?’ She’s actually blushing! ‘Have you got time to come over for coffee?’ I go on, dying to hear what she says

    16. She’s blushing! And there’s a dreamy look about her

    17. There was no doubt in her mind that he was referring to her blushing

    18. Olorhleng looked around the room, blushing

    19. "Thankyou," Eve said, blushing

    20. “When will you convince Harry to ask for your hand?” She posed without prelude to Kaitlyn's spontaneously blushing cheeks

    21. Her face was red, but not because she was blushing

    22. He shrugged his shoulders, blushing beneath his gray trimmed beard

    23. naturedly, blushing with the avalanche of praise

    24. "You're blushing Rosecare, or maybe it’s the solarset reflection

    25. Jean, blushing at the attention he was receiving

    26. She was blushing and it just made her even prettier

    27. She's better than I ever was and---all things considered, I don't think it's immodest to say---that's saying an awful lot!” She then made a deep bow of respect to Jista, who just stood there blushing to her toes

    28. She felt a heat pushing up to her cheeks as she began blushing profusely

    29. Both of them quietly laughed in spite of themselves and as she felt herself blushing, the Breton decided to make her exit

    30. “Mmhm, so is that why you’re blushing a little?”

    31. Russell cleared his throat and had Aspen jumping and blushing before guilty shifting back

    32. “What’s going on between Charlie Moffat and Beth because when I was in the kitchen with her she started blushing and preening herself when I mentioned him

    33. “Sorry, but we need your ribbon back,” a blushing judge murmured, plucking at his white coat

    34. They did not ask exactly what had occurred between them though the girl was blushing bright red when she saw them approaching

    35. He isn’t blushing, but I saw him watching your behind while you practiced, was Tanriel’s response to her mind through the kigare

    36. Betty stood, blushing, red as the holly in her hand, before the

    37. Kay found herself blushing, and moved quickly to her horse to hide her emotions

    38. ‘I’d like that, yes,’ I giggled as I replied, blushing too

    39. He pulled out a little black box, blushing like a crimson rose, with a smile that covered his face and with his hands shaking he presented the box to me

    40. A blushing bride

    41. “And we will look out for you,” returned Anne, blushing, then moving on to continue serving the rest of the table

    42. She swallowed and took a deep breath, blushing furiously

    43. I started to, but then she turned away, blushing

    44. And always he would smile, wink, and she looked away, blushing and smiling

    45. Blushing, she looked at him

    46. Again, she had to explain, slightly blushing, and Jatir laughed again

    47. Blushing a bit, she headed upstairs with Hunter at her heels

    48. She decided not to reply as that might lead to further blushing

    49. Orphenn swallowed, and cleared his throat, blushing

    50. smiled, blushing slightly, and raised her gaze to the heavens

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    blushful blushing red-faced reddening colouring shame embarrassment