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Cabaret en una oración (en ingles)

1. Mickey found me at the PUSSICAT CABARET.
2. She is bringing tons of money to the cabaret.
3. He's having some trouble with the cabaret singers.
4. Cascarino hangs out at a cabaret club in Barnstaple.
5. Ed, you investigated the shootout at the PUSSYCAT CABARET.
6. A DJ played dance music in between cabaret performances on the stage.
7. There's a Billy Whitlow on the cabaret, goes by the stage name of Billy Nero.

8. The woman thanked him and gave him two chips marked with the logo of the cabaret.
9. As fast as they could the sordid crowd in the dance hall and cabaret was disappearing.
10. He was severely beaten by Carmine’s men when they took over the cabaret in the afternoon.
11. Eventually, I took a new identity and became one of her dancers and performers at her cabaret.
12. Being deprived of her Cabaret Card meant she couldn’t earn a living by staying in one location.
13. If there was music playing, it was buried beneath the revelry, and the damn cabaret still lay ahead.
14. Read the file on the cabaret case and discuss it with Bernard, then go have a good four hour nap after lunch.
15. Presently, I study photography at the UCLA while working part-time as a stripper at a cabaret in Santa Monica.
16. Our job, on top of checking on that PUSSICAT CABARET, will be to use the occasion to discreetly spy on this Vincenzo.
17. It is a request to check on the legality of the activities of a local strip club, the PUSSICAT CABARET, in Santa Monica.
18. However, that would probably also incriminate Frank DeSoto and the PUSSICAT CABARET, something Jennifer was loathe to see happen.
19. It was a long evening with a gala concert and a presentation followed by a four-course banquet during which there was a further cabaret.
20. From a curtained window that opened upon an interior court we could catch strains from the cabaret singers below in the main dining-room.
21. You and Bernard will however help us from time to time with the latter case, since investigating the cabaret should not take you too long.
22. Frank DeSoto was doing some bookkeeping work in his office when he heard some kind of commotion coming from the main entrance of his cabaret.
23. The PUSSICAT CABARET is widely acknowledged around Los Angeles to be a classy establishment, with some truly gifted entertainers working there.
24. They then fell silent, until Schiffer’s trained eyes noticed a big black Cadillac sedan slowing down as it approached the entrance of the cabaret.
25. The problem was that nobody would be stupid enough to hit on this cabaret without at least ensuring that Durante would not be able to react to this.
26. Patricia was choosing the outfits she would wear during this evening of stripping at the PUSSICAT CABARET when she heard the telephone in her bedroom ring.
27. She also normally didn’t perform at Frank’s cabaret on weekends, but he had asked her to show up as a favor, in order to please an important customer.
28. She was somewhat notorious for having sung I’m an Old Cowhand in a cabaret while wearing only a white cowboy hat, a white swimsuit, and high heels.
29. He then shot twice the man on his left in the chest with his FN GP35 9mm pistol, projecting him backward as the loud detonations resonated inside the cabaret.
30. It was a sort of cabaret to the main business of the halt, which Was the consumption of quite a lot of a bear which had incautiously come within bowshot of Hrun.
31. Together Mandy and I worked out a programme for a cabaret evening in the church hall where we presented songs of Edith Piaff and other French-style cabaret songs.
32. Not pushing her luck further and seeing that the man packed a pistol, Jennifer didn’t protest further and quickly walked towards the backstage lodges of the cabaret.
33. In the time of Mathurin Regnier, this cabaret was called the Pot-aux-Roses, and as the rebus was then in fashion, it had for its sign-board, a post (poteau) painted rose-color.
34. A long line of touring and town cars as well as taxicabs bore eloquent testimony not only to the popularity of this tea room and cabaret, but to the growth of afternoon dancing.
35. His three remaining men inside the cabaret, having run to the office on hearing the gunshots, arrived just in time to see the man at the main door shoot their boss in the belly.
36. That didn’t matter to me at the time, because I bought with the idea of making this into a rock disco, but because of some technical problems, I couldn’t get a cabaret license.
37. Since I eat mostly at the university or at restaurants near the cabaret, I didn’t need much in terms of a kitchen, so I make do with a toaster oven, a hot plate and a small refrigerator.
38. He decided to strike out on his own on the cabaret and social club circuit, most of the work concentrated in the still-industrialized areas of South Wales, Scotland, and the North of England.
39. On hearing a muffled answer, he opened the door partly and stuck his head inside, looking at Mickey Carmine, who was reviewing the accounting books of the cabaret with a downcast Frank DeSoto.
40. The keeper of the cabaret, in his joy, had changed his device and had caused to be placed in gilt letters beneath the bunch these words: "At the Bunch of Corinth Grapes" ("Au Raisin de Corinthe").
41. However, things then went sour afterwards for the Carmines, and fast! First, we have that bizarre shootout between Mickey Carmine and his own men at the PUSSYCAT CABARET, resulting in eight deaths.
42. Mickey was pumping two more bullets in him when the man guarding the main door of the cabaret, the same who had let Jennifer in, reacted in self-defense, convinced that his boss had just gone crazy.
43. Anne Bancroft, after a busy year acting in a series of TV programs, would make her feature film debut in this movie as Lyn Leslie, a cabaret singer in the hotel’s nightclub and the ex-girlfriend of Jed.
44. Happy with her new possessions, which would help her vary her performances at the PUSSYCAT CABARET, Patricia stepped out of the shop and onto the sidewalk running along the southern side of the West 1st Street.
45. Previous surveillance reports didn’t notice any suspicious activities around it, like unexplained deliveries and frequent goings in and out of the cabaret and none of the known employees have criminal records.
46. Gambino ended up staying in the cabaret for another hour, long enough to watch a second strip dance by Mélanie d’Amour, before apparently calling it a night and leaving with his girlfriend and his two bodyguards.
47. Returning to her wardrobe preparations, Patricia finished packing a suitcase with her selected outfits, then changed shape into that of Jennifer Woods before leaving her house and heading towards the PUSSICAT CABARET.
48. Patricia wearily put down her suitcase full of stripper’s outfits on the floor near the closet of her lobby: she really felt the fatigue from performing at the PUSSICAT CABARET tonight, thanks to her recent severe wounds.
49. Evidently the cabaret had little of interest to Miss Kendall, who, after a glance that took in the whole dining-room and disclosed none there in the gay crowd who, as far as we could see, had any relation to the case, seemed bored.
50. I then used my powers of shape shifting and took the place of Marie, managing her cabaret until officially retiring this year and disappearing, in order to come here and start a new life for a few more decades under a new identity.
51. Patricia was now in her second night of watching the two Lycanthropes, having been replaced during the day and evening by Harold McMasters, who had volunteered his time to relieve her so that she could go work at the PUSSICAT CABARET.
52. Marie, while continuing to manage her cabaret and entertaining German officers there, was also the head of a Resistance cell and passed on to the British secrets German officers unknowingly gave while sleeping with her girls…including with me.
53. Reinvigorated by the soul she had just eaten and with no survivors but herself left around the lobby of the cabaret, Jennifer quickly wiped her fingerprints off the two pistols she had handled before putting them back in the grips of their dead owners.
54. Having ‘entertained’ Nick Durante a few times already and having made him tell her through her spells much about his affairs, Jennifer could only see one group that could possibly dare try a takeover of a cabaret owned by Durante’s cousin: the Carmines.
55. A room on the ground floor, where the bar was situated, one on the first floor containing a billiard-table, a wooden spiral staircase piercing the ceiling, wine on the tables, smoke on the walls, candles in broad daylight,—this was the style of this cabaret.
56. Since the police could very possibly descend on the cabaret tonight and since Frank may still be alive and inside the establishment, any overt display of magical or supernatural powers was out of the question, as she didn’t want to attract undue attention on her.
57. She then kissed him again, passing a ‘Suggestion’ spell on him to firm up her requests to him, then ran to her lodge and grabbed her purse and suitcase there before concentrating and teleporting back to her house just as police sirens could be heard approaching the cabaret.

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