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Complain en una oración (en ingles)

1. He will not complain too.
2. The type who complain at.
3. It's the dogs who complain.
4. The girls did not complain.
5. She must not complain much.
6. I can’t complain about that.
7. The motel guy can’t complain.

8. You complain of our separation.
9. Oh well, who was he to complain.
10. Once more of destiny complain?
11. Stan didn’t dare complain to.
12. I doubt any of us will complain.
13. And then complain about it later.
14. I shall complain to the bishop.
15. Did she complain about it?
16. Read this: How to Complain Less.
17. It is plenty that we complain of.
18. I hope he won't complain just now.
19. Back in town, hell, you complain.
20. I have nothing to complain about.
21. Yet it was hard for him to complain.
22. This was why they did not complain.
23. She would complain but never leave.
24. You can’t complain about Spain.
25. You should not complain of monotony.
26. I wasnt going to complain, however.
27. So is he, you can complain together.
28. No owner will complain of my presence.
29. Cap, Sampson started to complain.
30. I still am going to complain, a little.
31. Who was I to complain to? If I did go.
32. Peter had no right to complain, though.
33. I really couldn‘t complain though as.
34. Bru couldn’t complain about the money.
35. Why would he complain about that?
36. Just to have something to complain about.
37. And then they complain about the fitting.
38. Blackjack was so tired he didn't complain.
39. The landfills wouldn’t complain either.
40. Tony: Complain? I don’t plan to complain.
41. And hence if Charon doth complain of thee.
42. They better not complain when they wake up.
43. She used to complain about it all the time.
44. I shall hardly venture to complain to Mr.
45. Great Britain cannot, and will not complain.
46. And he was so proud I didn't dare complain.
47. Facing God, she could not help but complain.
48. The lineaments, as such, seemed to complain.
49. I did not intend to complain, but just to.
50. He wondered what she had to complain about.
51. His groin throbbed but he didn’t complain.
52. They never complain and are always grateful.
53. I am not interested in hearing you complain.
54. Never once did he complain about his burden.
55. Now, all he does is lie in bed and complain.
56. My mum had to complain bitterly one evening.
57. However, he does not complain about the sex.
58. We complain only that he has not proved them.
59. That’s why I didn’t complain about this.
60. I can't complain about conditions in the camp.
61. Weren’t really trying to complain, it seems.
62. Let the commercial interest cease to complain.
63. Complain not, brother, that the sinful world.
64. Gringos always complain to me about the water.
65. Now she had that car, but rather than complain.
66. You couldn’t complain about the food, anyhow.
67. The new recruits have nothing to complain about.
68. You cannot complain about the newsprint, an.
69. When we complain about whale hunting we should.
70. Hardly a woman inmate will dare complain while.
71. He had no real reason to complain about his duty.
72. We complain in feelings and the banishing of sun.
73. Hey, don’t complain too much, Stillwell said.
74. They complain about the harshness of the journey.
75. I can safely go alone and they will not complain.
76. He heard the mother complain about the smell and.
77. But individuals complain about doing that as well.
78. She would complain to Max and was certain that he.
79. Any way, Sathyam won’t have to complain any more.
80. Be happy you’re alive to complain about your car.
81. She will not even complain that she was made ill.
82. I can complain about it, but I'm really no different.
83. We complain about the social deterioration, but we.
84. Dangerous to complain, criticize, think differently.
85. Kyle nodded and was shocked when she didn't complain.
86. You complain about people not telling you anything.
87. Jones said, Eddie, I don’t mean to complain none.
88. You know that I don ’t want you to complain to.
89. Another woman called to complain about Diane?
90. They complain about the government not doing enough.
91. The animals were too terrified to complain about the.
92. Egypt as they began to complain of having nothing to.
93. Nearly all of us complain about not having enough time.
94. We're all a bunch of complainers who love to complain.
95. Before he got the chance to complain, I bent.
96. In the first place we complain of its relative novelty.
97. Nor should we complain that his speeches lack eloquence.
98. The old man went to the master to complain about Zhilín.
99. Another saying is don't complain and don't explain.
100. They would complain of this and that almost all the time.
1. Not that we were complaining.
2. Not that Eli was complaining.
3. However, I am not complaining.
4. She had been complaining the.
5. Not that I was complaining or.
6. What are you complaining about?
7. I am not complaining but it is.
8. Not that I’m complaining though.
9. He was complaining of anxiety and.
10. Not that I was complaining, though.
11. Vince came in complaining, as usual.
12. They are very good at complaining.
13. Neither I nor Corey is complaining.
14. Grateful for that! Not complaining.
15. Complaining is a total waste of time.
16. Now, would you quit complaining and.
17. Instead of complaining, try adjusting.
18. Are you complaining, now? I explained.
19. What the heck am I complaining about?
20. I had seen this matka complaining for.
21. Don’t think that I’m complaining.
22. George was complaining as usual he asked.
23. Oh, stop complaining! he scolded himself.
24. But, I’m not complaining about having.
25. If that was me, I would be complaining.
26. With the art of playing with complaining.
27. We were complaining about not being fed.
28. She was complaining of feeling heaviness.
29. I winced at the sound of complaining metal.
30. They went on and on with Vinnie complaining.
31. Then you’ll be complaining about the cold.
32. Love all, or none of it, and stop complaining.
33. And she starts complaining about her parents.
34. Thalia and I both started complaining, but Mr.
35. The gentleman was complaining of the peasants.
36. Then quickly added, Not that I'm complaining.
37. Please don’t think that I’m complaining.
38. Although, I’m not really complaining much.
39. Oh, just stop with your complaining already.
40. Weren’t really complaining about it, it seems.
41. Maybe she was complaining to more than just him.
42. While I’m complaining about the military, who.
43. Now Lolito was complaining that we were too heavy.
44. He quit complaining about our pathetic condition.
45. There is nothing wrong with a little complaining.
46. You're not wasting yours or complaining about it.
47. Again, not that I’m complaining, but why?
48. The woman who had come into my office complaining.
49. Your father isn't complaining about lack of funds.
50. On this night, though, she was complaining to the.
51. Apparently Anna’s been complaining about you.
52. I’m not complaining, he said, his voice low.
53. Now quit complaining, Red responded with a snarl.
54. Doon had not stopped complaining about it ever since.
55. Approaching the complaining men, Mick adopted German.
56. Everybody in the group was exhausted and complaining.
57. Everyone was full-bellied and complaining and drowsy.
58. The staff was complaining that he wasn't taking his.
59. It was the calculus teacher complaining that Richard.
60. They did a lot of complaining while in the wilderness.
61. Complaining about the trials and tribulations of life.
62. My husband kept complaining that I was neglecting him.
63. There is almost no complaining allowed in South Africa.
64. My dad keeps complaining that it should be burned down.
65. This fellow was complaining about the stench in the bus.
66. I've had it with this damn job! I keep complaining and.
67. A cantankerous, complaining, mischievous, laughing face.
68. Ditherer had in fact been complaining all day of hunger.
69. It’s time to stop complaining and celebrate, right?
70. She decided to wait a few more minutes before complaining.
71. He is always complaining and always moaning which drives.
72. It was almost as if the tree was complaining of her weight.
73. A student at a residential school was complaining of tooth.
74. Little Red Gangsta thought about complaining, but then she.
75. The guru wastes all our time complaining about delayed fees.
76. For example: A woman came to me, complaining of her employer.
77. He was spending a lot of time complaining to Limpy about it.
78. Davin constantly complaining about how he didnt want to be.
79. Tim was complaining about the trouble he was having with math.
80. The intellectual core has a gap complaining and not thinking.
81. He hated Gary and his constant complaining and rude comments.
82. What are you on the point of complaining about, Heathcliff?
83. Thomas Blair was complaining of a pain at the top of his head.
84. Sabina continued complaining between bites of breakfast burrito.
85. I suppose it is, but no one’s complaining! Reen laughed.
86. He began complaining about the lack of funding for our project.
87. Tell someone next to you stop complaining, this is good for you.
88. What are you on the point of complaining about, Heathcliff?’.
89. Several Mages, still naked, were loudly complaining of headaches.
90. She has been complaining I’m avoiding her, and it’s not a lie.
91. I lied down at the verandah; crying and complaining to the heaven.
92. Health care was fast going downhill that everyone was complaining.
93. What are you complaining about, instead of doing something about?
94. When Adele finished complaining, she explained to me that I needed.
95. Let us never give way to a fretting, murmuring, complaining spirit.
96. This time yesterday you were complaining about travelling overland.
97. You don’t hear me complaining that you were with someone else.
98. But not any of the other girls, Wolfi said in a complaining voice.
99. No wonder they were always complaining about lack of sexual success.
100. God preserve me from it, but one can't help complaining sometimes.
1. I complained in my mind.
2. And so they complained to.
3. When you complained so much.
4. No doubt Sime had complained.
5. He never complained, you know.
6. I complained, she would beat us.
7. No one ever complained about it.
8. He neither complained nor made.
9. It complained as much as usual.
10. But the people complained that.
11. They always complained about taxes.
12. Candace complained of feeling heavy.
13. What about me? he complained.
14. She complained Mom made her study.
15. He neither complained nor applauded.
16. His left leg complained with every.
17. What the hell? complained Rick.
18. The heku complained about the awful.
19. I hate long stories, I complained.
20. He complained about lice and bedbugs.
21. An Austrian general complained of me.
22. She neither complained nor explained.
23. I don't, you know,' Stazl complained.
24. Eddie complained the entire way there.
25. Joe complained as he went, but he went.
26. None complained, and this was unusual.
27. Neither of them complained about the.
28. Oh, I hate that…’ Nicky complained.
29. But the body? Jenkins complained.
30. No one ever complained about the noise.
31. That is too dark, Gene complained.
32. She keeps lying, Marie complained.
33. The Low Heels also complained about the.
34. He never complained like the rest of us.
35. This will take days, he complained.
36. Every time I complained he’d respond.
37. Tuer had not complained about the change.
38. Have you complained to the landlord?
39. You call it that? Kelvin complained.
40. Whenever I complained his answer always.
41. No one complained when the power was cut.
42. Despite those who complained and sneered.
43. Already, the US had complained, through.
44. When they complained of adversity, they.
45. Those words are big, she complained.
46. That wasn’t funny, Tuer complained.
47. He complained that staff was ignoring him.
48. Have any of our readers complained?
49. I should have never complained, she thought.
50. A neighbor has complained me about the dogs.
51. They imagined we’d complained about them.
52. But the men, some came back and complained.
53. The ladies complained that he never smiled.
54. He never complained, but he'll need a long.
55. Patient complained of severe chest pains.
56. But he now complained of great fatigue and.
57. What about my studying? he complained.
58. Had he complained about this to the guild?
59. Why here of all places? complained Ray.
60. Hey, I didn’t say that, I complained.
61. That darned Kate! the mayor complained.
62. They didn't talk much, but no one complained.
64. Prior Godwyn complained of money problems.
65. I can’t go no further, she complained.
66. Abraham complained to Abimelech because of a.
67. One day don Ramon complained of stomach pains.
68. Sunday pilots complained bitterly afterwards.
69. Sharon had twice complained about becoming a.
70. While she was gone some of the guys complained.
71. Ow! he complained as I dragged him along.
72. They did this to Celeste, she complained.
73. I’ll put the ELB on, Newell complained.
74. I had complained to Modi once about the abuse.
75. This traffic’s awful, complained Miller.
76. Hey, wait just a minute, Brock complained.
77. You notice here, they complained against Moses.
78. And we complained about France for not joining.
79. She never does that for me, he complained.
80. Dad! Ali complained, rubbing his shoulder.
81. That was below the belt, complained Algar.
82. Oh, god, that was nasty, Joshua complained.
83. Rodney complained about her not bringing in any.
84. They complained to Moses suggesting that he and.
85. Some hobbyists have also complained that their.
86. He never complained about the wounds or the pain.
87. We complained little, until we entered the desert.
88. I don’t like waiting, the child complained.
89. Saul had never complained, never sent anyone back.
90. Daniel had loved it but Wayne complained about it.
91. How many times had she complained to Chris, to Tom.
92. He complained about paying so much for his cottage.
93. They complained to Moses, suggesting that it would.
94. I should have stayed with her, he complained.
95. It itches like mosquito bites, he complained.
96. The very mums that I always complained about were.
97. I don't imagine he complained about that assignment.
98. But I wanted you on the trip, Simla complained.
99. She was always game and she almost never complained.
100. I don’t know why he does that, I complained.
1. Celia complains a good deal.
2. She complains of some dizziness.
3. Alvy complains, "Hardly ever!" then.
4. If she complains to Sathyam, so be it.
5. Wait, Sean complains to Zachary and walks back.
6. He complains of early satiety for the past few months.
7. Nobody ever complains about a stock that rises in price.
8. You know for someone why complains a lot about how his.
9. NOTICE HOW NOBODY COMPLAINS about the heat anymore, L.
10. I know this girl who always complains about a guy she works with.
11. Occasionally Hailey complains of being bored, but boredom is good.
12. Example #2: A woman complains that her husband never picks up his.
13. The spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me, he complains of my gab.
14. When a psychopath complains of how others treat him, it should be.
15. When he does not find such stimulation he complains about boredom.
16. He complains of headaches, constant headaches - and stomach issues.
17. When Sara complains, he says he hates crowds and this is a shortcut.
18. In fact, now he complains that the days aren’t long enough to do all.
19. Example #1: A husband complains because he feels that his wife is always.
20. The Sinfulness of Man (Continued) similar to Psalm 55, here David complains.
21. Have you ever spoken to someone that always moans and complains? You know, the.
22. Timothy, the coachman, complains that he can't keep things clean because of the dogs.
23. Is that what I get for apologizing? he complains, wiping his face with a napkin.
24. For a few months, she complains of diarrhea, abdominal pain and seven pound weight loss.
25. If they were you, what would they have written? Seconds are millennia? Every-1 complains.
26. They figure that if the customer complains, they will reimburse him and apologize for the error.
27. Such rights do nothing, he complains, to guarantee what the government must do for its citizens.
28. He complains that you raped a woman called Annet, the wife of Billy Howard, one of your serfs.
29. The downtrend continues, he loses money—and then complains that technical analysis didn't work.
30. All Trevor needs to control the Cloud is his computer and joysticks, and even that he complains about.
31. Candace likes to create intense feelings in herself and in others even though she complains about them.
32. As they settle into their seats which are a might bit cramped, Amy complains about being in a cattle car.
33. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
34. She virtually runs the Office of the Coroner for her overbearing, credit-stealing boss, but rarely complains.
35. Moods set to tune for hours and the measure of mental health is the disposition of negatives to find complains.
36. Next morning the sleeper wakes up and complains that some one has been groaning all night and keeping him awake.
37. A citizen comes before this House, and complains that he is dispossessed of his common right by arbitrary power.
38. I told you, we should take the car, Emily complains while we struggle to avoid rubbing shoulders with strangers.
39. Gopal complains quite a bit, but shuts up after I’ve told him about the distance the bike and I have covered together.
40. In the preamble, it complains much of the insolence of servants, who endeavoured to raise their wages upon their masters.
41. Numerous questions and complains about everything that had happened up till then in my life were going through my thoughts.
42. He lives alone, which renders him a little sad, perhaps; Enjolras complains of his greatness, which binds him to widowhood.
43. Anxiety, sadness, cynicism, complains, blame stay big without concessions, frightened by something due to fear conditioning.
44. What if someone complains that they spent a lot of money to come to this event and you feed them a military meal? he asked.
45. A president can get away with this kind of cowboylike activity if Congress backs down and simply complains without taking action.
46. First he yells at me for proposing to kill his daughter, then he complains when I don’t put her first in line for the procedure.
47. Must always be suspected when a casualty complains of pain in the back or neck, with possible loss of sensation in the lower limbs.
48. He complains that his wrist might be broken; there are also cuts and bruises on his face from being shoved to the concrete sidewalk.
49. He’s middle aged, doesn’t seem to be that successful, works too hard, is very impatient, and complains a lot about small things.
50. This is the person who, unable to stand being valued only for his or her real worth, complains to an outsider, Nobody understands me.
51. She complains to my parents all the time now that they pay more attention to me than to her, especially when she’s having a hard time.
52. Jilly often complains that it is not her, but the views from her house I come to visit, whenever I stay there for any length of time.
53. At the same time, Tolstoi complains several times in his Journal of his general indisposition, of his weakness, and of his lack of energy.
54. The absurdity of this bill consists in this: in supposing these provisions to be the remedy for the evil, of which the President complains.
55. A young nurse is sitting behind the desk and Lewis complains bitterly to her about the delay in having the remaining plastic tubing removed.
56. She complains in „The Feminine Mystique that it would be difficult for a woman mopping the kitchen floor to have an orgasm while mopping.
57. It’s only a fifteen-minute walk down to the old apartment, though the way Cate complains about her feet you’d think it was fifteen thousand.
58. I am expiating a moment of selfishness, and so I always say to La Carconte, when she complains, 'Hold your tongue, woman; it is the will of God.
59. And some people even bring home their placenta and make their family eat it (seriously … that’s a thing) and no one ever complains about that.
60. Again, in the proem, Zeus complains about the mad Aegisthus, who did not want to listen to the wise advice that the god had sent to him via Hermes.
61. He never loses patience, never doubts or complains, but always hopes, and works and waits so cheerfully that one is ashamed to do otherwise before him.
62. During the first few days of detoxification one often complains of headaches, body aches or sore muscles, feeling weak or cranky, and trouble sleeping.
63. Once a being understands anything she ever says, it then becomes obvious that she’s made of the same stuff as the garbage she constantly complains about.
64. If a man complains of the drift of his fortune he is just as unjust to himself as if he should deny rational truth, though it stand patent and irrefutable.
65. It is the shadow of pain which touches the young face with such pathetic patience, but Beth seldom complains and always speaks hopefully of `being better soon'.
66. He complains, stammering as he does so, and tries to prove to his companion that he acted unjustly when, a year before, he sold a pelisse and concealed the money.
67. She complains of difficulty breathing satisfactorily at times, and of heavy, lethargic sleep, with dreams that frighten her, but regarding which she can remember nothing.
68. As he chews on the spare rib, he complains, You know Christine! There's some sauce that I just can't seem to keep around the kitchen! I don't know who keeps taking my sauce out of the kitchen.
69. She complains that every time I visit her, I invariably spend more time outside tromping around her gardens and yard, or exploring the rest of the island, than spending time with her or her family.
70. As a side note, we can all point to choppy or sluggish days, but when a person incessantly complains about the markets or your firm, he’s really just vocalizing his own inadequacies or ineptitude.
71. If any province complains of being assessed too high, it may, in the assessment of next year, obtain an abatement proportioned to the overcharge of the year before ; but it must pay in the mean time.
72. The Grand Marshal of the palace, wrote the governor, complains bitterly that in spite of repeated orders, the soldiers continue to commit nuisances in all the courtyards and even under the very windows of the Emperor.
73. He complains about milk-price hikes but fails to point out that the hike authorized by the President was in fact lower than that requested by the Democrats who received more funds from the dairy industry than did the Republicans.
74. He hardly complains, he contents himself with sighing; one of his moans has come down to us: I do not understand how God, the father of men, can torture his children and his grandchildren and hear them cry, without himself suffering torture.
75. He knows it is very difficult not to throw money at a problem and almost impossible to stop doing so without the electorate complains about a "down scaling of jobs" and "leaving us open for attack" and whatever cr-p the opposition politicians can think off to make life difficult for you.
76. Of all this silly set the one that shows the least and also the most sense is my rival Anselmo, for having so many other things to complain of, he only complains of separation, and to the accompaniment of a rebeck, which he plays admirably, he sings his complaints in verses that show his ingenuity.
77. Finally, he said, God, I wish that I, and all men, could understand women; I want to know how she feels inside, what she’s thinking when she gives me the silent treatment, why she cries, what she means when she says nothing’s wrong, why she snaps and complains when I try to help, and how I can make a woman truly happy.
78. Science is of such a nature, that every rural physic-man laments because there are no means of curing working-men, because he is so poor that he has not the means to place the sick man in the proper hygienic conditions; and at the same time this physician complains that there are no hospitals, and that he cannot get through with his work, that he needs assistants, more doctors and practitioners.
79. Clay) complains of the committee, because they have listened to the representations of two delegations from the city of Philadelphia who presented memorials to the Senate, who referred them to the committee; and because the committee have, in his opinion, given an adventitious importance to their representations, by the minuteness and by the pomp and parade with which they have been detailed to the Senate.

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