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    come to

    1. "Nor fjords to put it in, come to think of that

    2. “Come to the kitchen, Tatania, I think we need a little water

    3. that, Jesus loves us regardless of the mess we come to

    4. tune you become to your intuition, based on what you want, the faster you will begin to see positive life changes happen

    5. “It was really more of an inevitability; if one knows the proper angles of attack and thought processes of his opponent, there really is only one outcome to ultimately destroy them

    6. Every year, they come to this very spot, bury their faces in the ground, and howl into pillows made of dirt

    7. Heavenly Father, I come to You, confessing that I am a

    8. Silence laughed at him, and indicated that he was welcome to try with a gesture of her hand

    9. I think that the reason that grandchildren are great is because they come to you with their open arms and open hearts, unspoiled and innocent

    10. It was his dream that he would marry and have children … and Dan is a man to make his dreams reality … I think he had some crackbrained idea that he could have the wife and family along with my friendship as well … I daresay he thought I would come to terms with Joanna … after all, she was a friend of mine … it made some sort of sense

    11. I had come to accept as true, that Dan and I were going to be together

    12. I’ve become totally fixated on the things over the course of the last month

    13. , see if any grubs have come to the surface

    14. Whilst wielding the loo brush and scrubbing at decades of limescale, I’d decided that I shall deal with this … this setback … come to terms with it and then I will call her

    15. Come to think of it, he’d also read in a detective novel about secret messages written in special ink

    16. Scriptures are for guidance; particularly for the masses many of them come to know of the contents through discourses by religious teachers

    17. Once you become aware of your truth, you will come to know that all things are possible

    18. By the late 40’s he was mixing up tubs of his soap with a broom handle in the Los Angeles hotel room he was living in, and selling it after his lectures about his peace plan and the “FULL TRUTHS” he had come to understand could unite the entire world

    19. I stand there like a lunatic for slightly longer than is polite … just staring at her and trying to take this in, then, come to my senses suddenly

    20. ‘I thought it might be a good idea if we had a little chat … and we agreed that she should come to look at the rooms

    21. anything been kept secret but that it should come to light

    22. It was right then that my son picked his moment to come to me with latest problem

    23. …do you really think that when you come to Heaven, you will

    24. come to his house,

    25. You will come to understand that we are a speck of dust off the nose of this planet's tiny moon

    26. In spite of being in the native language, she saw it was from a guy who had come to this system on the Brazilian ship but was now living seventeen hundred miles south west of the city where they landed

    27. The first field we come to is full of cows, most of them lying down chewing the cud in the warm sunshine

    28. all these years of mumbling and insouciance she had finally come to him

    29. She recalled that the house was not far from the river, the river she had apparently come to see for no apparent reason

    30. "It sounds like you are now much more concerned about that fact that my sister has come to her senses about you than you are about the fact that the shuttlecraft is in orbit

    31. “ It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and

    32. "If I have something of yours, you're welcome to it,” Leonora said, and stepped back, gesturing with her arm for Kandhi to come inside

    33. Pension funds to be cashed in, which would take at least a week, plus some prize bonds, would come to just under 10k

    34. things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man

    35. I've come to prefer that name myself

    36. logic that had been his art in a former life, but those words that had once come to

    37. That’s what Andy told me about his family … that’s how he had come to be here

    38. Though, come to think of it, I believe Wally’s reading the tribute at the memorial this year … yes, that’s right, I remember him telling me about it

    39. Even in such a short period of time, in four days, I had come to the conclusion that my daily humiliations at the hands of Smiler would be an eternal torment, a fixed thing in this small universe

    40. At first Alexander looked surprised to see me in his class after three years of absence -as if he hadn't known I would come tonight

    41. Burn got confirmation in her flight helmet a few seconds later that headless Audacity had obeyed her autopilot script and come to a stop behind them

    42. The Kid and the others, Matthew and Mark as I have come to call them as the misting of memory reduces them in my mind’s eye, the ones who spoke about their God and their belief, they all tried to impress on me the truth of love and vengeance

    43. If it had come to that

    44. However, what bothers me most is that shrew of Lucy Parissis: She is a wayward old-maid who has come to Pangaea recently

    45. For some reason I associate it with horses hooves, don’t know why … I recall some brown crystals … funny the things that come to mind

    46. For quite a long time we've been learning nothing new, maybe because Alexander seems to have become too skeptical about anything: “There are no spirits; spiritualism is fraud” … “(Self)hypnosis is harmful to the human mind” … “There is no such thing as magic” … “There are no astral worlds” … “There is nothing beyond matter” … “Telepathy requires a perfectly clean subconscious, so it is unfeasible” and so on

    47. Come to think of it, almost any tech could do so

    48. Over time, and having passed through so many similar stages of emotional turmoil, Menachem had come to understand that giving way to these feelings was simply counter-productive

    49. Actually, come to think of it, he had left it in the city hadn't he? Left that and his copies of the maps with that American woman he was in love with back then

    50. It was a long time, an epoch or more, since they had last met, this accountant and the onrushing demon in black, but now the time had come to ask again that one fundamental question

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    result conclude happen come around revive regain consciousness recover rally recuperate