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    bring about

    1. We should all understand that the last days bring about scenarios that no one has ever had to overcome before

    2. Myra insisted that she needed to return to her people and bring about an end to this senseless war

    3. likely bring about a large complication

    4. To bring about submission

    5. responsible,” the most? How do you bring about a greater responsibility

    6. To bring about awe

    7. You bring about

    8. bring about more useful results

    9. With Bail's help they were able to bring about honor once again to Miner's Hold

    10. Together, the women combined their resources to bring about the annihilation of the demon LeCynic

    11. misfortunes, and was determined to bring about an

    12. can’t the Biobull do, brother! It can bring about a revolution and,

    13. But there’s still time in this life of mine to bring about some changes

    14. Although such a dream may bring about feelings of fear and anxiety, it is no cause for alarm as it is often considered a positive symbol

    15. expedient which will raise most money, is almost always preferred to that which is likely to bring about, in the speediest manner, the liberation of the public revenue

    16. “They are a weapon of the Dark One! A disease so terrible it could bring about the demise of an entire civilization

    17. It may bring about a new age of the vampire clans

    18. But this time the desire did not bring about a solution

    19. The subtle approach of influencing the course of history, to bring about an alteration of the inevitable, when the inevitable meant beyond hope of any repair

    20. promote it and bring about the sale

    21. Indeed, as an Elder once told him, sometimes initial failure can bring about the greater success

    22. Obviously, in politics, four years can seem an eternity and bring about many changes

    23. Undoubtedly, it was that crushing guilt, endured heroically, and the fact that his beloved homeland lay in ruin around him that combined to bring about Raul’s decision to leave Nicaragua forever

    24. situations in order to bring about positive changes

    25. It was clear to me that if there was going to be a change of policy, it would be the parents and not the child that would bring about the change

    26. But what about John? He couldn’t have had a clear understanding of the possibilities that future generations would bring about, but he was given a vision

    27. want, but that He wil set the desires in our hearts to bring about His

    28. my hand shall be with you, to bring about all Israel to you

    29. Instilling anger and hopelessness cannot bring about a positive change in a human heart

    30. The facts about ozone were clear enough to bring about a rational global remedy

    31. attempting to produce another Viet Nam in Iraq and bring about surrender, on President Bush’s time

    32. bring about, and they vowed their loyalty to him, to Denoras, and to the Enma,

    33. The real purpose of the project is to bring about a far

    34. You can't bring about any

    35. They themselves programmed that to bring about a spiritual learning event in their life

    36. Changing your thoughts in a positive direction (love) can bring about spectacular results in your life, affecting both your physical life and that of your spiritual enlightenment as well

    37. there’s lots of other ways to bring about an enjoyable—and satisfying—

    38. All volitional activity has the power to bring about results

    39. Every volition has the power to bring about future results

    40. Each intention can bear many fruits! Volition and intention, then, contain the power or force to bring about significant and lasting results

    41. We need to bring about good fruit or results

    42. When my father planted his vegetable garden in the spring, he enacted the specific causes that would bring about the specific effects

    43. In other words, if we pay attention to our experiences, we will observe how our present actions of mind, body, and speech bring about different and instant results

    44. In other words, we manifest, or bring about, circumstances through our thoughts, feelings, and actions – again, I suggest that this is the law of karma (cause and effect) in operation

    45. Even in this life, negative acts bring about suffering in the person's mind right away, while positive acts yield a state of happiness

    46. The one who would bring about the Obeah woman’s curse

    47. hormones act as chemical signals inside in the body to bring about

    48. which occur in their times; You bring about by Your word, and against the works of the inhabitants of the Earth you do quicken the

    49. The Nobel Prize was awarded to Swiss chemist Paul Muller in 1948 for pioneering work he did to help bring about these astonishing results

    50. 1 Then Adam and Eve were afraid, and stood still; And Adam said to Eve, "What is that fire by our cave? We do nothing in it to bring about this fire

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    induce cause make work procure effect occasion