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    calm down

    1. "Mike, can you calm down please? What’s with all the language? What's the problem here?"

    2. The Aegean offering a breathtaking chance of an irresistible morning swim, laying calm down between an old brown tailor's shop with its bizarre array of postcards, newspapers and magazines, and a similarly modest one-story taverna - the perfect local

    3. It seems Pantelis fancied her like mad and would flirt with her quite openly, and then someone in their class said she was lesbian and there was quite a bit of bullying until he stepped in and got everyone to calm down

    4. After being put in the pit for a few days to calm down, things started to get better

    5. Once the calm down things should be fine

    6. I could not calm down

    7. ‘Come on, Jo, calm down

    8. The girls appeared to calm down and straighten up

    9. Staccato bursts; calm down, blood and guts, one of them is still there

    10. “That sounds pretty deviant to me!” She had to convince herself to calm down again

    11. It took a few minutes for the hall to calm down

    12. but then I calm down and try

    13. began to calm down

    14. But my second voice told the first to calm down

    15. He spoke to her soothingly as he mounted her and she seemed to calm down somewhat

    16. It may also signify your need to calm down after a highly charged emotional situation or state

    17. Carius put both hands on the shoulders of one man, urging him to calm down as well as slow down

    18. Calm down, Demilan, he said to himself

    19. “Bah, when will you ever learn to calm down, you old fool?! Even now, you’re in a cave, with no assurances of ever getting out either due to unwinnable battles or starvation, and you’re still yammering at me about the Guild! I never got the impression you were even that fond of the whole thing really

    20. “I know a lot of this doesn’t make sense, but you have to calm down and trust us

    21. “A leak?” he replied, trying hard to calm down

    22. They won’t bother attempting any further attacks until things calm down

    23. He wanted to calm down and think his way through all this, through Frank's deceptions, the deal he'd reneged on, his outrageous proposal and the physical

    24. I waited for her to calm down which took some time and then she went on saying

    25. Aoife had been too giddy to submit to bed and Maureen had to allow her to stay up a little longer to let her calm down

    26. ” I shrugged Bert and Frank off and walked away to be by myself and calm down a bit leaving a shell shocked George in my wake with his mouth wide open

    27. Rosemary was in a fury and wouldn't calm down

    28. “We will leave them for a bit and let things calm down a little time apart might be just what they need at the moment

    29. “What the hells the matter with you mate just calm down I nearly shot you before time?” Then he saw the letter in my hand and he shook his head saying

    30. The Russians were also not expecting knives and it was enough to give everyone time to take stock and calm down, after all no one had got hurt and the knife throwing shit really impressed the Russians

    31. flip-flops, and I tried using whatever part of my brain that was responsible to get it to calm down

    32. “In the meantime we’ll have a nice cup of tea and all calm down a bit shall we?”

    33. Trying to calm down, he licked his salt encrusted lips and took a deep breath

    34. One skinny constable had the great idea to put his torn shirt over its eyes and it seemed to calm down a bit

    35. The MC asked the spectators to calm down as the moment we had all been waiting for had arrived

    36. “Listen, Kate, you need to calm down

    37. her hands outside the covers and started to calm down

    38. Pleading with her to calm down only seemed to infuriate her more

    39. She needed to calm down and consider her every move

    40. Benny waited patiently for me to calm down

    41. Ferguson told the men to calm down and explain what had happened

    42. "Calm down," she thought, concentrating on the flint, tightly gripped within her hand

    43. She closed her eyes for a moment and stroked her forehead to calm down again

    44. Trevor forced himself to calm down and think clearly

    45. ‘If you calm down, Aidme could re-link with your mind, then perhaps he could better anticipate the information you need

    46. “Calm down lady, calm down

    47. She still wanted to talk with Elior, but at first she had to calm down otherwise, she would kill someone before she reached him

    48. God back in there, and in the encompassing darkness you take a nice long draught, and finally you begin to calm down, and before the night is over you open the refrigerator again and again making little pilgrimages up the stairs until they are all gone the ice cold Buds, and each pilgrimage feeling holier and holier, visiting the tabernacle again and again, until finally at six a

    49. She could not calm down, could not think

    50. I have to calm down

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