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    1. “Being registered with the EPA by no means counts for a seal of approval or a seal of safety”, says the National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

    2. was so good that it allowed the coalition church-politics

    3. the most monstrous coalition, which lasted over

    4. About a year after we left, the Coalition of Nations came into being properly

    5. ” replied Manon Durand, the first French Nationality President of the Coalition of Nations, the most powerful public service position on Earth

    6. ‘Don’t you think it’s odd that the entire coalition defence council has ratified this war? No objections of any member – how can that be?’

    7. We will send out a warning to withdraw from Coalition borders or face the consequence of our military offensive

    8. Only South America had lower, of all the coalition nations

    9. After a nationally broadcast warning, the commander made a conference call to all his coalition counterparts (including the respective nations’ leaders), going through the motions of standard procedure

    10. “While I suspect a female enforcer is indeed the perfect person to research an underground business coalition, I don’t see how you can possibly start a counterfeiting operation in two weeks

    11. Pleased perhaps, by the prospect of attracting a new coalition of voters, (Yankee) Republicanism, traditionally urbane in its demeanor, was nevertheless determined to preserve its (own) political identity that generally embraced liberal viewpoints as they related to domestic and social issues

    12. American Coalition for Fathers and Children

    13. The INC, a loose coalition of Iraqi opposition, was essentially a group of lobbyists passing themselves off as intelligence gatherers

    14. Coalition forces in Afghanistan were technically under the orders of NATO

    15. Begun as a Cold War coalition in Europe, NATO had been searching for a mission ever since the Cold War ended

    16. The coalition served to give the impression of greater world support, but all 39 nations left Iraq well before the US, sometimes by over five years

    17. Originally, GW Bush claimed there were 49 nations in the coalition

    18. That a few of their citizens joined the US military was enough to include them in the coalition

    19. This/these remarkable event(s) quickly brought to mind the Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm) waged ten years earlier by coalition forces led by the United States against Iraq who, having invaded Kuwait and seizing possession of its oil wells, was making veiled threats against its Saudi (Arabian) neighbor

    20. In Chile, Socialist leader Allende was elected in a coalition that included some Communists

    21. Yet by a mixture of eloquence, political skill, and canny coalition building, Lincoln united Congress and elements of the US public, from Abolitionist churches to German free thinking radicals to free Blacks to working class southern whites

    22. Together with Reverend Charles Coughlin, they formed the Union of Social Justice Party, a leftist coalition opposed to Roosevelt's New Deal as not going far enough

    23. Had the United Nations not limited the action in 1991 to remove Saddam Hussein from Kuwait, the United States and the coalition would have taken him out of Baghdad as well

    24. But almost all credit for ending Somoza's dictatorship goes to the popular Sandinista movement, a wide coalition of Nicaraguan business, churches, farmers, labor unions, and students

    25. But then, in 1917 he joined Lloyd George’s coalition government

    26. Combined with the many anti racist whites, this is an unbeatable coalition

    27. The National Liberation Front was a broad coalition of peasants, students, Buddhists, and Communists, perhaps four fifths of the people

    28. It has actually allowed the Church of Scotland to hold its varied traditions together as a coalition

    29. Kwonowski came to visit and told them that the national elections had resulted in the Russian-sponsored coalition gaining control of the government

    30. By the year 858 BC, Bit Adini heads a coalition of Aramaeans and neo-Hittite states of northern Syria and southern Anatolia against the new Assyrian king Shalmaneser III

    31. The coalition is defeated and the kingdom of Bit Adini is annexed to Assyria and becomes a province

    32. National Coalition for the Homeless,

    33. the president for not being able to build the broad-based coalition that his father was able to build prior to the First Gulf War

    34. The great Tecumseh used fiery oratory and set about building a coalition to stop the settlement of Indian lands

    35. “We don’t want to be guinea pigs,” said Henry Clark, who heads the West County Toxic Coalition in Richmond

    36. All of the major children’s television shows are joining together in a coalition with the “We Are Family Foundation” to promote the homosexual agenda under the guise of teaching children “tolerance” and “diversity” in our culture

    37. By late winter a coalition had formed against Carlos

    38. They agreed to defend the Christian states from the Ottomans, restore the papa’s territory, and guarantee the borders of all the members of the coalition

    39. This new coalition, Lash boasts, will “set the moral tone for the whole country

    40. The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition hosts leadership conferences to identify and train prospective future leaders in the movement

    41. together with its left-wing Green coalition partner, in the process of abandoning its deep-rooted pacifism of the left by entering the Kosovo war? Who can say where or what will be the result

    42. While Franklin Roosevelt’s administration was never the hotbed of radicalism , it is certainly true that radicals helped play midwife at the birth of the liberal-labor “New Deal coalition

    43. manner, as the left-wing of the New Deal coalition, clearly now

    44. skeptical about the long-term future of the New Deal coalition,

    45. fighting the North, is made up of a Christian coalition that reject the Islam dictatorship

    46. 2005, a union coalition signaled that it would contest the new labor rules in court

    47. In January 2006, the coalition, led by the American Federation of Government Employees, and the Justice Department

    48. coalition as progressive and reliable democrats who were entitled to share leadership of the country

    49. In his “Call for a New Coalition,” he spoke of the need for land-grant and state universities to enlarge their national program of support for public universities

    50. “The time has come,” he said, “for business and industry and the land-grant colleges and state universities throughout the country to form a new coalition that can develop into a permanent alliance to protect themselves against big government, both national and state

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