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Cliff en una oración (en ingles)

  1. I fly over the cliff.
  2. They were up on a cliff.
  3. The edge of the cliff.
  4. You have a point, Cliff.
  5. He usually goes by Cliff.

  6. And jumped off the cliff.
  7. On the edge of the cliff.
  8. Cliff turned back to Ariel.
  9. Did you guys find Cliff?
  10. The cliff was coming close.
  11. This cliff shaded the area.
  12. Suddenly the cliff fell away.
  13. I’m not dying on this cliff.
  14. Yes, and we need to find Cliff.
  15. Cliff isn't really our cousin.

  16. On the sea cliff faces, there.
  17. No greenery grew on this cliff.
  18. His voice echoed from the cliff.
  19. She posed the question to Cliff.
  20. Alexandra's fall from the cliff.
  21. Cliff had brought them all water.
  22. That’s because it is a cliff.
  23. Cliff had occasionally held his.
  24. I had switched places with Cliff.
  25. She was heading fast off a cliff.

  26. I said, Cliff and I had a fight.
  27. Ryota sat on a ledge of the cliff.
  28. Beneath the shadow of the cliff.
  29. I raced to the cliff summit over.
  30. Aaron pulled the LC off the cliff.
  31. He shot over the top of the cliff.
  32. In an instant he was at the cliff.
  33. Had he pushed her over the cliff?
  34. Cliff rolled onto the dock suddenly.
  35. Later on the cliff dwellings were.
  36. Cliff: The steep face of a mountain.
  37. I had to continue to focus on Cliff.
  38. Take down the Moretti's with Cliff.
  39. It was a young Cliff and his father.
  40. The cliff was facing the rising sun.
  41. The bottom of the cliff welcomed me.
  42. No, we haven't heard from Cliff yet.
  43. Cliff was back? What was going on?
  44. Over the Cliff, Thomas answered.
  45. At the foot of the cliff lay a wide.
  46. Below the cliff was non-stop giggling.
  47. I can't wait to hear all about Cliff.
  48. At the restaurant, I sat across Cliff.
  49. Sierra stood near the edge of a cliff.
  50. Fortunately, the cliff had a slight.
  51. He comes from the cliff of the enemy.
  52. Hanging on the Edge of a Cliff, Again.
  53. When the Veiled Face on the high cliff.
  54. Eddie's father pushed him off the cliff.
  55. Bev crawled up onto the top of the cliff.
  56. Gollum led the way close under the cliff.
  57. But why are you doing this, Cliff? Why.
  58. Whether to walk on the brink of a cliff.
  59. Rosetti stepped right off the high cliff.
  60. A gentleman named Cliff that i had met.
  61. Hopefully, Cliff won't be mad at me then.
  62. Cliff has been captured by the Moretti's.
  64. I wasn't that bad, Cliff said, laughing.
  65. Ashi looked out over the edge of the cliff.
  66. Cliff looked at me with deep vulnerability.
  67. You teed her up for a dive off this cliff.
  68. There was a point where the cliff sloped.
  69. Fortunately the path winding up the cliff.
  70. Find a spot near the cliff to put the gear.
  71. Above the cliff, the birds were swooping in.
  72. Thank you, the Coralute said to Cliff.
  73. Closing her eyes, she stepped off the cliff.
  74. I’ve found a button in the cliff wall.
  75. Cliff loves you with a love like no other.
  76. High in the cliff was a tremor, a shivering.
  77. They stand up on a big ledge, on a cliff.
  78. Maybe she should fling herself off a cliff.
  79. They returned to the cliff top seconds later.
  80. Cliff led the way with an occasional mutter.
  81. And, thinking thus, he stepped off the cliff.
  82. How's Cliff? Did he love dancing with me?
  83. Cliff wagged his tail to get the ball rolling.
  84. Don’t join the rush of lemmings to a cliff.
  85. Cliff smiled at me with a twinkle in his eyes.
  86. As some tall cliff that lifts its awful form.
  87. Claire ended up on that cliff because of her.
  88. An old woman shrieked from the cliff above him.
  89. I was glad that Steve and Cliff weren't there.
  90. There is no golden afternoon next to the cliff.
  91. The cliff goes on for miles in each direction.
  93. Cliff started choking and grabbing at his neck.
  94. The cliff rose above them and fell away below.
  95. She led them to the base of the massive cliff.
  96. He peered through the trees at the cliff again.
  97. She had fallen, too late, from the high cliff!.
  98. Cliff shook his head, his eyes puffy and scared.
  99. He was thanking GOD, this course had no cliff!.
  100. Then a sky-high cliff slammed into us broadside.

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