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    1. The general consensus is that she’ll be lucky to escape with nasty concussion to say the very least

    2. consensus of most present (business meeting) that we would go ahead with some plans

    3. We will reach a consensus and we

    4. It was the consensus that none had ever tasted such savory and satisfying fare as this

    5. That seemed the consensus, of all she encountered that day

    6. At the time the consensus was that your death was the only solution

    7. The general consensus seems to be, here we stand

    8. I felt so far from the material frequency that it seemed strange that people could stay moored there somehow in consensus reality

    9. If we cannot come to a consensus by the end of the meeting we will put it to a vote

    10. “The consensus is that some form of extra-terrestrial intelligence created it, but we have no idea as to what it is

    11. The established scientific consensus is that Young Earth creationism has no scientific basis

    12. But if our consensus model is that we are the church,

    13. congregation but by consensus of everyone who is

    14. If consensus is not obtained in these areas

    15. seems the perfect way to maintain unity and consensus

    16. Where virtual golf is concerned the consensus is if you have not played a golf video game in a while then you don’t know what you are missing

    17. There’s at least a general consensus that women need a wider stance than men

    18. based on what was written in the Constitution, but on consensus

    19. The rapid consensus amongst congress, the joint chiefs, was dismaying

    20. Was this merely a demonstration: a warning shot of what was to come? That had been the consensus – and likewise the belief that another one would be on its way very shortly

    21. Neither would a movement as such, for a variety of reasons; secure a moral consensus among the American People who would properly consider such designs as morally repugnant and offensive to a society‘s standard of decency

    22. There is no consensus

    23. Collier's laws set up councils based on majority rule, where most tribes traditionally ruled by consensus or by councils of respected elders

    24. The general consensus of opinion was that the tunnel diggers would find the bodies sooner or later

    25. I’ve known Olger since my first days in politics and I’m afraid his opinions represent the consensus of San José’s political climate

    26. The consensus was that he should make another exchange, as a final test of the Russian Colonel’s intentions, and as a way to avoid arousing the officer’s ire

    27. That was the general consensus of opinion

    28. This version, combined with Pratt’s version of “no linear relationship” and the Warm Alarmist’s version that CO2 caused atmospheric warming certainly amounted to a lack of consensus on this question

    29. For absolute confirmation there was growing consensus against the idea that man was responsible for global warming, one could tap into Global Warming Petition

    30. There was a general consensus on the right choice, but Rob seemed to have a different

    31. enough for Sarah to discount the variance and go with the consensus, putting that

    32. Often times this same act occurs indirectly because the populations have been molded to believe the popular consensus

    33. After that one, it seems to have been the consensus that the killings just had to stop

    34. Tucker would act in the band’s best interest, and he would abide by the consensus opinion

    35. In this way at some point, the values are closer and that based on consensus that estimates is taken for further usage

    36. Lindzen states unequivocally that the NAS report makes it clear “that there is no consensus, unanimous or otherwise,” as to either climate change or what might cause such change (emphasis added)

    37. Nobel economist Douglass North participated in the Copenhagen Consensus

    38. as a whip and not too hard on the eyes either,” was the general consensus

    39. In different places and at different times, various cultures have considered homosexuality either "immoral" or "moral", according to the majority consensus

    40. It is a consensus arrived at by crystallizing the meaning based on the purpose of the music that reveals itself as the voice of Carnatic

    41. A submittal in the Wall Street Journal by Bjorn Lomborg, director of the Copenhagen Consensus on November 12, 2010 summarizes it well

    42. “What’s wrong with American Schools?” The national consensus

    43. ” Elizabeth merely wanted to have a general consensus regarding faith,

    44. And, in the end, popular judgments of what actually happened in the past (“history”) are the result of the consensus of historians

    45. “Well, when Kleti gather to reach consensus, there are several distinct stages to the process

    46. If there is still no consensus, drinking and arguing may continue for days

    47. As for my father’s purchase, Overacker reported, It was the consensus of the Duesenberg buffs that Mr

    48. They did, with an enthusiastic consensus that was almost completely unanimous

    49. “Finally, a consensus of ninety-nine one-hundredths of our population declared themselves to be in favor of the pact, and a great gathering was planned at Kraka for the signing, but before that day came my enemy, who was second-eldest at the time, challenged me

    50. “It wouldn’t be fair to go ahead with that without a complete consensus, since ending the isolation of Serminak would affect everyone, sooner or later

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