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    1. Millions of people lived inside the jungle-covered basaltic plug in the center of this basin making audio equipment, ceramics with photographs embedded in them and conducting research into the psychoacoustics of audio cognition

    2. Paul is speaking of natural as contrasted with spiritual cognition applied to spiritual truth, and therefore of the soul, as the organ of human cognition, contrasted with the spirit, as the organ of spiritual cognition

    3. The man, therefore, whose cognition of truth depends solely upon his natural insight is natural, as contrasted with the spiritual man to whom divine insight is imparted

    4. , as one who possesses in his soul the organ of purely human cognition, but who has not yet the organ of religious cognition in the spirit

    5. Its probing into the seat of cognition; memory, emotions, as well as all the sensory connections to bodily function are already well advanced, but the connection to the functions of mental capacity as it may be associated with the understanding of mind are still only in the initial stages

    6. Through the gleanings of the many ways that direct Man’s inquisitive search for his roots, these gems of cognition might still be regained, to shine again as they once did with the eternal brilliance they were intended to reflect

    7. Cognition of a chilly world

    8. But purpose of cognition contained within the self –

    9. Should come to nations with a bright cognition,

    10. Do Catch the Cognition in Touchiness

    11. all existence and cognition, pure bliss of being

    12. You omit the element of pure cognition, of

    13. is one single block of pure cognition

    14. duality, in which there is no cognition, only pure being, which

    15. Q: You are always stressing the cognition aspect of reality

    16. In our reason, subjectively considered as a faculty of human cognition, there exist fundamental rules and

    17. Cognition expands dramatically

    18. that they experience startlingly heightened cognition 23 according to the

    19. and in CREATIVE COGNITION Finke, Ward & Smith show that "although the content of creative

    20. most benighted perspective in the current study of human cognition, equivalent to behaviourism

    21. conceptual framework - your conditioning has got to coordinate with your cognition

    22. cognition, affect, behavior, and the physícal body of the individual

    23. psychology; including but not limited to animal cognition

    24. Perhaps that is what those plaques that the neuroscientists puzzle over are about – moments of false clarity frozen in the machinery of cognition, fossilized in stubborn deposits that cannot be shifted by even the utmost efforts of the invalid imagination

    25. This force, he then saw, which would be required to endure his future training in the ways of the stalker’s cognition, would have to be based on something equal to the terrors that would haunt him—destroy him—then it became clear

    26. Through it, we have the ability of Instant Cognition, which is to perceive that which we focus on as if we were that object, or within it

    27. We also have Cognition of Knowledgeable Essence, which operates like an extension of Instant Cognition, but deeper and more intense, and finally an Innate Knowledge of Basic Reality, without which we might look at another person and literally wonder what it is

    28. This is not likely in your case, because their agreements are made from within the cognition of the average person

    29. “Regardless of how you word it,” she said, raising her hand because she knew I found the term ‘average person’ objectionable, “your path has taken you across the threshold of the cognition of the Stalker

    30. This was necessary because I could not stand in testament to the journey from the cognition of the average person, through the stalkers, to that of Spirit in the flesh, unless I had sampled it

    31. This force, he then saw, which would be required to endure his future training in the ways of the Stalker’s cognition, would have to be based on something equal to the terrors that would haunt him—destroy him—then it became clear

    32. Through it, we have the ability of Instant Cognition, which is to perceive that which we focus on as if we were that object, or within it, then there is a Conceptual sense that allows us to experience a concept completely: feeling that we are inside of the idea looking out

    33. the same, I am actual y more in the wave of cognition

    34. It is consummate cognition, unmediated discernment,

    35. Yet this amazing organ is capable of so much more: reason, understanding, drawing logical conclusions, cognition, belief, rationalizing, formation of ideas, translation of the spoken word, creative thought, sending and receiving signals

    36. As the earth continues to turn against us humans; and our materialistic society collapses as its short-term profit- (rather than long-term survival-) oriented mechanisms are increasingly unable to adequately respond to the crisis; this original form of cognition will revindicate itself

    37. , agriculturalists); and for over three millennia their noble and priestly classes have evolved one of the most complex and sophisticated intellectual systems (mathematical, astronomical-astrological) which the human race has ever devised; nonetheless their everyday cognition is decidedly pagan (not materialistic)

    38. These three notions are called 3Cs – Cognition, Consciousness and Causality

    39. Before my mind was limited only to material wishes, but now it is endless in spiritual cognition

    40. Sensei, glancing at me very kindly, replied, “Believe me, the one who acts with good intention has no need to be upset about what he has missed because he acquires a lot greater power for cognition of his soul than when doing nothing

    41. “It is expressed through versatile cognition of the world in its various aspects: beginning from microlife to the macroexistence of space systems; through cognition of yourself both as a biological and spiritual structure and accordingly the essence of things around you

    42. The most valuable way is the cognition of God through your mind when true knowledge, overcoming the animal nature, opens the gate of the subconscious with the help of the key of love

    43. ’ And Lucifer began to assert the individuality of the human, his position as a free Essence for cognition

    44. It is these impressions of love as feeling which precedes its cognition

    45. These moods may secondarily affect cognition and interpersonal

    46. Later the word dog started to take shape in your cognition and

    47. In contrast the sun represents the qualities of discrimination and cognition that characterize the Paternal Logos (loc

    48. Let me put it explicitly: without deep Cognition and Understanding of the newest SFUURMM-Forms of IISSIIDIOLOGY, you simply will be unable to reach the mentioned Levels of the collective Planetary Creativity, because FOR THE TIME BEING (in the Continuum focused by You) no Knowledge that exists “now” on Earth has HIGHER-FREQUENCY Configurations

    49. Secondly, humans have been endowed with the possession of the invisible spirit of consciousness, self-awareness, discernment, intellect, cognition and emotion, etcetera, and thus can reflect on their own inevitable physical death, and therefore on their own mortality

    50. Hey, if a supreme intelligent being can create the universe and infuse humans with consciousness, cognition and emotion, and Jesus raised the dead to life, then ‘God the Creator/Father’ could equally as easily and believably infuse Mary’s womb with the ‘Son Of God’ – No? But Joseph stood by Mary and rather than comply with the law and have her stoned to death, he married her

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