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    change course

    1. so he is going to change course

    2. He knew how little a ship like this could change course, a parking orbit in the Kuiper Belt was at least three billion miles from Sol and that was a significant change of course when they were only forty three billion miles away

    3. refused to change course

    4. Saldon had taken the tiller and Halon had instructed him to change course

    5. “These rules are out of balance, and EPA needs to change course

    6. and with others, combined with a readiness to change course in the light of new information, without being

    7. determine where their business is headed, to change course and/or speed and use al their

    8. ―These rules are out of balance, and EPA needs to change course

    9. • to change course when things aren't working,

    10. That probably forced the closest hssswwx to change course slightly but even so a long wooden spear passed about six inches from Frank's left ear

    11. He was there again, sitting at the helm, feeling a surge of energy as the XO ordered him to change course and go to Condition One

    12. Perhaps he’d change course

    13. Things change course unexpectedly and most progress is made behind the scenes in ―off the record‖ conferences

    14. Students at college level make important changes in their educational plans – perhaps they change courses or schools

    15. It did not change course to intercept either the destroyers or the pickets

    16. It rolled, spinning along its long axis, to present its missile tubes to the oncoming battleship, but did not change course

    17. Suddenly the Duke seemed to change course and sailed across

    18. Alex suddenly felt there was a real need to change course in the

    19. Ingrid had to change course to avoid the rain of debris coming down at her and went into yet another zoom climb, followed by the swearing enemy fighter pilots

    20. ‘’Should we change course and evade, sir?’’ Asked the captain of the KOLKATA, strapped in his chair near the one of Fu Lao Thai

    21. Did you try to change course yet?”

    22. motioned for Tam to change course

    23. So the faculty agreed to let him change courses and to join the specialist class in patisserie

    24. Change course, when it’s inevitable

    25. Phil was her mate for life, she had believed; and stale as their relationship was, she was like a plane in descent, which could not change course, and had to either land or crash

    26. OPTION 2) Change course -- Earlier, we used Search It! to find other “fashion-related” words like “factory outlet stores,” which was searched for 6,020 times and has only 1,820 competitors! Hey, that’s a far better DEMAND-SUPPLY

    27. Silas had to change course to avoid a pigeon intercepting him

    28. causes the boat to change course in mid-sea

    29. I decided to give it a try, so I broke into a full run and was glad that I could still track the scent and change course as often as needed

    30. Juliana said, “If we change course to the west at the point recommended by the captain our line of travel will be over the location of the Dove

    31. “We’ll have to change course

    32. It is usually accepted that you should change course to starboard and successfully pass port-to-port

    33. In this scenario, the power-driven vessel should change course to successfully pass behind the boating vessel

    34. Had he seen that vessel change course

    35. But there was no point pretending Trynair was going to change course now

    36. In Chase's case, it took more than a phone call to the CEO to get the bank to change course

    37. I can climb and dive and accelerate by varying the tilt of the rotor blades, and I can change course by adjusting the tail rotor, which turns the helicopter to the left and right

    38. The Captain heard it, had the boat change course, and at last they saw the enormous matron nursing the baby that she held in her arms

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