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    1. The world seemed to swing from the blackest depths to the sunniest heights, and all I seemed capable of doing was grimly hanging on to the elastic chord between these two poles

    2. hand and ripped the creatures’ spinal chord from its’ brain

    3. by the trail tail of his twisted tie chord

    4. With every drum beat, with every up lift of note and every harmonised chord it felt as if her skin was being flayed from her bones

    5. Once in the bathroom he slams the door shut on purpose, locks it and pulls the chord that powers up the heated lamp unit and the extractor fan

    6. striking an intrusive chord in the holiday song

    7. Klegnif began a chord, starting as a drone

    8. Klegnif could play a northern pound in her sleep, but didn’t know this particular song, Desa told her what the patterns were, where to fill, Klegnif took the chord on patch

    9. The globes melted in flickering flames and a slowly pulsating chord of many octaves circled the room, building with the flickering of the torches the pylons had transformed into

    10. They argued about how it's re-written anyway with Wuffs wanting it based on a much more mysterious chord

    11. Well we had struck a chord now

    12. struck a chord, and it had to be my surname

    13. He motioned to the chief butler, who promptly pulled a black chord to signal the kitchen that their guests were ready

    14. After a moment's pause as they stopped in line, and then a quick nod to each other, the brass section wailed a long low mournful chord, gently augmented by the rhythm section and lifting it gradually as the front spots came on one by one illuminating each musician in turn, until the rich ring of brass reached its apex, brought it to a cutting halt so that in the split second of silence it seemed to hang in the room like a clarion

    15. ’ Her denial of ever being in love struck a chord of intrigue with Jean however

    16. ” That struck a chord with Adem, and suddenly he felt rage welling up inside himself as he asked, “Are you saying I will have no place in Heaven?” He emphasised the capital as Heaven was a place and therefore not a common noun

    17. I listened to every chord, every string that was stroked and every note that was sung as he captured me in his web of song

    18. It had a heavy base with an extension chord

    19. With that advice coming from a bloke with good connections in the horse racing industry, the words struck a chord with LP as a SHAW BET

    20. And it struck a chord immediately when I saw Adrinius’ ogre of a brother”

    21. Slowly the large oak trees against the cold dark night, and the whistling wind that would often lose its musical chord to howl a few times, and my uncle’s face, his laugh lines, his twinkling eyes and his contagious smile, all faded into the background unhurriedly, once again altering into my room, and Ishvara’s eyes and the voice of his sister

    22. The Tea Party idea struck a chord of inchoate, unconscious, deeply felt counter-rebellion

    23. tried to remember why it struck a chord

    24. He plucked the ends of the tines, all five at once, and the notes they made formed an eerie, shimmering chord

    25. ” He brushed his fingertips rapidly back and forth over the five tines like he was strumming a lute, and the chord rang out constantly

    26. He plucked an experimentive chord with all ten fingernails, giving a unique, harpsichord-like tone, and smiled at the beauty of the rich sound

    27. ” The sorrow that was held in the old man’s voice struck a chord deep in Amori

    28. There are also a couple of other definitions of Triad, one having to do with music, “a chord of notes,” and the other, a secret Chinese organization involved in illegal activities such as selling drugs

    29. grabbed hold of the largest chord dangling out of the bag and

    30. now the G chord sounded out of whack

    31. chord and began to sing and play again

    32. this chord (or the composite frequency) of the individual is constantly being

    33. Crist must have struck a chord because she published it verbatim with her article on the proposed two-year moratorium of the death penalty

    34. " The organ shakes the room with a full C-chord followed by an expanded B-Major chord, reminiscent of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” the opening theme of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey

    35. It has a chord, a battery case, a logo, ‘Dust Buster’

    36. A deep chord had been struck

    37. Mary had struck a chord

    38. Thoth strummed a minor chord

    39. I knew it and loved the final orgasmic crescendo, so, obeying the imperial command stripped behind a delicate Japanese screen, pulled at my fear-shrunken cock to return it to a semblance of normality, called to The Colonel to turn the music up loud, and leaped out; swirling, twisting, crouching, writhing… a relentless flood of movement that would have left Kath enraptured, climaxing with arms and legs outstretched in a rigid X as the last chord disappeared

    40. For example, there is a free program called Chord Geometries that plays

    41. Both can delivera good speech, as long as they focus on its key objectives and strike a chord with their audience

    42. A speech laden with humor and sarcasm always strikes a chord with the audience

    43. You may write a lot about poverty but a simple image of a poor child will strike a chord with the audience

    44. ‗But… I love you!‘ Anger rather than affection was the dominant chord in Margo‘s shout

    45. Short and to the point, the letter struck a chord of dread in Tristan’s heart

    46. There was something about Chris that struck a chord in her

    47. of the chord of the candidate an intricate interwoven web of sound,

    48. In every case the music is founded upon the special chord of

    49. rendering, is there a single mighty chord; the methods of a whole school of

    50. Something in the way Philip said his own name struck a chord that threw all his own name choices out of his head

    1. pathways and keep his vocal chords working

    2. In about a half an hour, he had taught me a few chords, some

    3. Smith wanted something, but had no means to express such things in any sense other than silence and darkness, and so Smith thought un-shapes out of the fraying circular chords of absolute tranquillity

    4. and wills the last chords of the song

    5. Mighty was the song from that volcano, a massive, thunderous drone, chords actually changing too fast for some ears to pick from the static, each cycle of the wave was a different note, in the chords chirping above

    6. There was a chorus using multi-part harmonies, the orchestra played chords and she was reminded of the folk music of Kassidor Yakhan

    7. In its own way: imagine a musical staff with chords and non-chords

    8. chords are your sisters (or brothers

    9. Chocolate would have been nicer but it is lousy for singing, as it clogs up the vocal chords and I need to hit some pretty demanding top notes

    10. Sometimes you could tell they were using such things as notes, chords and rhythms, sometimes they went on to other equations of sound

    11. Desa got out front and tried some mystery chords on this piece

    12. Lacking vocal chords and functioning eardrums, communication with Hollabrand flowed smoother when conducted telepathically

    13. It was perfect, and after he intro I began to sing as the chords

    14. strummed the chords when Pappi interrupted me

    15. Before struggling to her feet again, she began to hear the heartbreaking chords of the funeral bells once more

    16. jointed itself with purple muscle chords to a black carapace I could only vaguely make out, and

    17. Her tension pricked into his skin like millions of little needles and then, his nervousness became a taut wire and it encircled them both and switched them around as though they were clutched body to body so that not even a breath of air separated them, neither of them knew how to go about unravelling the chords of dissonance, and both desperately wanting to, and pull them back to harmony

    18. I found, after testing it out, that I could play simple chords

    19. thanks to his mandolin lessons, I can play a few chords on the

    20. It will be the sedative causing her to relax and her vocal chords to make sounds

    21. The bowmen were stretching the chords of their bows, testing their tension limits and filling their quivers with arrows

    22. Trevor screamed and swore until he thought his vocal chords were torn to shreds

    23. with sunlight that buries the dew in chords of

    24. “They let you break with all of those chords and needles in you and stuff?” I asked naively

    25. Annie gave me a searching look (“Ready?”), played the introductory chords

    26. She played those three chords again, keeping me impaled on that look, and I sang the phrase as it was supposed to be

    27. Its plangent chords echoed my heart's beating, crying

    28. The massive chords of sympathy and support being struck by the Tea Party protests reawaken awe and respect for the miracle of the late eighteenth century: the unique revolution won after bullets and battlefields had faded away that is the American Constitution

    29. He chose a song, then plucked a descending series of chords, humming along as he did so, transposing until the lowest note in the song was the same as the lowest note of his voice

    30. He tapped his foot four times to set the tempo in his mind, and played the introduction to a light-hearted folk song, playing the chords with his left hand and picking the melody with his right

    31. His efforts were greeted by the quarter-tone chords

    32. When he struck the opening chords of Moonlight Sonata for the third time in response to Colonel Friedlander's request for Roll Out the Barrel, it became obvious the one-song pianist was shitfaced

    33. began playing the accompanying chords

    34. “But, he must not use his vocal chords

    35. Examination showed the vocal chords were mending, but it would be a few

    36. Our speech can be seen as containing all three, air is the transmission medium, air pressure through the lips is the carrier wave, and varying vibrations from the vocal chords gives the modulation

    37. The music chords greeted us from the Lounge while we were lowering the wide stairs

    38. The piano was in tune, but the soprano needed her vocal chords adjusted

    39. A guitar sings through the stereo, nimble fingers work over the chords, the rhythm joined by drums and bass building to the rip of electric

    40. The fading remnants of the previous song drifted from hearing, leaving a very slight hiss which suddenly disappeared as the first chords of the next song blasted from the speakers

    41. On the way he tried to tell her about Malcolm, but his vocal chords had gone on strike

    42. He showed him how to play a couple of chords by placing his fingers in the right position

    43. He consoled himself by playing chords on his guitar that he had

    44. But sometimes like them all he would play some chords on it and loved the loud volume and sweetness of sound it produced

    45. He listened to every word over and over again and began to learn the chords to the songs

    46. “What about diamonds?” Jan with an excessively inquisitive tone, as if the fear escaped thorough is vocal chords

    47. wide gape and he started to scream with such an indescribable horror that no human vocal chords could

    48. bars into the song and she’d stop to figure out the chords and start

    49. the next day and wrote a tune, with chords and

    50. The rhythmic pulse of the chords was accented with flourishes of short, distorted lead lines

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