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    1. Smiler rarely ventured down into the burrow world of rabbit Marwan, preferring to leave others more attuned to the rhythms of nature to tend the sick foreign heathen in the basement

    2. Within the halo of curls, Katrina could see the tips of her pointed ears and forced herself to keep her eyes on the child even as the girl's white orbs threatened to burrow into her soul

    3. shined it down the burrow

    4. They kept on running, dodging through the increasingly moonlit trees until they came upon a large burrow entrance

    5. Danny rose up onto his hind legs and put his paws upon the tree near to the burrow in which they had slept

    6. He was giving a lecture on antique books to a group of folk here, and they all swear he never left the burrow they had congregated in

    7. The Parfinn’s twelve-year-old son was emptying a waste bin behind the Bumbling Badger’s burrow and spun around

    8. Maybe it is time he finds a quiet little burrow and spends the remaining years of his life in a place where he can’t be a threat to others

    9. I’ve used similar technique before—for example, whenever we kidnapped children for our little enterprise, I’d dose Rufus and plant some article of a child’s clothing in his burrow

    10. Once the new Stoat gets built, she and Mungo will settle there while Porge and Dumpus shall move into her burrow across the fields

    11. "What's happening?" Broshee called as she emerged from the burrow

    12. Brock thrust his head out of the burrow

    13. Quietly entering the temporary burrow, Brock lent over Soffen's still form, a fullness tightening his chest

    14. The animal, scrabbling at the earth between the rocks, had dug into her hiding place, and all she'd been able to do, was push herself further into the shallow burrow, hoping that the animal would give up and go away

    15. "But that's from a burrow, indeed it is

    16. And it's a badger's burrow

    17. Searching around, Slikit found a small opening in the ground which was obviously an entrance to a temporary burrow

    18. Finally growing impatient, Slikit pushed his way into the tunnel and grumbled his way down into the interior of the burrow

    19. It had taken the old badger most of the moon to drag the unconscious boar back to the burrow, but somehow he'd managed it and now, patting the badger's flank, Slikit's eyes twinkled with his accomplishment

    20. Soffen indicated the badger that Slikit had so valiantly laboured to drag back to the burrow

    21. Taking them away from the main sett he ordered them to dig a temporary burrow in Low Meadow

    22. The burrow was damp and dismal just as Cherva knew it would be, discomfort would lend a sharpness to their training

    23. He had left the temporary burrow, determined to get the ears needed by the Healer

    24. On the long trek back to the burrow, Slikit thought about the two badgers waiting for him– one sick with the yellow fever, the other sick with a very different illness

    25. Gathering a selection of leaves from the plant, Soffen quickly located the fungus that she needed and headed back to the burrow

    26. Since leaving the temporary burrow Brock had begun talking to himself, answering questions nobody had asked, mumbling jerkily as though talking to another badger

    27. And as the sun tinged yet another sky, she dug a temporary burrow so they had somewhere to rest, after which they all crawled inside and immediately fell into an exhausted sleep

    28. Slikit was worried and dithered about the burrow entrance in agitation

    29. Slikit returned to the burrow in a dejected mood, knowing that he would have to tell Soffen about Brock's disappearance, but he delayed, frightened of what her reaction might be

    30. Getting stiffly to her feet she yawned again and shook herself, looking around the temporary burrow, her eyes widening in alarm when she saw that Brock was not there

    31. Soffen left the burrow at a trot, with Slikit right behind her, doing his best to keep up as she ran through the undergrowth

    32. As surely as the sun followed the moon, the voice would rise again from the peccant foulness where it had set up its burrow

    33. The very burrow that had been dug by Boddaert all those generations ago!

    34. But it wasn't to be and finally Brightness left the hillside for the last time, turning her back on her burrow with a heavy heart

    35. True the weather was turning cold but she was confident that she could reach Brockenhurst Forest before the chill winter winds descended and forced her to dig a burrow to wait out the snowy cycle

    36. As Soffen helped the suffering badgers, she managed to smuggle a few of the worst afflicted ones to her old burrow in Bluebell Clearing, where she could tend to their ills without the threat of their eviction and subsequent death

    37. It held its own and even advanced against the other Mysteries Cults for some time, but it must have eventually recognized the superiority of the “Jesus Message” and began to borrow, and then burrow its way into Christian belief

    38. They both disappear into the rabbit's burrow

    39. The rabbit and the wolf go into the burrow and again the rabbit returns by himself, after a few minutes and goes back to typing

    40. As they enter the burrow the rabbit introduces the bear to the lion

    41. It is fitting to point out that, besides being the most constant lei-motive in the book, the “berciano” soil constitutes the very rich and extraordinary burrow from where have sprung forth

    42. It feeds almost exclusively on grass and leaves its burrow between two lights

    43. It made him fly with the birds over the mountain top, and burrow deep into the hot earth with the bones of those who had died

    44. It will also help to run four times around the burrow of a fox for the muscles to become loose

    45. Order and burrow only to the extent that there is value in a particular level of granularity

    46. I had no goggles and again was wearing every piece of clothing I owned, keeping an eye out for a croft, a barn or a snow drift in which to burrow in case the scooter broke down

    47. Then the spider began to burrow into Sam's skin

    48. "Mum!" the rabbit cried and ran towards his burrow

    49. Krome stuck his long fingers out and the bunny that he had bitten jumped out of the burrow, it hopped towards him and grabbed the

    50. There was no movement of the little ones ripples and the rabbit splashed back into its burrow

    1. Upon seeing the eyes of the little beast, Topher whipped the door into a closed position, silencing the violent wind, though the child’s greedy finger, writhing like a serpent, burrowed its way into his thoughts

    2. Suddenly the burnt smell of the ship’s atmo burrowed up his nose and stung him behind his face

    3. She burrowed her head against his chest as his arms encircled her

    4. edged stone burrowed to the bone on his last

    5. As soon as the powder had burrowed

    6. on his door were already here, or Agent Johnson and the aliens had burrowed their

    7. Never once did she falter, even when their blades burrowed deep within her flesh and she felt the dark steel burning her insides

    8. It burrowed through my barriers, until it found my core and coiled around my essence

    9. Before the estimated nuclear strike, predictions for these complexes (this was only one of many hundreds being burrowed by automated drills throughout the world) ranged between twenty square kilometres to as much as fifty

    10. Finding a length of stout grass he quickly threaded it through the stone and hung it about his neck, where it burrowed itself deeply into his fur– as though it belonged there, as though it had always been there

    11. I had burrowed my hands into the still warm sand

    12. Busying himself with his recently applied bandages tied around his taught body by the nurse, who he would have normally tried to hit on, but now interestingly wasn’t an option, Levi burrowed his brows

    13. My eyebrows burrowed in interest as Ishvara fruitlessly attempted to regain his composure, looking down, covering his eyes with his hand the way mortals shield their retinas from the blazing sun

    14. As I slammed open the doors to the morgue, I went over to my friend who was engrossed in his notes on his latest patient with a burrowed look engraved deeply between his naturally shaped eyebrows

    15. My mind drifted back to last night as my eyes burrowed in confusion at what had transpired between us when I had tried to sire him

    16. If it had burrowed into my supply of lust, no doubt the results would have been far greater

    17. A foot drove into her hip, hurling her to one side where, spinning, she landed, with a muffled groan as her face burrowed into the sand

    18. But when he concentrated on the shape and warmth of the cane in his palm and burrowed deep within himself for his own essence, it was not entirely what he had expected

    19. spinning, she landed, with a muffled groan as her face burrowed into the sand

    20. “I sorry,” I whispered as her small fingers burrowed into my fur

    21. It burrowed itself into the ground and began to move under the sand like a snake

    22. The hole was still there, as if a worm had mistaken his face for an apple and burrowed an entrance inside

    23. When the sun rose they burrowed into the sand and waited for dusk to fall again

    24. It burrowed under some leaves and trembled

    25. She’d burrowed halfway under the

    26. A worm of fear had burrowed into his bowels

    27. Anything I managed to focus on quickly lost its shape and burrowed its way soundlessly back into the surrounding obscurity

    28. I burrowed into a snow bank near a rock ledge covered with pine trees and waited patiently for nightfall

    29. Usually there were two yard dogs and since Joe Billie was home Stump should be burrowed in the sand under the porch savoring the coolness

    30. They burrowed into her arms and cried mightily

    31. massive jaws burrowed in for her throat

    32. We burrowed our way under it and tried to catch our breath

    33. “What kind of house?” I asked, and no sooner had I said that than the other one started to slowly lift off the ground and with no apparent effort turn completely upside down, so that his feet were sticking up in the air and his arms hanging down, at which time his fingers started to grow downwards like long, thin shiny roots that burrowed into the earth until the roots were so many and so glittery and widespread it seemed as if they were branches and he were a tree growing downwards into the earth

    34. Norah burrowed in, wrapping her arms around him beneath his open coat

    35. ” She dropped herself into the seat and burrowed into the leather

    36. the 2nd robbery was more extensive where robbers burrowed through the

    37. Then he fixed you with his icy stare and burrowed deeply into your mind to see if you really meant them

    38. His head burrowed down, spreading her thighs

    39. The three babies burrowed deeper under the leaves and cuddled together as though searching for comfort, squeaking excitedly

    40. She tried to protect herself from him, but the pain burrowed too deep, and he touched her, the part she buried behind time and wards, to reach it

    41. The river had worn away the cliff over the years so that the tree now stood at the very edge with thick roots trailing down the bank to the sand where they again burrowed into the earth

    42. Then he decided that even though it wasn't all that warm he might go for a swim and burrowed into the mess in the boot to find his swimming-trunk

    43. His eyes, his nose, his ears, his mouth, below his torn fingernails and in the destroyed confines of his genitals and anus—anywhere and everywhere they could, they burrowed, securing places for the next generation

    44. Where are the class structures today? Where have they burrowed away under the subconscious mind and hidden themselves? People are constantly trying to invent new exclusive consumer class cultures, new cliques, and new exclusive new fads like sporting tattoos on your body

    45. I burrowed under the covers, still dressed in my clothes

    46. He burrowed into the

    47. ” She burrowed deeper into the covers

    48. It seemed that the chaos of the region, rather than being beaten back for his actions, had instead burrowed its way inside of his skull

    49. She burrowed deeper into her jacket for warmth

    50. ” He pressed his lips to the top of my head, and I burrowed farther into his side, wanting to lodge myself there so that we would never be separated again

    1. She stirs, burrowing deeper,

    2. Before long, the Red Wall was a city, its structures and dwellings growing more elaborate, larger, and climbing farther and burrowing deeper into the massive Gorian Mountains

    3. Dwarven artisans and builders could often be found in Lock Core, but the majority of their people remained in the mountains; the Rock Dwarves dwelling deep within, burrowing caverns, halls and mining the rich supply of precious ore, while the Boulder Dwarves lived upon the cliffs, constantly sculpting the mountain face into elaborate caves

    4. The giant heaved him into the air, his tentacles burrowing ever deeper

    5. The sides of the passage glistened, almost appearing to crawl with burrowing creatures

    6. Needless to say, the ants also were everywhere apparent, both the cannibal black, who takes a fiendish delight in burrowing his head into your flesh and feasting to his heart's content, and also his vegetarian but more destructive white brother, who chews up every article of clothing or equipment he can lay his jaws on

    7. The land offered little more than burrowing furry creatures and small sand lizards in the way of eating

    8. In a mad entomologist’s dream come true, virtually every tropical species of flying, burrowing or biting insect descended on her to enjoy a hearty lunch

    9. Mankind wanders through each individual’s life experience like a mole, with senses sufficient only to his limited burrowing existence, and only vaguely aware that there might be something above him, or beyond him

    10. fourteen-year-old grandson had kept his severely injured grandmother alive by burrowing

    11. He performed at home just as he did at the office, burrowing immediately into his business affairs and exploits, the atmosphere somewhat softened by a taste or two of excellent cognac

    12. The boy darts towards her, burrowing between the two of them

    13. A rich autumn night, heavy with the sound of the night ravens in the sky and small animals burrowing underneath the soil

    14. More burrowing missiles chase more idiots out of the ground as more hunters advance outward from the dome in an ever-growing circle, driving the idiots further on before deciding to accumulate them

    15. Chemical changes created trigger nerve impulses, controlled explosions of activity down protein rods and cones, burrowing rapidly into the brain

    16. Clarene clung to Sarah’s waist, burrowing her face into Sarah’s side, hoping that she could find the smallest inkling of peace in her sister’s arms

    17. He also saw one of those red worm thingies burrowing into the wall of the trunk

    18. The low, rumbling growl reverberating around razor sharp teeth dripping with saliva as the wolf pressed its weight down, burrowing all eight claws into the flesh of Forrest’s chest

    19. But this burrowing in against ideas that we perceive as threatening is

    20. Vinny felt a sudden thud burrowing into his chest as the

    21. she was all smiles, burrowing through the contents of the trunk as if she

    22. predators, their size and number, what they at ack and how they move (flying, burrowing,

    23. foundations are necessary if they are to prevent burrowing animals

    24. We have sent burrowing pod-bots to the core, to check for any heat emission that might later provide fertile ground for life

    25. fists and his nails were deeply burrowing into his flesh as he at last sighed deeply and hatefully said

    26. As they swam closer to the ocean floor, she was able to see other forms of marine life burrowing in the sand and rocks

    27. The white marble floors were no longer a clearing on a platform above woods with ants burrowing near her feet

    28. burrowing her belly into the hole in the sand with the dignity

    29. The most severe frost that ever nipped the hopes of a year is better to my thinking than having to listen to one malignant truth or lie, and I would rather have a mole busy burrowing tunnels under each of my rose trees and letting the air get at their roots than face a single greeting where no kindness is

    30. on top of the sand prevents burrowing inverts from toppling the rock structure

    31. Sand burrowing species could get

    32. Tank Region : Mostly buried in the sand, burrowing through the live sand scavenging for

    33. for new land would have them burrowing through your green hills

    34. edge of his ear and continue, burrowing silently through the waxy

    35. List all of the animals that could have escaped the heat by burrowing under it, all the animals that could have run over it with hooves and all animals that could have escaped by running through the tree branches


    37. dead man's intestines, the voice of their hand burrowing inside

    38. the antelope, and the burrowing wolf

    39. Drowsy pigs were burrowing in the earth with their snouts, calves were bleating, lambs baaing; the cows, on knees folded in, were stretching their bellies on the grass, slowly chewing the cud, and blinking their heavy eyelids at the gnats that buzzed round them

    40. He could hear, of course, all kinds of words changing colour like those crabs about Ringsend in the morning burrowing quickly into all colours of different sorts of the same sand where they had a home somewhere beneath or seemed to

    41. Blank-faced burrowing owls perched unblinking on fence posts, watching him pass

    42. It was often a matter for speculation between us - giving birth to many fantasies, for Bridey was a mystery; a creature from underground; a hard-snouted, burrowing, hibernating animal who shunned the light

    43. Picture a burrowing insect running from the light

    44. That is the way with us when we have any uneasy jealousy in our disposition: if our talents are chiefly of the burrowing kind, our honey-sipping cousin (whom we have grave reasons for objecting to) is likely to have a secret contempt for us, and any one who admires him passes an oblique criticism on ourselves

    45. Andie was burrowing into me, and I was wondering if the police had Go’s house under surveillance, if I should be listening for a knock at the door

    46. burrowing with his great arms rather than walking

    47. My father’s arms just sort of parted, and almost without resistance, I found myself burrowing into his shoulder

    48. 6 Chipmunk (Scuridae) A burrowing rodent of the US and Asia with black-striped yellowish fur

    49. “Of course he is a fool, Sire, else he would be turning soil in Wales or burrowing in the mines

    50. They spoke of those hours of burrowing

    1. It had been a few minutes now since Arkaneh had passed by the turn to Ravenwey Burrows, where their HQ was, in the abandoned factory

    2. Upon finishing, he went back into the van and drove away, this time heading for the abandoned factory in Ravenwey Burrows

    3. In total, the organization's manpower reached about 7 dozen in number, but only about 30 of the men worked from the Ravenwey Burrows outpost, while the rest were run from the Oakneil one

    4. Both lieutenants, Connor Griffiths and Talimay Singh, who was still absent in grieving over her lost brother, were in charge of the Ravenwey Burrows outpost and the Oakneil one respectively

    5. "Fallhalt and Waterchester fall into the jurisdiction of the Oakneil outpost, while the other ones fall into Ravenwey Burrows outpost's

    6. The skies were painted almost completely grey, casting a dark, depressing aura over the city of Ravenwey Burrows

    7. burrows out of their tobacco induced slumber, do as you wish

    8. The pair tracked down the physician’s house—indeed, few in Water-Down had comfy burrows like they did at home—and found a maid just stoking the morning’s fires

    9. Sergeant Burrows told me they had never received any orders from headquarters about my being extended to duties at Forbes Air Base

    10. ―High pockets‖ as the men in the squadron referred to Sergeant Burrows became a very good friend of mine

    11. One of those guys was one of Sergeant Burrows ―eight balls‖

    12. Alsop Burrows also planted a shot from the dynamite gun right below a bronze cannon just mounted by Melgar

    13. On first entering them he had been frightened by the strangely shaped burrows and chambers that he'd found

    14. The smell of blood was a sure warning to other meals, still on the hoof or crouching cautiously in their burrows

    15. The sharp pain of clamps and knives as the old motherfucker violated me with a metal phallus, too impotent to rape me, yet still the torture, the sting of knives that cut deep burrows into my back

    16. The screams were so loud that birds had to hide to keep their ears safe from going deaf, animals were trying to bury their head underneath leafs, to go in burrows and hide in the deepest corners of the waters

    17. In any case, you should count yourself proud that when the story you have just told me burrows into your store of lust, all it can produce are these tiny objects

    18. paws to dig burrows with

    19. You tip toe over to her bed, Wafer burrows beneath the mass of black blankets

    20. A labyrinth of burrows pockmarked the grass-covered soil

    21. Adults use their strong legs to dig burrows in which they hide or nest, usually in vegetated habitats

    22. were moving away from the centre of the capitol now and into one of the surrounding burrows

    23. Squirrels just aren’t meant to live in burrows

    24. forest, climbing over its banks to flood the burrows of small

    25. I’ve had a DS Burrows on the phone from the Met

    26. ‘DS Burrows, how can I help?’ said a deep masculine voice with just a hint of an accent

    27. Jane got the impression DS Burrows was of West Indian descent

    28. DS Burrows gave her all the information she required then as an after thought said, ‘Listen, would it be possible for you to bring it through tomorrow rather than courier it over? It’d be just as quick and cost about the same anyway, plus, if you put a file together you’d be able to give us a better briefing

    29. Jane busied herself writing up the notes that she had to prepare for the incident file, and for the briefing she needed to give to DS John Burrows when she met him in London

    30. She switched off the call and noticed DS Burrows looking at his watch

    31. She gestured towards DS Burrows that she had finished and he, and DC Tikasingh got into the car

    32. She gave DS Burrows Vicky’s business card and he in turn handed it to his DC in the driver’s seat

    33. ‘I don’t think so,’ said DS Burrows, ‘I had enough of that when I used to do it

    34. “I had Elton John in the back last week,”’ said DS Burrows in a heavy cockney accent

    35. ‘Jane, have you got the bulletproof vest?’ said DS Burrows

    36. DS Burrows lifted it up and looked at it

    37. As soon as he’d stopped DS Burrows turned to Jane and said, ‘Are you mucking us about Jane?’ She was astounded at his change in tone, and really taken aback

    38. DS Burrows put the vest on the floor of the car, turned round and reached into the back of the vehicle, grabbed his briefcase and pulled it over onto his lap

    39. ‘Then who should have sent this?’ asked DS Burrows

    40. ‘But you might not have sent it if we had looked at the photo and just told you it was bog standard issue, so there’d be no further interest in it,’ said DS Burrows

    41. These vests are unique and only issued to a small elite group in the Met,’ said DS Burrows

    42. Ignoring him, DC Burrows continued, ‘Twinn might have been in the VIP protection squad at some time in the past

    43. DS Burrows took out his mobile phone and rang one of his subordinates and instructed him to check the internal records for Dennis Twinn, and match any name that dropped out against the fingerprint and other information the West Wales police had sent through

    44. ‘By all means,’ said DS Burrows, and they soon were back on the road heading towards Vicky Brannan’s home

    45. DS Burrows knocked first then rang the front doorbell several times

    46. After a short wait without an answer DS Burrows thumped hard on the front door

    47. DS Burrows rejoined Jane at the front door

    48. ‘DS Burrows and DC Tetlow,’ said DS Burrows, both showing their warrant cards to the young woman, ‘We’re trying to locate Vicky Brannan

    49. We are correct in that this is where she lives, yes?’ DS Burrows thought it was better to confirm exactly who they were and who they were looking for to avoid any misunderstandings, even though it was obvious they were in the right place

    50. Then DS Burrows said, ‘If that’s at all possible

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