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Confrontation en una oración (en ingles)

  1. As the confrontation ensued a.
  2. He didn’t want a confrontation.
  3. I don’t even like confrontation.
  4. Ready to head off a confrontation.
  5. I don’t mean the confrontation.

  6. A physical confrontation was imminent.
  7. That was our last major confrontation.
  8. I got on Chris about the confrontation.
  9. He seemed to relish the confrontation.
  10. He would have his final confrontation.
  11. The atmosphere bristled with confrontation.
  12. Confrontation is taught and insisted upon.
  13. Physical confrontation was the last thing.
  14. No, there couldn’t be a confrontation.
  15. He had prepared himself for a confrontation.

  16. The stress of the Cardassian confrontation.
  17. This confrontation was a lot bigger than me.
  18. How would they play out this confrontation?
  19. She had no options outside of a confrontation.
  20. Direct confrontation had brought them nothing.
  21. We had a little confrontation a few hours back.
  22. That confrontation would only take place in 1943.
  23. Thatcher, Power and the Lessons of Confrontation.
  24. I’ve been waiting years for this confrontation.
  25. Skepticism confronts confrontation with dismissal.

  26. Oh well, let’s get this confrontation over with.
  27. I just couldn’t deal with the confrontation then.
  28. His mind was focused on the confrontation to follow.
  29. They will avail him nothing in this confrontation.
  30. She hoped that would put an end to the confrontation.
  31. Would this be a physical confrontation? He hoped not.
  32. Ah, I thought, this is where the confrontation begins.
  33. In a physical confrontation, there'd be much bloodshed.
  34. And the entire camp shifted to watch the confrontation.
  35. We march along Park Road, prepared for a confrontation.
  36. He could be one confrontation away from a heart attack.
  37. The entire court held its breath at this confrontation.
  38. Amy found out, there was a confrontation, Go killed Amy.
  39. Stokes was still fuming over the confrontation with Andy.
  40. Backing away from a confrontation with Sean was a mistake.
  41. In Act Three of your book we have the Main Confrontation.
  42. Three days had passed since her confrontation with Dafne.
  43. The period of confrontation created extremism and anoma-.
  44. She did feel better about the coming confrontation though.
  45. One such confrontation involved one of Greg’s old enemies.
  46. This confrontation would be hand-to-hand—and to the death.
  47. Greg gathered what he needed for the upcoming confrontation.
  48. I was recently at Pollux V and had a confrontation with.
  49. The confrontation had been short lived and surprisingly easy.
  50. Wasn’t there a confrontation between the deceased and Mr.
  51. His expression seemed to approve of the coming confrontation.
  52. I knew it would involve a confrontation with both him and Elly.
  53. Even with this, though, a confrontation would be best avoided.
  54. Not that we expect a confrontation, but we try to come prepared.
  55. I seriously have no idea what a confrontation with her would be.
  56. Reluctant to encounter her, he dreaded a confrontation he could.
  57. I wanted to accelerate everything—a face-to-face confrontation.
  58. And yet that WAS that – the entire extent of the confrontation.
  59. Most of us would prefer to avoid any kind of physical confrontation.
  60. Dar was a little depressed that no battle came of the confrontation.
  61. He wanted to make sure it wasn't about you to avoid a confrontation.
  62. Thomas Pierce was enjoying the confrontation, the satisfaction of it.
  63. Could you handle another confrontation with energy vampires?
  64. I have never been one for confrontation; it's just not in my nature.
  65. No way was I prepared for a real-life confrontation with the undead.
  66. The Iron Lady was having yet another confrontation with the old.
  67. He'd calmed down considerably since the confrontation with his father.
  68. What would be the advantages of a confrontation? Shamansky asked.
  69. Paradise – is a state of peace, absence of conflicts, confrontation.
  70. That night’s confrontation must have been louder than I imagined for.
  71. Shenandoah, and that they should steer westward to avoid a confrontation.
  72. Caris was relieved that the confrontation had not turned into fisticuffs.
  73. If it was at all possible, Brontes would have avoided this confrontation.
  74. The second possibility is that they become angered by your confrontation.
  75. Hands clenching and unclenching as he prepared himself for confrontation.
  76. Look, you know how much I hate confrontation, the cave-troll replied.
  77. I was the one that stood the most to lose in any confrontation between us.
  78. How would their belated confrontation play out? She had no way of knowing.
  79. Some sort of … altercation, confrontation, also happened in the kitchen.
  80. Lady Jane appeared startled at the confrontation but retained her composure.
  81. He was well liked by his men as he had always tried to avoid confrontation.
  82. Two Klingons passing through the corridor stopped to watch the confrontation.
  83. Overprotective and unsure of herself, unwilling when it came to confrontation.
  84. But he knew his friend, the Elf Prince would not be denied this confrontation.
  85. I would much rather take the road of direct confrontation and be done with it.
  86. Confrontation with one’s doubts, fears, and ignorances can be soul-wrenching.
  87. And why the blasted man would want to start a confrontation after all of this.
  88. The crowd watched intently, thirsty for a front seat view of the confrontation.
  89. Shame, Millicent said sweetly, but her tone was loaded with confrontation.
  90. Let’s just say I am looking for who the victor of this confrontation will be.
  91. She looked nervous, as if she thought there might be some sort of confrontation.
  92. Women are denied and come to deny themselves actual confrontation with and full.
  93. He knew the Drong leader had sent him on because of their earlier confrontation.
  94. You Hanor, are part of that confrontation, now that you have accepted my lead.
  95. Moreover, a straight confrontation might not be the best way to change his mind.
  96. I didn’t realize just how critical until he and Apollo had a confrontation.
  97. We don’t need to talk about your confrontation with the Russian mafia anymore.
  98. Dwayne fully intended to navigate this confrontation and not let Marcus cave in.
  99. With the lack of confrontation with the West, Stalin lost the focus of his power.
  100. She taught her children that, in the event of a confrontation, they had to make.

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