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    1. Nancy looked in and saw a man standing in front of a large cannon

    2. The cannon erupted a steady stream of fire that completely engulfed the man

    3. Nancy couldn’t see him through the flames, but when the cannon was turned off, the man was looking unharmed and vastly relieved

    4. corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the

    5. some cannon, not many, but beyond our torpedoes, junks have sensor arrays originally made for prospecting

    6. Jordo and his cannon couldn’t help them

    7. Audacity and Greenstone's cannon shells sparkled over the rough alien hull for almost a second before it vanished

    8. on the starboard side next to the cannon

    9. Now, she's determined to use them as cannon fodder

    10. The sharp retort of metalled boot heels struck out at the early morning stillness, announcing the arrival of Danton and his scowling, out of breath companion to every inmate as they bore down on the door at the end of the corridor like cannon balls, casting their grotesquely elongated shadows across the floor and up the walls

    11. “She’s good, she’s given us no reason to doubt her loyalty to the mission, but she’s something of a loose cannon

    12. “Water cannon, fire!” Fred shouted

    13. The cannon crews redoubled their efforts, straining against the

    14. center fielder launched the ball like he had a cannon for an arm

    15. He took aim, a firm hit sent the ball into one board then ricocheting off the other only to cannon off Clipear's and into the hole

    16. Firing a cannon in a storm is an old and honored tradition among seafaring men

    17. It is an urgent message to anyone within, well, cannon shot of the ship

    18. upon hearing the cannon shot

    19. If there had been a cannon on board we would have fired it

    20. “I regret to say I’ll need a cannon

    21. ” If a ship did sail near the island, I would need a cannon to call the crew’s attention to my

    22. and I would need a cannon for each side of the island

    23. Using rope I lowered the barrel of the first cannon onto the raft and then escorted it to shore where I wrestled it inland a bit

    24. For the second cannon I lowered both barrel and base

    25. Upon my return I decided to devote the remaining daylight to placing the other cannon up on an elevated ledge, and once this was accomplished, I called it a day

    26. I had never fired a cannon

    27. I had never had the need to fire a cannon

    28. I heard it again, and this time I was certain it had been the sound of a cannon being fired

    29. The cannon shots sounded as though they had come from the neighborhood where The Sea Serpent had been shipwrecked, and I headed in that direction

    30. Each location had a cannon and a storage crate that held a ram-rod, gunpowder, cloth wicks, matches, and a spyglass

    31. I started to load the cannon

    32. I still wanted to fire the cannon, but my sense of urgency had been tempered somewhat by this newfound appreciation for our lives on the island

    33. We had to test-fire the cannons and, for the cannon on look-out point number two, this was not a problem, but for the cannon on look-out point number one it caused us some concern as little Ashley had never heard a noise that loud before

    34. So we settled on the following course of action: I stood next to the loaded cannon holding a loaded pistol

    35. ” Then, following the same procedure, we tested the cannon

    36. I began to reload the cannon

    37. In the meantime, I had fired the cannon a second time and returned to waving the flag

    38. A musket is a more expensive machine than a javelin or a bow and arrows; a cannon or a mortar, than a balista or a catapulta

    39. The cannon and the mortar are not only much dearer, but much heavier machines than the balista or catapulta; and require a greater expense, not only to prepare them for the field, but to carry them to it

    40. He later said, “The smoke was so dense that it was only now and then we could see anything but the flash of the cannon

    41. The guns and cannon were put into place the next day

    42. seizes the officers and crew while the pirate’s cannon are trained upon them, steals whatever is valuable, applies the match and destroys the ship

    43. Author of thirty historical novels which, by acclimation, have been included in the American Cannon

    44. They did have an open cannon port to see the ocean and knew they were going straight out to sea

    45. It had something to do with making love and Army gunners who apparently had cannon and howitzers known collectively as guns

    46. So we radioed the local Riot Unit, who used their water cannon to disperse the fighters while we blocked the street and cheered them on

    47. Alsop Burrows also planted a shot from the dynamite gun right below a bronze cannon just mounted by Melgar

    48. The concept also introduced the K Cars or killer cars which simply refers to an Alouette 3 helicopter with a side mounted 20mm cannon which when firing always seemed to push the helicopter sideways

    49. The safety margin between the troops on the ground and the terrorist positions once marked by smoke (white was the best) was sometimes less than 100 feet or 30 meters with machine gun fire and slightly more for cannon and bombs

    50. 5inch World War Two era cannon they brought with them to assist Roberto were abandoned

    1. It was then that the second shark cannoned into the boat from behind him

    2. refuge, and cannoned ineffectually into the troll-cross’ legs

    3. Before they had covered ten yards, however, they cannoned into him as he fled back towards

    4. Smashing through the foyer doors, he barged past a businessman, cannoned into a gaggle of school boys, before launching himself down the wooden stairs to the platform, aware that his feet were not touching the steps

    5. Then, as he tried to pull himself to his feet, something big and heavy and square cannoned into him out of the dark and plunged off after the wizard

    6. Rincewind stopped in astonishment, so that another refugee cannoned into him and spun away with an oath

    7. It cannoned into the bowmen and Hrun followed it joyously, felling one man with a blow and snatching the weapon from another

    8. She held her arms out to protect herself, and he cannoned into her

    9. Before he could strike, the man cannoned into him, sending him flying

    1. The door shot open, cannoning off the wall of the interior with such force that it swung shut

    2. He was out of control, a leaf in a storm, a human billiard ball cannoning from collision to collision

    1. They shot cannons at it – to no effect

    2. It was at this point that the men fired one of our cannons

    3. being eager to venture out into a hurricane to help a ship in danger, but, that is the supposition, and so, we fired one of our cannons

    4. two cannons actually

    5. The ship’s cannons were small cannons

    6. as cannons go

    7. The time came, of course, when the cannons had to be test-fired

    8. There was a plentiful supply of gunpowder on board, but, other than testing the pistols and cannons, I hadn’t fired a shot in three years, so we brought only one small keg of powder ashore

    9. We had to test-fire the cannons and, for the cannon on look-out point number two, this was not a problem, but for the cannon on look-out point number one it caused us some concern as little Ashley had never heard a noise that loud before

    10. It was armed with four launchers of advanced, guided missiles and a battery of powerful plasma cannons, each a four-barrelled turret

    11. Activate all cannons

    12. cannons set the opening act of the Civil War and the entire world looked on in amazement

    13. “What about the laser cannons?”

    14. ) A second wave of violence included Know Nothings firing on a Catholic church using cannons

    15. was gliding, and he landed on the wide barrel of one of the cannons

    16. Any remaining cannons were dealt

    17. Then the other cannons were destroyed, obliterated, eliminated, and

    18. Our primary objectives are to learn how they are able to control fear as they do, and to steal one of their plasma cannons

    19. Immediately after firing those, they banked the ship hard and fired the ship’s forward high-energy particle cannons on a second ship, quickly destroying both craft, probably before they had even noticed our attack

    20. ‘I can even feel the bullets and cannons hitting the shield

    21. The bullets and cannons floating around the shields move closer into the shields then disappear

    22. ‘Where did the cannons disappear to? Why does it say Nano-Plasma Energy recycling on the screen?’

    23. The pilot panics and starts to fire his M61 Vulcan cannons from the wings

    24. The first few 20mm cannons hit the body of the UFO while the rest are deflected by the shield that just instantly formed

    25. Most of the cannons create a huge splash in the water

    26. The other F-15’s begin firing cannons and bullets at Jaden as he gets close to the SR-71

    27. Green glowing balls of energy fire like high-speed cannons towards the enemies

    28. They each fire their cannons and four torpedo weapons from the top and bottom of their molecules

    29. Clear energy shield cannons: energy is fired from the now blue molecule and the energy shield around the ship breaks up into small cannons

    30. Their professional creed ( the Cannons of Journalism ) would not allow it

    31. These standards would include informing the public, not molding them! It was journalists who gathered together in 1923, and wrote “the Cannons of Journalism

    32. It bears reminding, however, that none of its forty-two cannons discharged a single shot in battle

    33. Now that Roger is retired, he has decided to dedicate some of his time, every now and then, to write poems about topics that penetrate his heart, for poetry possesses that special capacity to communicate passion and sadness, beauty and love, joy and nostalgia… Perhaps these poems, all originally written in Spanish, do not deserve prizes in modern poetic contests, but they reflect in the author an eagerness to mix the old cannons of rhyme and rhythm with the metric flexibility of the modern free verse

    34. All around the ship, laser cannons were decorated in the form of gothic elves

    35. “No, Your Majesty, but it seems to want to enter! We already have several cannons aimed, ready to eliminate the ship

    36. the sounds of cannons firing that was coming from old Schultz’s

    37. What little we can make goes for the cannons

    38. The cannons displayed near the building’s entrance only go on to show what the building

    39. Confetti fired out of from cannons and fireworks fired above the

    40. It was too small to carry large cannons and so was not much of a threat

    41. To Peter and his friends, this was truly an adventure; as they looked around, the place featured cannons that swept millions of miles down, and there were people flying large birds with saddles on their backs

    42. Like a kid in the proverbial candy shop trying to pick which treat to purchase, you’re faced with a massive dilemma—which weapon to choose from? There’re plasma blasters, ion cannons, super-intensive heavy particle beams, antimatter warheads, magnetic disrupters, whole-population quantum spin-flip initiators, the old-fashioned nuclear-fission-driven laser bank, and a slingshot

    43. water cannons of course

    44. and pressurising the water cannons until they could do it blindfolded

    45. they all pointed their water cannons and fired simultaneously, totally

    46. okay! We will be carrying water cannons

    47. Cramped quarters caused the “wives” to sling hammocks between the cannons

    48. The cruiser managed to hit the deadly missile with one of its larger beam cannons at less than half a kilometre away

    49. Speaking of loose cannons, Lt

    50. Testing them to destruction they appear to enjoy themselves as they try to blow up the robots with phaser cannons and explosives

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