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    1. He was trained and certified at the respected Hypnosis Motivation Institute in Tarzana, CA, where he served on staff

    2. I became certified as a Neurolinguistic

    3. But I could not become a certified registered paralegal with the state of Florida

    4. I, the author of this e-book, offer no professional services to the general public or otherwise, and more specifically, no medical, psychological or any other type of services or counseling that are, by statute or otherwise, restricted to certified professionals

    5. One never walks in the College unless close to death and certified on light duty

    6. A cadet walking around better be already close to death and be certified on light duty or he will be soon after being spotted by the instructors loafing around and they had eyes like a hawk

    7. CFE or Certified Examiners are of limited use

    8. I hold no high opinion on the so called Certified Fraud Examiners qualification which every second Forensic Practitioner now holds and do not apologise for my views for I have encountered many practical problems in practise – the ultimate test of theories

    9. She hadn’t been told about a horse dying in transit; why not? And, considering the excellent they were required to be certified as being in, a natural death seemed highly unlikely

    10. He applied through the Costa Rican consulate for residency and, as it turned out, the timing was perfect: no sooner had a certified clean bill of health from the Vancouver police been submitted than his ship began to sink

    11. His bank said that they would accept the checks for deposit, but as they were not certified, refused to acknowledge them as payment of the sixty thousand needed to halt foreclosure and without payment in full, that action would be taken the following day

    12. “It looked like her face would fall off when you said, in that big business-like voice of yours: ‘We’ll take it; however, it is necessary that we conclude this transaction tomorrow, so please have your attorney call me with the exact total I will need, as we shall pay by certified check,’” and another giggling fit consumed her

    13. 22 And the thing was known to Mordecai, who told it to Esther the queen; and Esther certified the king of it in Mordecai's name

    14. and so he certified the King of them

    15. king's palace, and it was not meet for us to see the king's dishonour, therefore have we sent and certified the king; 15 That search may

    16. 6 Of that night were our fathers certified afore, that assuredly knowing to what oaths they had given credence, they might afterwards

    17. As of June 2012, 537 deaths have been certified as nuclear disaster-related by thirteen

    18. certified teachers who have thorough training

    19. Medicare and Medicaid certified outpatient

    20. their customers, certified by the Institute

    21. and HAZWOPER trained and certified to

    22. The mainline media have willingly certified information based on those deceptions, and the ordinary American has to a great extent been deceived

    23. After all, what is mental illness? Are not we, certified psychiatrists, the ones who define it? Yes, perhaps you are right

    24. certified copies to each member State of the Council of Europe, and to any State invited

    25. Since there is no certified test for aggression in Bulgaria, and the aggressive dogs

    26. The following weekend, certified letters came in canceling all of the contracts with a 60-day notice

    27. You have to be certified for it to drink more than one of them, by the new safety laws, but they have staff here who are qualified to certify you for it

    28. They are certified by The High Circle of Spell Casters of The Just Alliance as Eminent Artifacts of Power and Justice, and as such, an oath of justice sworn upon either of them will be sufficiently binding to merit being denoted by the Marking spell that serves as passport to The Just Alliance

    29. 20 And this is the copy of the letters that the Lacedemonians sent; The rulers of the Lacedemonians with the city to Simon the high priest and the elders and priests and residue of the people of the Jews our brothers send greeting: 21 The ambassadors that were sent to our people certified us of your glory and honour: what for we were glad of their coming 22 And did register the things that they spoke in the council of the people in this manner; Numenius son of Antiochus and Antipater son of Jason the Jews' ambassadors came to us to renew the friendship they had with us

    30. 26 you shall do well therefore to send to them and grant them peace that when they are certified of our mind they may be of good comfort and ever go cheerfully about their own affairs

    31. * Are you certified in your specialty (for doctors in the U

    32. Hypnotherapy should only be undertaken with a certified

    33. ports be inspected, placed in secure containers, and certified as safe before being shipped from foreign ports

    34. ASM3 Mogk, the first female swimmer in the Coast Guard, and the first woman certified from the Navy Rescue Swimmer School (Pensacola, Florida), was subsequently awarded the coveted Air Medal, and was honored in a Washington, D

    35. It is not intended to serve as tax advice, and students are encouraged, no matter their situation, to check with a certified public accountant to learn more about the tax implications for their situation

    36. Hypnotherapy should only be undertaken with a certified hypnotherapist

    37. certified lifeguard and water safety instructor… and although I was not technically

    38. After the currency reform, new watches began appearing in jeweller’s stores with certified dates of manufacture, food drifted off the coupon system and into stores, you could buy shoes with or without laces for nothing but money and Volkswagen was rumoured to be restarting production soon

    39. If you answered yes to these questions, just as the hundreds of individuals that I have coached, trained and advised as a certified Fitness Expert have, then this is going to be the most important report you have read in a long time

    40. manager of the shire an amount of fully certified

    41. World Wide Brands – Best place to connect with real wholesalers in the USA (eBay Certified)

    42. Film and television producers won't read anything not certified by an agent because producers are afraid of being accused of stealing ideas and material

    43. So what can you do to protect your business? According to the Association of Certified

    44. David Grisaffi majored in physical education and is a Certified High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist with the CHEK institute

    45. When she was first job hunting, there had been special city programs to help professionals in other fields get certified as teachers; the money was not good, but with Alice to support almost by herself, Jean needed a job right away and signed up

    46. She would happily study many subjects beyond science, things like languages, literature, history, art, but she had been doing that anyway, at her own rate, to the extent that she was certified to teach English and history as well as science, and had done so, but so what? Those jobs were scarce and in any case would be no better, unless she could work in a school where there was sufficient order to actually teach and where a good number of students were intending to go to college

    47. You will be informed of the times and dates for those by certified mail, and you will also at that time be told the penalties for missing those dates

    48. I said I would accept the position for biology but was also certified in, and willing to teach, earth science and ecology and also both English and history

    49. Many veterinarians have some experience with birds, but you should try to find one who is certified in avian practice by the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP)

    50. The requirements for ABVP certification and recertification are demanding, so there are only about one hundred veterinarians certified in avian practice

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