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Charnel en una oración (en ingles)

  1. O Father-Mother Lord of the Charnel Grounds come here.
  2. The charnel grounds and protection circle dissolve into the.
  3. He stood erect, defying the fury and blast and charnel stink of the Tyrannosaurus’s roar.
  4. Despite the heavy steel walls, the smell and the noise of the rotting extras gave the area a distinctly charnel atmosphere.
  5. We had little time to cover them properly with dirt although we tried but the stench still lingered and the whole peninsula smelled like a charnel house.

  6. The Viirin throughout the room shrank away, against a wall or into a corner, and Zar turned in his seat, pointing to the charnel pit and waving both hands inward.
  7. The bile rose in Grindel's throat as he glanced about the filthy charnel house, trying to ignore the heaps of bones and rotting carcasses laying in the dark corners.
  8. Right there’s another overhang further along so make for it and for fuck’s sake try to keep your asses under cover we’ve lost enough men in this fucking charnel house today.
  9. Others fled back into the dugouts from which they’d come, only to discover the horrific depth of their error when scout snipers tossed grenades in behind them and turned their protection into charnel houses.
  10. Who subdues the mamos of the charnel grounds,.
  11. From the charnel grounds of Marutse in the north-east,.
  12. Those cart loads of old charnel ashes, scales and splints of mouldy bones, Once living men--once resolute courage, aspiration, strength,.

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