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    conform to

    1. conform to the Word of God about me

    2. He looked at the spacing on the page of the notes of Scale 0 and tried to gauge the smaller octave's notes' spacing to conform to it

    3. ‘I have to inform you that Dan Sherman will be terminated in one weeks’ time if you do not conform to our wishes

    4. The purpose of this exercise isn’t to conform to the expectations of

    5. However, the evidence that we do find, has to conform to processes that we understand today

    6. Only then can we determine whether our viewpoints conform to the truth

    7. The names also had to be in a specific order, so that this passage, as it was written in Greek sometime after 30 AD, would conform to an underlying design

    8. To provide more detail and insight into the attributes hidden in this passage: Imagine you were asked by a client to write a work of literature in such a way that it would meet very specific requirements and conform to his detailed design specifications

    9. The names of the books and their numeric values conform to specific design specifications that become evident in the number 11 that forms the foundation for its design

    10. From these examples we can see that at the lowest level every letter that makes up the scripture was intentionally placed in a specific position to conform to the overall design

    11. The only other option is that the entire structure of the New Testament was designed to conform to a numerical and chronological structure which is humanly impossible to achieve

    12. Various other books have been studied to see if they conform to similar criteria, but have been found lacking

    13. Also, when people of the Jewish faith claim that Jesus could not be the Messiah, but that “the servant” refers to Israel, does this view conform to the rest of the evidence that is provided in the Bible? Does this view match aspects found in the Bible Codes and the evidence of similar supernatural design qualities found in the New Testament that are also observed in the Old Testament? Being objective, one would once again need to consider the scientific method and remember that a theory is disproven whenever evidence to the contrary of a hypothesis comes to light

    14. I felt much pressure to conform to that expectation

    15. Most probably because the SAP was sued in the past, there was a very strict policy on what a SAP roadblock should conform to

    16. Destructive or undesirable habits, on the other hand, are conditioned by questionable examples that are often difficult to break because many do not conform to ―normal‖ behavioral patterns

    17. That Good is what ―everyone‖ desires doesn‘t necessarily conform to what is ―good‖ in itself

    18. I would expect our Catholic Schools and their agents to conform to the standards of Church teachings, which is why most parents enroll their children in these schools to begin with

    19. to conform to the dietary laws of Muslims, which means that they have to

    20. The car had to conform to the railway schedule, so that the prisoners could be placed directly on the train

    21. Helga proved to be a skilled seamstress, and she shortened the hems of the skirts to conform to the current style

    22. Those who witnessed the destruction of the Temple proclaimed Him anew, while repeatedly resisting the overwhelming power and authority of the mighty Roman Empire to conform to another way

    23. God, but he strongly urges us to conform to the new Christian pattern of living, and not to the old

    24. The upper specification limit (USL) is the largest value that can be obtained and still conform to customers’ expectations

    25. We use excuses and lies to conform to a society that has no limits to its exploitative nature

    26. For Sci–Coll, despite pursuing the concept of nothingness and trying to force reality to conform to its nihilistic ideology, is pursing something

    27. problems of having Judaism conform to national custom would be a loss of its

    28. historical event may be changed at any time to conform to present need

    29. Other people will tell you that you have to conform to society for the benefit of us all

    30. If you choose to conform to society and live the life that is laid out before you, you must accept all that comes with it

    31. consumers who conform to the social standard in every way

    32. this should not be compromised to fit into an external mould or to conform to a widespread

    33. when perfectly good data is thrown out because it does not conform to what is trying to be proven

    34. Elizabeth, a motherly soul about the same age as Patrick, did not conform to the usual idea of

    35. It’s all those women teachers that have driven them insane! Expecting them to conform to female standards instead of their natural male instincts

    36. ―Sir, we have encountered an plant form in our sector that does not conform to the

    37. As he turned, his mind processed something that was out of place, that didn’t conform to the pattern

    38. Even if one has but a little knowledge, he can still walk in the ways of the Supreme; he can conform to the will of heaven

    39. The new gospel of the kingdom cannot be made to conform to that which is

    40. 4 "By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first transformed by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God

    41. permanently infected and must either conform to the will of the parasite, or suffer an agonizingly slow death

    42. These motívate the child and the adult to conform to society's gender prescriptions, to

    43. conform to the feminine ideal (Mazur 1986)

    44. These able Greeks did not so much have the Jewish viewpoint, and they did not so well conform to the Jewish mode of worship and other ceremonial practices

    45. not conform to metered (rhyme) schemes

    46. seem to conform to the same code easily found in both Old and

    47. created a new species that must now conform to the regulations

    48. worse, they usually tried to conform to accepted depictions

    49. Therefore, what we observe as investors will rarely conform to the

    50. Each little group or could say denomination had its own set of rules and regulations and wanted each of us to conform to their ways of life

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