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Clearance en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Also in the clearance bin.
  2. I have level seven clearance.
  3. Got that clearance? he asked.
  4. He has government security clearance.
  5. Else where than the street, clearance.

  6. You do not have the clearance at this level.
  7. I heard the initial request for clearance.
  8. We were given clearance for a rescue mission.
  9. Only Jensen could give that kind of clearance.
  10. Next week: House clearance with hand grenades.
  11. What was that about a security clearance?
  12. Coming all united with me in stream of clearance.
  13. Clearance above ground of the lowest conductor.
  14. It’s above my clearance level, I’m afraid.
  15. The aggregate clearance rate was about 30 percent.

  16. You do not have the clearance for this communique.
  17. The Devil already had clearance to be out on the.
  18. After getting clearance, the security guard allowed.
  19. With more clearance this time around he’s able to.
  20. He told me about the mine clearance efforts and his.
  21. Andrew: He doesn’t have clearance, but he could get it.
  22. Seek medical clearance for patients with recent injuries.
  23. It took but a short while for the guards to check clearance.
  24. Sure, she had a good security clearance, but so did Barbara.
  25. Until we get clearance, we might as well check around here.

  26. Africans in mine clearance, a charity I’ve got involved with.
  27. I expect a letter of clearance to be sent to me within 10 days.
  28. Saul had just called in for clearance to initiate the exercise.
  29. After the way you helped me by giving me clearance for the OR.
  30. Once we were given clearance from the tower, he hit the after-.
  31. Don’t you need security clearance for that sort of thing?’.
  32. It is important to select a kit that has clearance from the FDA.
  33. There’s a weeklong security clearance course you have to pass.
  34. Starbase personal with a level twelve clearance, with exceptions.
  35. She had already discovered that higher clearance was definitely.
  36. But she doesn’t have clearance to enter the building on Sundays.
  37. If they had no clearance from his government, it would be illegal.
  38. He called the tower in Russian and asked for clearance to take off.
  39. Michael held his breath as the Official signed his clearance papers.
  40. I'd love to invite you along but there's a security clearance thing.
  41. You have full clearance to fly above Mach 1 to take out the bogey.
  42. Look, he does have diplomatic clearance -- he did file travel plans.
  43. They require less draft, but more clearance abeam in narrow passages.
  44. Having put him on the payroll and updated his security clearance, Sir.
  45. So you just started checking clearance levels to keep yourself sane.
  46. He has a very high security clearance, doesn’t he? asked the PM.
  47. I think, with this clearance, it’s a chemical weapon, I’m guessing.
  48. He had no idea what clearance she had and said, "What investigation?".
  49. She must have enough clearance to unlock something Wilkes has locked.
  50. Undine accessed the computer using her security clearance and posted an.
  51. Where you aim the coolant matters, whether for chip clearance, cooling, or.
  52. Hammond presented his top-secret clearance and requested the file on Alexia.
  53. It is a very warm winter coat and I bought it on clearance one spring for $65.
  54. An hour later, on his final approach, he requested clearance, got it and took.
  55. There shall be sufficient clearance between the shell of the hard hat and the.
  56. Anyone working in these areas is required to have clearance from Ground Control.
  57. Know, Lahzhl, had I my bow, one shot would gain us a hundred fathoms clearance.
  58. You will have sufficient clearance in ten minutes at your current course and speed.
  59. Accommodations and security clearance at Hangar B had been quickly arranged for their.
  60. Yes, I hear it is programmed that way, and only someone with clearance can adjust it.
  61. After all they had been through; they would be unable to pass the security clearance!.
  62. Standing to attention there was perhaps fifteen centimetres of clearance above my head.
  63. There is silence until the pilot starts to talk into the radio for clearance to take off.
  64. It carried its clearance in the shape of a certificate from the British Board of Trade.
  65. She had assumed since coming into the City, her clearance had dropped to civilian status.
  66. I pressed the button to the let the door up and bolted outside as soon as I had clearance.
  67. He knows as long as you are on the outside you have the clearance level to access anything.
  68. The investor needs SEC clearance and has to defend against lawsuits by incumbents in control.
  69. Yes, so long as it’s made clear that you are not to engage in combat without my clearance.
  70. Minutes later, the pilot announced they had take-off clearance and that flight time to Ottawa.
  71. To get access to this file you would need a very high clearance at the Most Secret level.
  72. Before he could expend, a Spooky pilot had to have clearance from 7th Air Force, the regional U.
  73. Maybe because I don't have my (National Bureau of investigation) clearance from the Philippines.
  74. The other two floors house our accounting, locations, clearance, set-design, and art departments.
  75. Bridget had placed another advertisement in the local newspaper under the title of house clearance.
  76. Wars are scheduled on a seasonal basis, with the clockwork precision of a clearance or white sale.
  77. But, miss, I must first get clearance about that from our foundation’s board in the United States.
  78. If any other personnel tried to pass and were refused, they would just know they didn't have clearance.
  79. A Security officer at the entrance checked his name and acknowledged his ID and clearance from Security.
  80. He has the clearance because he needs to continually verify the state of the Commander's entry colonnade.
  81. Greg verified that everyone was in their flight seats and requested clearance from the traffic controller.
  82. It had been their lack of judgement, their failure to complete a thorough and detailed security clearance.
  83. In for seeing eye dogs only, I mentioned a sign in Corfu, New York which talked about virtual clearance.
  84. He knew of only three women on the crew with the clearance to bring back that screen and Ava was one of them.
  85. Ava looked at him closely when she answered, You be sure you remember you don’t have clearance to hear this.
  86. A sleepy voice came back over the headset and gave clearance, taxiing instructions and wind direction and 201.
  87. Don has obtained a certain-level clearance with his stock broker to obtain favorable margin requirements.
  88. He was just about to call the control tower for clearance to start up, when several things happened all at once.
  89. These were required to be conducted every five years by regulation to maintain his Top Secret security clearance.
  90. This proved to be a problem, as getting the clearance from police custody involved endless paper-work and red tape.
  91. The door wouldn't open without proper security clearance, but neither would any other door in the military sections.
  92. I almost did not get this third option, first because of the delay in my getting the required secret security clearance.
  93. Which is why we have background checks and security clearance procedures and periodic testing, polygraphs, and follow-up.
  94. The whole lot would fit into a large skip - but generally it's just tossed onto a bonfire by 'house clearance specialists.
  95. The battle group dropped out of hyperspace at the designated intercept location and requested clearance to enter the system.
  96. He stopped to get clearance to enter, but I led everyone right through the security screens without triggering a single alarm.
  97. Finally the Tower hands the airplane over to Clearance Delivery that gives route clearances to aircraft before they take off.
  98. LIBERTY HEIGHTS URBAN RENEWAL, PHASE TWO, said the legend at the top, renewal being the current term of art for slum clearance.
  99. Why was the Air Force given clearance to break the sound barrier over residential land? That is illegal over residential land.
  100. As Kwajalein had military significance, Anne who was not an American citizen yet, was not given clearance to fly into Kwajalein.

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