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    1. Henry slowly moved his eyes back up the page to see the year beside the month beside the date column

    2. The first guard sees a column of vehicles approaching in the distance

    3. armor-plated silver Mercedes limo at the lead of the column as dozens of soldiers jump out of jeeps and APCs with weapons drawn

    4. The monument is a 24-meter high triumphal column, supporting a pair of clasped hands and a dove of peace

    5. The benefits are many but principally the Half Somersault brings into play the muscles of the back, toning and stretching the whole of the spinal column

    6. In stretching the spinal column to the greatest degree it helps to relieve and prevent sciatica and lumbago

    7. His newspaper column was rescinded in favour of “Old Ted’s Country Ways”, and before long he and his wife were forced to sell the country manor

    8. Nelson’s column, they walked over to the white marble steps of

    9. Finding the Correct Column

    10. trapped emotion listed in Column A?” and then

    11. want to ask, “Is this trapped emotion in Column B?”

    12. you that the trapped emotion is in both column A

    13. Once you have determined which column the trapped

    14. already have identified the column, you now have

    15. would then continue by asking which column this

    16. the correct column and row that an inherited emotion

    17. emotion you are trying to release is in column B row 2

    18. She held the tiled column the water sprinkled from

    19. column to a halt, ‘Hold them, I’ve some questions

    20. the stone into arch mouldings and column capitals

    21. The fact that Brancettrabble had survived from ancient times put a few points in the hibernation column

    22. The fact that Luray may not be on the up-and-up put a few points in Nidon's column

    23. In the front of the column of evil rode the Chief, Basel Ratford

    24. Ratford rode at the front of the column

    25. From a distance the column looked like a carnival

    26. of an eagle; the next column carried a depiction of Adam

    27. The column of battle Orcs continued for the next forty-eight hours until almost a quarter of a million battle Orcs had formed a perimeter that covered almost two square miles

    28. We want to sum the ‘Price’ column though so click into the ‘Total’ box for the price and change it’s Group By to Sum

    29. At the end of the week, review the table’s news column

    30. Write “nightly news” in the plan of action, news column

    31. Now, look at the other negative sources listed in column two

    32. In the first column, list all the things you currently have or do that could

    33. In column two, list what you would substitute for the items in column

    34. in the column to the right, and the historian will find at least one

    35. It was then I saw another column of smoke rising above the trees

    36. In this position, the back is straight, the spinal column is erect, and the head is balanced over the body, with the ears over the shoulders and the nose in line with the navel

    37. He wheeled his horse and was gone to speak with others and then to head the column as we came near the gate

    38. Jeremiah wheeled his horse around and rode to the head of the column as I looked for Rebecca

    39. 5 billion years old, it makes it easier to accept that the Geologic Column is an historic record of past ages; even though there are various aspects found within the “Column” that go against the idea of it being formed gradually or being millions of years old

    40. Each word had 16 attributes that were described, each in its own column next to the word

    41. If we do accept that a global flood destroyed the Earth and every living creature on the planet, except for Noah and his family and the animals in the ark, we now have a much better explanation that fits the evidence found in the Geologic Column

    42. Such an event would perfectly fit the evidence that is found in the Geologic Column today

    43. you have heard or read on the gossip column

    44. And this gem, from Charles Krauthammer"s latest column: „And what have been Obama"s own debt-reduction ideas? In last week"s news conference, he railed against the tax break for corporate jet owners six times

    45. And this, from a recent column by Oliver North

    46. You can then well imagine my astonishment, not to say downright horror, as I read his latest column saying flat out that Obama cannot be defeated in 2012

    47. Only the left column was still standing

    48. When this column returned to camp, the main body was just preparing to set out on the return march to the coast

    49. Passing through Kwisa, where the little garrison were eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the troops, when they would strike camp and follow in rear of the returning column, the rugged sides of the Adansis were soon reached

    50. He swung over the lip of the ledge and grabbed the column

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