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    1. ‘What I don’t understand is how Joanna could think that she could pass off a coloured baby as Dan’s

    2. Already there was a fair bit of activity in the streets – people wandering around in what she could only assume was special holiday attire for men of brightly coloured shorts and tops, some women in absurdly brief skirts, others in long muslin affairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Errd, most of them carrying bags of towels and dragging small noisy children laden with buckets and spades

    3. Perched on a silver spike, trailing leads and luridly coloured pipe work, Citizen Marat’s head stared back at the committee chairman with eyes as clear and blue as a bright summer afternoon

    4. catching reflections from the coloured lights

    5. A coloured boy, seeing the hearse and hurt inside,

    6. elephant droppings there was a small silver coloured object

    7. peering out of primary coloured plastic Wendy Houses,

    8. around his legs, the second is coffee coloured,

    9. I preferred to lay under my towel within the safety of the shore, enjoying an ice cream and watching my uncle struggle with his wet suit before he curved into the sea like a dolphin only to reappear sometime later and regale me with stories of seals, gentle basking sharks, forests of stunning pink corals and walls of bright coloured jewel anemones he said he saw on his dives

    10. And what can be more colourful and exotic than a plate full of mixed and brightly coloured vegetables topped with grated cheese

    11. What is wrong with eating raw sugar, whole wheat flour products, and unpolished rice? They may prove somewhat dearer but who in his right mind would try to economize on good food? And in the case of raw sugar be careful that you are not buying refined sugar that has simply been coloured brown

    12. And do not, please, think that honey is always clear golden or biscuit coloured

    13. At the turning area in the light from an old van and a single bulb in a shed, fifteen or so fishermen crunch on the gravel, concentrating hard whilst straightening coloured nets and winding spiky lines around their baskets with bare hands

    14. ’ She said, her accent coloured by the proximity of the Welsh border

    15. Her little coloured houses offered care, rest and refuge

    16. Behind me the music was mocking and brash and the dancing and clapping against the coloured lights grated on my nerves

    17. She was coloured blue and white with a red hull

    18. 'Five coloured ones,' she said, scanning the cards, her eyes asking 'so?'

    19. amulets and necklaces made with large coloured stones and silver

    20. Then he pours out three small piles of differently coloured sand from plastic carrier bags

    21. coloured, with pictures and some sort of writing, but it was now far

    22. ‘And how did that come about, Inspector? Does anyone know?’ A slight odour of distaste coloured the voice

    23. Look, Sam, what do you reckon to those? Three tubes on my side – one red, one blue and one yellow – all of which are producing coloured foam

    24. Claude coloured once again and was

    25. Li-Li excitedly opened the package of coloured pencils and colouring book and started to colour

    26. chosen a vibrantly coloured cloth of yellow, blue and

    27. It’s very hil y, with forests of beautiful coloured leafy trees, plus deer, wild boar, wolf and badger

    28. It sinks the price of coloured silks and cloths, and thereby reduces the profits of the merchants who have any considerable quantity of them upon hand

    29. By the time they had festooned the ceiling with strips of coloured cloth and hung a few glass ornaments up there, to glitter and shine, the day had turned to evening

    30. "Where are the others?" Morton asked as Fizzicist came down the path with two sticks and a coloured brolly in his bag

    31. They are, indeed, many "coloured" in Athens

    32. Ivory coloured flip-cards above the pointer had appeared faintly - as though they had been there all along

    33. Coloured lights moved in circular patterns underneath the lower of the two discs

    34. His copper coloured suit appeared to ripple as if it had the fluidity of mercury

    35. “So what do you think about me doing my bit for you brave lads I have got this pretty coloured skin and the people like you and me are dying so that these war profiteers can make even more money to wallow in”, she broke down crying and I held her in my arms and comforted her

    36. On our train there were troops from nearly all the services there were sailors in their bellbottom trousers and Naval Officers full of gold braid then their were RFC pilots with fancy wings on their uniform chests and brightly coloured medal ribbons below them

    37. some coloured lights like in the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third

    38. walked into the pristine blue and oak coloured kitchen

    39. Nordhellin musicians – both male and female – played flutes, harps, dulcimers, and drums while entertainers danced, juggled fire sticks, did back flips, and somersaults in brightly coloured silks

    40. Occasionally, a sedan chair held by four thick-armed servants would be seen making its way through the laneway bearing a lord or lady in brightly coloured silks and an even brighter mask with blue, green, yellow, or red feathers sticking up out of the top or around the sides

    41. The woman was Torvellen, typically tall and slender with large dark eyes, honey-brown skin and long silken black hair in thin braids tied with coloured beads

    42. Some had their swords drawn now, those close to Adem and his friends, while those on the outer edges wielded arrows of coloured fire

    43. Guardians held glowing blades while Ael Tarael and Alit’aren wielded balls of coloured fire that floated above their palms

    44. Arrows of coloured flame and balls of fire began to fly to the east also; he estimated there were at least five hundred Guardians there by now

    45. Danton Edmond had a vague memory of a dark blue coloured room, a feeling of terror – more so then the others because of his sympathies for the other side

    46. Two more of the coloured birds landed on either of his shoulders when Hayley asked, “Where did you learn that? Have you been receiving lessons from the Dremelden?” Wil didn’t give her an answer, other than to make another bird sound which sent the birds flying back into the skies

    47. Both of them held their enchanted bows with arrows of coloured flame

    48. Long thin braids around a dark face tied with shiny coloured beads as is common amongst the Ruhalden

    49. In another part of North London, the large multi-coloured plastic windmill had been tastefully placed on the mustard coloured stone clad home of Akbar’s’ London relatives

    50. The oatmeal coloured building with its French windows had a welcoming presence

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    colored coloured negro colorful bleached dyed biased one-sided slanted