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    1. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    2. you to be His connection to the dying world

    3. faith is that, faith is our only connection and link to God

    4. She was starting to wonder if Venna really did have a connection to some of that aluminum

    5. Your letters or cards will create a tangible connection that kids will treasure

    6. “Where have you been?” Ackers demanded as soon as the auditory connection was complete

    7. “Fine, whatever,” Johnny said as he shut down the connection

    8. ‘Liz, it has been headlines that a woman has been helping the police with their enquiries in connection with this case, and a lot of speculation has been flying around

    9. ” By LEERing at your students, you can establish the attention and emotional connection that adolescents so desperately need

    10. A few legal terms in connection with Will are

    11. Not that anyone would have been able to break through all the security of the connection, but even if they did they wouldn’t find anything that was worth knowing

    12. The connection was dropped and Nancy found herself alone again

    13. The voice connection terminated

    14. Many are set up to save taxes and arrange funds for activities that have no connection to the aims and objectives

    15. As your knowledge about yourself grows deeper, so is your connection to the higher power and your union with all things

    16. He’s still laughing as he terminates the connection

    17. Such a close connection among words spreads through the whole language

    18. The exception was when there was news, a clue, a connection, a hint of warmth on the trail

    19. "What's the connection Mirielle?" His voice was a whisper

    20. " He hissed and cut the connection

    21. He needed to find Sammy the Shark/Gino Ngata first and the only living connection he had right now were the surviving victims of last night's attack which Melinda had described to him in disturbing detail

    22. ‘Are you saying that because I was questioned in connection with this … this incident it is a reason to offer me a lower salary than I am worth?’

    23. Those using the name were many, but those using the name who also held a connection to human trafficking, prostitution and more specifically to the skin-trade, were a much more exclusive group

    24. Direct connection to the international skin-trade and human organ trafficking was a recent addition to his portfolio of accomplishments

    25. What's his connection to the case?"

    26. "Nothing beyond what anybody else with absolutely no connection to that abhorrent trade would know

    27. There is a direct connection: from sin -to disease,

    28. It was about fifteen seconds altogether until a voice connection was established and a slightly huskier and slower-talking version of Ava was in the room with them

    29. Just after he was done Narrulla's Tear passed into eclipse where they are unable to reach a lighted tower on the native data system and thus unable to continue a connection thru it

    30. "The guy's an ass," Ava said when he cut the connection

    31. She iconed the voice connection as an antique telephone handset floating over the current sensors plot table that was right in front of them

    32. you hear, is in that ever feel an intense connection

    33. make a connection that makes them temporarily out of context

    34. Both sides of the connection were synthetic materials, of course and on the inside, the bundles of fibers that had severed their connections in flat planes didn’t look like real muscle

    35. At the core of the limb, where bone should have been, was a fat, titanium nub, a simple, physical connection with a single, half-flange

    36. "The ports to the actual neural interface processors are located on the torso side of the connection

    37. The first clue he found was in a signal search, there was a CLX2 listed in the connection list of a substrate function, he needed to see what that lead to

    38. He tried to follow it into the veron store and couldn't find the connection

    39. In connection with every obligation which God

    40. The girl's last statement was enough of a clue to make the final connection in the boy's mind

    41. Tell her to give me a voice connection when she can

    42. What I’m fascinated with is that there is any connection at all to God and darkness

    43. She tried to remember what data was included in the paperwork on JJ … no, no mention of the Lilwin connection

    44. Because of Mel’s connection, we’d been offered a place for him at the school – a very good school, I might add, with a strong music department – and it seemed like a good idea

    45. As for JJ, I see what you mean about there being no doubt of his family connection

    46. ‘If you’ll let me finish, you exasperating woman! – you can then make an appointment to meet with Pippa Akeman and her cronies, explain your connection with Joris and how you wish to use your inheritence and introduce the idea of JJ – how does that sound?’ he suggested, ‘That way, they’d have a chance to consider the idea without him being there

    47. ’ She said, kicking herself for sounding like the chairman at a public meeting, ‘I’ve invited you here in connection with … with Joris Lilwin … I think you knew him?’

    48. To be a people person and to enjoy the challenge of making a connection with them is a talent, whereas the ability to build a network of friends and supporters who know you and are prepared to help you is a strength

    49. She didn't want that connection with life to end, but it had to

    50. From then on, there was a deep connection between Jake and Jeffery, a connection that filled Jeffery’s heart with hope for the future of mankind

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    connection connexion joining connecter connective connector association connectedness link bond attachment tie coupling junction fastening relevance correlation bearing pertinence conjunction dependence coherence kinship reciprocity respect affinity relationship interdependence network consolidation incorporation federation alliance circle merger sibling kin relation kinsman kith