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Cliff en una oración (en ingles)

I fly over the cliff.
They were up on a cliff.
The edge of the cliff.
On the edge of the cliff.
You have a point, Cliff.
And jumped off the cliff.
He usually goes by Cliff.

Cliff turned back to Ariel.
Did you guys find Cliff?
The cliff was coming close.
This cliff shaded the area.
I’m not dying on this cliff.
Suddenly the cliff fell away.
No greenery grew on this cliff.
Cliff isn't really our cousin.
On the sea cliff faces, there.
Yes, and we need to find Cliff.
His voice echoed from the cliff.
She posed the question to Cliff.
Alexandra's fall from the cliff.
That’s because it is a cliff.
Aaron pulled the LC off the cliff.
I said, Cliff and I had a fight.
I raced to the cliff summit over.
Cliff had occasionally held his.
Cliff had brought them all water.
Beneath the shadow of the cliff.
Ryota sat on a ledge of the cliff.
I had switched places with Cliff.
She was heading fast off a cliff.
In an instant he was at the cliff.
He shot over the top of the cliff.
Cliff rolled onto the dock suddenly.
Cliff: The steep face of a mountain.
Later on the cliff dwellings were.
Take down the Moretti's with Cliff.
It was a young Cliff and his father.
Had he pushed her over the cliff?
I had to continue to focus on Cliff.
Cliff was back? What was going on?

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