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Clout en una oración (en ingles)

  1. Dunk gave Egg a clout in the ear.
  2. That was half a clout at best.
  3. Now loudly shout with all your clout.
  4. Do you want a clout in the ear?
  5. He has a lot of clout with the bureau.
  6. The Red Widow gave you a whole clout.
  7. Besides, I have some clout with the CEO.
  8. I owe you a clout in the ear for that.
  9. Open the door or I’ll clout you one.
  10. With bisson rheum; a clout upon that head.
  11. If I ever give you a whole clout, you’ll know it.
  12. Elsewise I’d clout you in the ear more than I do.
  13. Although late to the party, Stallman still had clout.
  14. Yeah, I see where that clout has gotten you so far.
  15. He had tight buns and a nice bulge in the clout also.
  16. Egg told you? I owe him another clout in the ear.
  17. Do you want a clout in the ear? There are no dragons.
  18. Maybe it’s time I gave you a good clout in the ear.
  19. Well, said Egg, I’d sooner have a clout than a wife.
  20. Schwarz, a wealthy New York Jew of great local political clout.
  21. Tax shelter (TS) for companies and all participants with clout.
  22. She can abandon it any time she wishes like taking off a clout.
  23. Klowa wore only a clout and a small armpocket on the left side.
  24. With clout like that, why couldn’t she help her daughter now?
  25. With a violent back-handed clout Stephanie was knocked to the floor.
  26. Dunk looked at Egg and silently mouthed the words clout in the ear.
  27. No, he had a clout and shoulder pockets with quite a bit of trappings.
  28. You told me I’d get a clout in the ear the next time I mentioned it.
  29. Having this clout was starting to get into my head, and I began to brag about it.
  30. Who knew? Maybe some of that old clout could be used again to ensure that David.
  31. He certainly had the money and the clout, even before he was promoted to speaker.
  32. Do you need a clout in the ear to help you hear better? He unlaced his breeches.
  33. His connections with the GalMauro Crime Family gave them entre everywhere and clout.
  34. Deferred tax payments would allow the young investors to use their big cash clout to.
  35. I’ll give you such a clout in the ear you’ll be hearing bells for a moon’s turn.
  36. He wears a clean clout and braids his waist-length hair around his head when he cooks.
  37. That clout, said the third boy, squeezing whiskey out of his hair, was lucky.
  38. At this Little-faith looked as white as a clout, and had neither power to fight nor fly.
  39. In fact the additional clout he provided them with is what typically led to their ruin.
  40. Then again, he was able to do that, because by 1995 and 1996, he was rapidly acquiring clout.
  41. This will have to wait, he said, assuming I didn’t have the clout that Shamansky carried.
  42. The wine had so mellowed Rob that he refrained from giving the lout the clout that he deserved.
  43. A new class of privilege and clout was emerging mainly from the ranks of the army and the police.
  44. Desa was already coming down the stairs with the bag and a clout and shirt that she tossed to Alan.
  45. Obviously, he still had some clout there if he had been able to find out about my past with Metro.
  46. Naturally, Carl Icahn has ticked off a lot of corporate dynamos, enemies with big clout in the media.
  47. For example, to a company, SOTT may mean diversified income, freedom from regulation, and political clout.
  48. You will of course be acting as well as my special advisor, something that should give you quite a lot of clout.
  49. The recent passage of NAFTA is a certain indication that labor unions are gradually losing their political clout.
  50. She has proved that the clout of the rich owes itself to the coveting of the poor, he said, caressing her head.
  51. The first he realised that the discarded butt had struck someone was the heavy-handed clout to the side of his head.
  52. Which also proved that he had his finger on the pulse of this town and probably had some clout when he wanted to use it.
  53. Social issues: It is probably necessary to make a deal with the incumbent management and other control groups with clout.
  54. If the emperor truly meant something to him, perhaps he could be counted on to pass on this information to someone with clout.
  55. Ironically, free black Jamaicans, who were pro-missions, had gained enough political clout to come to the missionaries’ aid.
  56. This crisis is its first serious chance it has to get at her and it used all its political clout to influence the Privy Council.
  57. S or behind the closed doors in our country; but can sex workers ever muster the sort of clout that the farmers’ lobby has?
  58. This small group, cunning and united, seeks to obtain an ally whose population would give the small group the numerical clout it lacks.
  59. Less than a twenty-minute bus ride away is Pisa, the city of the Leaning Tower, of historic and cultural clout, of riches and world fame.
  60. They hung together in their pleasure a little longer, then he got out, shook a little water off, put his clout back on, and strolled aft.
  61. But given his clout in the government, it was no big deal for him to cook up one, and what was more, get it authenticated by the Inspector.
  62. The pharmaceutical industry, government agencies, and other animal abusers have so much clout with the degenerate lawmakers of Washington, D.
  63. Do you want a clout in the ear? What book is that? Dunk saw bright colors on the page, little painted shields hiding in amongst the letters.
  64. Though Hunters have become legendary in Nuria—and feared by wizards—the organization never developed enough clout to threaten the status quo.
  65. He was naked but for a scanty silk clout that only partly covered his muscular hips, and a leather girdle, a hand's breadth broad, about his lean waist.
  66. Fundamental finance operates within the context of trying to understand the diverse agendas of the important constituencies—those constituencies with clout.
  67. Though Mishra had lost his clout by then, he coaxed him to be the guest of honor, reckoning that the gesture would signal his sense of loyalty for all to see.
  68. However, knowing that such a role can carry too much clout in the White House, Meese has made it a point to meet with Baker in order to sharply define their roles.
  69. I also met Gianni who was civil enough though a little restrained and I thought that perhaps he preferred Abdullah el Majrabi, his considerable financial clout and his generosity.
  70. In MCT, the appropriate capitalization seems to be driven by OPMI needs and desires, whereas in value investing, it is driven by needs of the company, bailout of the clout, or both.
  71. These decisions have consequences, though some who should know better deny that! In real life, an inspector rank never has the same clout as a warrant-officer, who is a mean mother to start with.
  72. That symbiotic relationship had an upside given the fact that Bob Nakamura was now a very powerful Black Dragon---one with serious clout in the department and one that couldn’t be trifled with at any cost.
  73. Should these government reactions be random, or at least in small part a product of planning? In the United States today it seems as if the federal government directs resources mostly by who has political clout.
  74. When I suggested a remedy for sneezing (which involved sitting on a stone outside Carderford Barrow and howling like a wolf towards Glasgenny Peak while eating the heart of a newt), she gave me a clout to the ear.
  75. The once-affluent, influential members of the christianized fishing communities still had enough Roman social status and clout to save their own christianized communities from being massacred along with the others.
  76. But, when Gautam tended to lean towards the Dutch Kassenbouw, he was quick to point out that as the Dutch had no diplomatic clout worth the name in New Delhi, Global would be left with the Kassenbouw cross to carry all by itself.
  77. When a new-hatched savage running wild about his native woodlands in a grass clout, followed by the nibbling goats, as if he were a green sapling; even then, in Queequeg's ambitious soul, lurked a strong desire to see something more of Christendom than a specimen whaler or two.
  78. In any case, President Clinton and the United States probably just had lost a lot of its clout and influence in Japan by refusing to support it militarily without question, something that some members of Congress and various influential public figures will assuredly be quick to criticize.
  79. Whatever, their plight is for the real at the bewildering development about which their political leadership too maintains its studied silence! Why not, for the despots of the Sunni-Arab heartland, who are ever wary of the growing clout of the non-Arab Shia Iran, their fidayeen are only stopping the adversary’s democratic takeover of Iraq.
  80. Then I discovered how Jewish hate groups like the Jewish Anti-defamation League and other Jewish racist groups systematically blackball anyone who speaks out in public the truth about the holocaust myth, and uses their influence and political racist clout to make the Australian Govt and other govts around the world ban anyone from entering their country if they are going to speak the truth about the holocaust.
  81. Try tracing the effect of a stockholder, to a chairman of a corporation, to their corporate polices, to what political clout the corporation has, to what resources they consume, to what they produce, where it is manufactured, where it is sold, how its products are used, the effect of those products on the environment: and you get a vast segmented array of influences and forces: each cloaked and insulated in secrecy, each considered to be separate from the other.
  82. But by and by, as said, this evening after sundown, the wind sitting in the west, biggish swollen clouds to be seen as the night increased and the weatherwise poring up at them and some sheet lightnings at first and after, past ten of the clock, one great stroke with a long thunder and in a brace of shakes all scamper pellmell within door for the smoking shower, the men making shelter for their straws with a clout or kerchief, womenfolk skipping off with kirtles catched up soon as the pour came.

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